2021 Website Designs for Digital Agencies that are Inspiring

But,When it comes to developing Website Designs for a digital business, you should concentrate on showcasing your greatest work since you want to demonstrate your digital expertise to your clients. The website you create must be simple to use.

As a result, visitors will be able to readily examine your portfolio and case studies.

At first look, digital designs that are fresh, imaginative, original, and minimalist catch the eye. To demonstrate their expertise and capabilities to potential clients, digital marketing companies typically prefer dynamic, interactive, and informational websites.
A digital agency website must be fully accessible and mobile-friendly in addition to its visual look.

Whether you’re creating a website for yourself or a customer, the goal should be to highlight your agency’s uniqueness.

A user-friendly interface and responsive design may assist prospects to go from point A to point B swiftly if they visit your website to access a service or buy a product.

In this article, the Nummero Team looks at some of the most impressive digital agency website designs from across the world. We hope they inspire and advise you as you develop or revamp your digital agency website.

eDesign Interactive

eDesign Interactive is a digital studio dedicated to the narrative, graphic design, and technological innovation.

The team works with small to large organizations of all sizes to help them engage their consumers and increase brand awareness.
eDesign would be recognized for producing award-winning online experiences and successful digital marketing.

Their cutting-edge designs were mostly primarily aimed at grabbing the attention of users and encouraging them to convert
. Every project starts with thorough market research, then moves on to strategic planning, innovative thinking, and expert execution.

The company’s headquarters in the United States is in Morristown, New Jersey, while its European operations are in Sofia, Bulgaria.

SundaySky, Associated Press Content Services, Dyrdek Machine, Hardie’s, Frost King, Welch’s, and Sun-Maid are some of our recent clients.


As you go across our site, Nummero draws you in with its unique scrolling and movement. Our written and created material will hold your interest and keep you coming back for more.

Nummero is a Bangalore-based digital business that focuses on design, development, and SEO.

Our site has a distinctive modular design that captures the eye as soon as you land on it. We provide a data-driven, comprehensive, and proactive digital marketing plan to help you increase your ROI.

From website development and Website Designs to SEO and online brand reputation management, we deliver high-quality services across the board.

For all of our digital marketing services, we have specialized teams working on specific tasks to ensure that our clients’ online businesses improve. We take care of almost everything related to the client’s request.

We offer end-to-end digital marketing services to small, medium, and large businesses.

Digital marketing consulting, digital marketing strategies, SEO services, identifying the right target audience, media planning and paid campaign management, brand promotion, social media marketing, SEO friendly website UX/UI design optimization, content marketing, lead generation campaigns, social media, and marketing campaign creatives, and conversion rate optimization are some of the services we provide.


Beyond develops technology-driven goods and solutions. They are attempting to bridge the gap between opportunity and innovation. Beyond is a design firm. Their website is basic but colorful, with a clear message: Beyond is a design firm.

Geometric shapes in a colorful design capture a visitor’s eye when they visit their homepage. Visitors can also see the agency’s pinned news.

Blue Fountain Media features a website that prominently displays the agency’s address, making it simpler for visitors to locate them. They also feature a prominent statement on a blue backdrop that states “Work With Us.”

For those seeking a social media firm in New York, the full-service digital marketing business with headquarters in New York might be a perfect partner.

Momentum Design Lab

Momentum Design Lab is a digital agency with offices in New York, San Francisco, and London that focuses on users.

Their website demonstrates that you don’t have to be completely insane all of the time to attract visitors and users. As this example shows, basic and minimalist Website Designs may be appealing as well!

Momentum Design Lab is a digital agency with offices in New York, San Francisco, and London that focuses on users.

Their website demonstrates that you don’t have to be completely insane all of the time to attract visitors and users. As this example shows, basic and minimalist Website Designs may be appealing as well!


Crafted is a digital creative firm in New York City that offers a complete range of services. Beautiful digital experiences are one of the agency’s greatest passions.

The company’s motto is “We make digital beautiful,” which you can see on their webpage.

Their website provides a relaxing impact because of its basic and attractive design. Throughout the website, Crafted maintains its simple style.

In their web design, they picked a professional approach by focusing on the color blue in contrast to white.


Tangent is another digital business that uses a showreel to greet website visitors, which we believe is a terrific method to show off the agency’s work.

You can also see the agency’s current updates, which include works, news, and thoughts from the team if you scroll down.

Not to add the blues in the backdrop, which we like. If you want to collaborate with one of the greatest UX design businesses in London, you can become a partner with them.

Major Tom

Major Tom blends top-level strategy and long-standing consulting with implementation and technology expertise. They also humanize contemporary marketing and provide clients with clarity.

Their website is straightforward, and the interactive parts get right to the point of demonstrating their digital prowess.


Flightpath, a creative firm, offers experiences that connect on a human “difference-making” level to leave a lasting impact.
They’re uncovering fascinating insights into human behavior, and it’s from here that true client value emerges.

Animations that mix creativity and humanity appear on every page of their website at some time. The website of the digital agency exudes a sense of originality in every aspect.


The impression is a multi-award-winning, strategic-thinking, and creative team of digital marketing specialists.

When you visit this digital agency’s website, you’ll notice a great video loop about their lives and how they spend their leisure time. They are the best firm to engage with if you need support with PPC advertisements in London!

Massive Media

Massive Media is a branding and experience design firm that works on a freelance basis. The nature-inspired website of the Vancouver-based business is stunning.

The overall appearance of this Website Designs is clean and professional, with excellent photographs. Their beautiful ‘about us’ page and concise ‘work’ section, which exhibits Massive’s portfolio, were other highlights.


RNO1 is a brand and digital experience agency based on the west coast of the United States. The agency, located in California, works with businesses to create online and offline connected + viral experiences. They’re also known as “change embracers.”

On their website, they do have a surfer vibe. Waves, ocean, and surfer photographs are used in their theme, creating a soothing atmosphere. They also received prizes for this fantastic website, including Best UX Design, Best UI Design, and Best Innovation.

Frank Digital

Frank is an award-winning digital firm that creates beautiful digital experiences across all channels and platforms by integrating strategy, creativity, and technology. Their website design is one of our favorites for digital agency Website Designs since it is basic yet professional.

Their homepage has an animated showreel that emphasizes the agency’s tagline, “Experience Beautiful,” and you can scroll down to learn more about the agency’s case studies and blog entries.


KOTA, situated in London, has an appealing website with plenty of bright colors and animations. Their brush concept gives the website a hand-painted look. Discover their projects in the ‘Work’ part, or read some of the agency’s views in the ‘Kulture’ part.

Isadora Agency

Isadora Agency is a multi-award-winning web design firm that specializes in business-to-business online, digital, and marketing solutions. Branding, eCommerce, and digital marketing are among the services offered by the Los Angeles-based firm.
Their website has a lovely purple motif that gives it a dreamy feel. This soft feel would support by the type utilized. The pages also have some movement thanks to the clean design and minimal animations.


Luminary, situated in Australia, is a well-known agency with a lengthy history.But, They specialize in digital transformation, user experience design, digital marketing, and managed cloud services, among other things.

The homepage of Luminary’s funny website is full of brilliant dots, which appears to be a reflection of the agency’s name. In addition, interacting with the website is enjoyable. This is also a useful feature for a digital agency website because it encourages you to explore their websites more.

Mimosa Agency

Black and white web design can be innovative and distinct when done well, as Mimosa’s website demonstrates. Mimosa Agency, established in Berlin, bridges the gap between traditional and cutting-edge marketing.

Because it blends a basic and traditional website with artistic artwork, it is comparable to their website design. On the ‘about us page, we enjoyed their neon-style team photos.

Due North

Black and white web design can be innovative and distinct when done well, as Mimosa’s website demonstrates. Mimosa Agency, established in Berlin, bridges the gap between traditional and cutting-edge marketing.

Because it blends a basic and traditional website with artistic artwork, it is comparable to their website design. On the ‘about us page, we enjoyed their neon-style team photos.

Pound & Grain

The asset of Pound & Grain is that it adds value to your brand. They are unique, courageous, and self-sufficient.

But,Their website, which is black and red, has excellent imagery and animations that make an initial impression. Visitors will also notice a “Watch the Goods” button, which will take them to the agency’s show-reel, which is chock-full of fantastic work.

Emote Digital

Emote Digital has been providing integrated solutions with stunning outcomes in Sydney and Melbourne since 2001.

However, Their webpage has the atmosphere of a genuine house. But, The webpage is welcoming and easy to navigate. They are also ideal for their SEO services. But, As an SEO agency in Sydney, the award-winning firm might be the ideal partner.

Search & Gather

Search & Gather is one of Toronto’s most rapidly expanding digital agencies. They understand their clients’ objectives and seek to increase their internet visibility and income. And they feel that if their customers are happy, they will be happy as well.

At their clean and modern website, we are greeted with a moving street view under the tagline “Grow Your Digital.” You can learn more about the firm, examine their work, and read testimonials from existing clients by scrolling down.


bleech is a web development firm that specializes in high-quality WordPress websites. The website of the Berlin-based digital agency is basic but entertaining. Their vibrant website has a young feel to it, making it feel warm and welcoming.

The agency’s description, clients, and an introduction film are all available on bleech’s webpage. Their team portion is also extremely inventive!


Mobiteam is an 8-year-old design, development, and consulting firm based in Berlin, Germany. however, Web design, WordPress, and web development are their specialties.

Above all, the digital agency’s practical and straightforward website is simple to use. Their logo is without a doubt the most eye-catching aspect of the website. Its colors also contribute to the overall concept of the sites.

Rabbit Studio

Rabbit Studio is a Hong Kong-based digital agency. User experience design, website design, mobile app development, and digital marketing are among their specialties.

They have a well-designed homepage where you can quickly locate everything you’re looking for on a website for a digital firm.

AVX Digital

It’s all about innovation at AVX Digital. They collaborate with their clients to improve their return on investment (ROI). They assist their customers in adapting their previous work to the digital environment.

This is an excellent website for a digital agency. It has a lovely homepage image made up of colored dots that you may interact with your mouse for a fun experience.


Weberous, based in Los Angeles, is an award-winning web design firm.Also, Blue is the company’s primary color. This hue is also used in their logo and on their website.

However, Once their website is open, several fish appear and begin to move in the background. It’s not too late! As if it were a little fish, the cursor makes little waves at the top of the webpage.


Bilberrry is a company that specializes in digital innovation. They create unique apps and websites for their clients, prototyping, designing, and developing them. You may read more about them and browse their website, which is basic and easy to use.


some innovative and inspirational digital marketing agency website design examples,however, you can use to build an aesthetically stunning, highly legible, and relevant website for your marketing firm. You may also get in touch with Nummero if you’re looking for the greatest Website Designs service.