5 Best SEO tools in 2021 |

Here’s a rundown of the best SEO tools that any digital marketer should have.

Keyword testing, on-page reporting, traffic analysis, and other tedious activities are all part of search engine optimization (SEO). With the right software, both of them streamline to some degree.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used online analytics tool in the world, providing the most comprehensive analysis of internet traffic and user activity. The SEO tool helps you figure out which channels generate the most traffic, which landing pages translate the most, and who your target audience is.

Home, Customization, Realtime, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions are the seven key reports. There are hundreds of subsections in each of them, each with its own set of useful information.

In the Customization portion, there is an opportunity to generate personalized reports for those who need to tackle particular tasks. Graphs, maps, and interactive tables use to display all of the results.

Google Search Console

This tool, which provides the most popular search engine, is a must-have for any website owner. You will use it to track website results, identify technical problems, and research the keywords that your pages are ranking for
Another important aspect of the tool is the ability to get notifications directly from the horse’s mouth on any problems. You will search the data of your account if your website has been penalized or if there are issues with crawling and indexing.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free service that displays the most common searches over time.But, we will enter a keyword to see how much it has been searched for recently or since 2004, as well as interest volumes by country and similar queries and topics.

The ability to forecast future search volume by analyzing keyword popularity patterns makes this method an indispensable part of keyword analysis.

Netpeak Spider

A professional SEO audit is performed regularly to ensure that the website is free of broken ties, indexing problems, redundant meta tags. Netpeak Spider is a web crawler that searches the site and discovers 60+ on-page problems by checking more than 50

SEO parameters.

It is highly flexible, unlike other SEO tools. You may use different filtering options to pick particular parameters to search. Each detected problem has a thorough explanation as well as suggestions for how to resolve it.


Serpstat is a multi-module SEO tool that includes website analysis, keyword testing, backlink analysis, rank tracker, and site auditing. The tool uses data from more than 200 country-specific datasets, totaling more than 5 billion keywords.

You will learn the keywords your rivals are rating for when you aren’t, But get a list of keyword variants and search tips.


Using the most sophisticated SEO tools on the planet won’t guarantee you top search rankings. You would be several steps ahead of the game if you add the second part of the magic recipe, which is information.

Most of the apps on this list have a free trial period, however, instead of taking my word for it, try them out for yourself.

What are some of your go-to SEO tools? Please feel free to post them in the comments below.