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Hundreds of different things is involve in your search engine rating, but the most important one is relevance. Being more important to a quest means that it is clear that it does not benefit the page to rank higher. You should concentrate on SEO ranking factors instead.

  1. article title/keywords
  2. number of words
  3. internal links
  4. Reading time
  5. loading speed

There are two major categories of ranking criteria for SEO: user activity and quality of the post.Focusing on the second is simple and people always neglect the first, which is lacking as being out of reach.The readers stay longer if you write compelling material, and your search role increases. But that takes practice and your readers’ info. You should concentrate on the substance of the article instead, Using the top 5 ranking factors you start to make the Google algorithm work for you.

Use of keywords and titles to score higher on Google


Think of keywords like what you’d type in Google, but note that they’re not just a single word, they’re phrases.Analyze how people search for it on Google after you find your subject. Use these sentences in your title and make sure that they are interesting and grammatical. In posting titles across the internet, you see this approach.

How long should your blog posts be?


Better is longer. An article with 2,000 words would rank higher than an article with 500 words. But it doesn’t mean you have to leave the fluff of your mail.A simple structure that will help to add length without being fluffy to your post:

  1. Meet the promise of the item right at the start
  2. Explain what take you to the solution
  3. Expand the answer; Give details
  4. Complete your answer
  5. Answer any follow-up questions that people may have

Not only will this make your article longer, but it’ll also be better and more informative.

Use internal links


The link between different posts on your blog. Link your readers to that page if you hit something that you’ve previously written about.Identify your favorite messages or the best ones. Constantly interacting. It urges Google to pay more attention to this. Visit SEO firms in Bangalore as well.

Reading Time is important


Under your influence were the previous ranking variables. For this one, not so.It tells Google that this is a positive answer to their search if individuals remain on your message longer.When you post an article, you check the traffic to see if it makes sense to read the duration of the message.

Loading Speed


An major search ranking consideration is how quickly your site is loaded. To calculate the loading speed and fix problems, use this utility.


Going to Google’s first page does not happen overnight. You must be consistent and careful, but you must obey these SEO rating variables and fly high within six months.