A/B testing for SEO | | Nummero

Testing and research are an important aspect of every digital campaign we run because they help us get the best out of our campaigns.
A/B testing for SEO encourages us to be more thorough and methodical in our campaign planning by helping us to see what works and what doesn’t.
So, here are four A/B testing for SEO elements you can tweak on your site to boost your rankings.

Meta Titles and descriptions

When experimenting with these items, you should stick to the recommended tag lengths, which are 50-60 characters for the title tag and 155-160 characters for the meta definition. You should adjust the words in them to see if they affect your rankings.

URL Structure

Too long a URL structure can be a recipe for disaster, so we suggest keeping the URL short and using breadcrumb schema markup to help search engines better understand your website.

Call to action

You can experiment with different call-to-action buttons on your website by changing the text, color, and design of the buttons, as well as the location where you are most likely to get more clicks.

Images and Videos

Experiment with several copies of web pages, each with a different picture, to see how bounce rates and on-page time shift, and then choose the best option.