People use WhatsApp in the marketing world to communicate with small businesses that they care about all over the world. The majority of small businesses in India and abroad use WhatsApp to connect with their customers, which helps them expand their businesses. Previously, however, this was not the case. Previously, companies interacted with their customers and clients exclusively via personal messages.

It has now officially launched its company in India. With the support of WhatsApp companies, it can easily assist businesses in taking a move forward to expand and stand out in the market. It would be immensely helpful to use WhatsApp business to discuss business goals.

Whatsapp company would be simple to use to communicate with consumers while keeping personal and professional messages apart, resulting in a professional presence.

Some of the awesome features that you will get as a result of using WhatsApp for business include:

1) You can make a company profile picture private.
2) You can customize your greeting and away texts.
3) You’ll be able to add more details about your business, such as a website or a Facebook page.
4) Shortcodes may also be used to send repetitive messages.
5) It will allow you to keep track of your messaging statistics.
6) It will notify the user whether the account is for personal or business use.
7) WhatsApp business users will have access to the mobile version of the app.
8) It allows users to block any amount, including businesses, and report spam with ease.


The WhatsApp business app will certainly be a blessing to the company and will assist it in establishing a strong position in the industry. In terms of sales and publicity, the Whatsapp business would undoubtedly be a huge benefit. It will be fascinating to see how it turns out. Nummero is the best digital marketing agency in bangalore that would be delighted to assist you with this new feature in your company.