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Google Ads Services is an excellent approach to increase the number of leads for your company.
Instead of spending money on a costly PPC (pay-per-click) ad for your plumbing company and doing keyword research.
Figuring outbidding methods, and still getting the incorrect eyeballs on your advertisements.
Google Services Ads concentrates on providing you real leads in the area where you operate.
But what exactly are Google Services Ads, how do you create them.
And do you even qualify? This helpful guide will bring you through the fundamentals.

What Is Google Services?

Google Services Ads are a variation on paid search ads
They, like PPC advertising, show at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).
However, Google places them above both organic and paid search results that are tailored to consumers in your location.
You do not need to develop the ad, meta-text, or copy: Google will build the advertising based on your business profile.

What’s the Difference Between Local Services Ads and PPC?

Local Services Ads are not paid per click, but rather pay per lead.
Your budget calculates depending on the number of people who finally click through your ad to contact you.
Find dependable leads, and provide users with credible search results.
You are also do not need to perform the time-consuming task of keyword research or testing to locate visitors when using Google Local Service Ads.
Instead, Google creates an ad based on your location, business hours, services offered, and highlighted characteristics.
Which is then displayed to potential clients searching for hundreds of relevant keywords in your area.
The distinction between Google Services and paid search is critical since it is not an either/or situation.
They should complement each other.
Potential buyers may choose you over another LSA result if your company also appears in sponsored or organic results.
So having both will result in a higher conversion rate.
Customers can click on your ad to view your business hours, learn about your services.
Send you a message, or phone you – you won’t charge until they contact you.
It is up to you whether you call them back, email them, text them, or decline the lead.
Furthermore, you only pay if they contact you directly through the advertisement.

What Is a Local Service and How Do I Know if My Business Qualifies?

Local service advertising intends to capitalize on the combination of a specific transactional search intent with Google’s location services.

If you provide services to a certain area or have a physical location in that area.
You can place a Google Services Ad.
Currently, a wide range of services is eligible for Google-sponsored local listings.
You can use Google LSAs to advertise your firm for these services.
As well as yourself as a local professional if you work independently.
Lawyers, real estate brokers, and tax professionals can all benefit from professional services.

How Much Does Google Services Cost?

Google Local Service Ads, unlike PPC ads, are charged based on leads linked to your business or services rather than just clicks.
When creating your budget, you’ll be asked how many leads you want on average per week, as well as how much money you want to spend each week.
If you’re new to Google Services Ads, start with at least 20 leads every week to ensure you see results.
Also, bear in mind that your Local Services Advertisements budget is distinct from your Google Ads budget – if you run both types of ads, you’ll have two budgets to manage!

How Does Google Use My Budget?

The weekly budget is part of a monthly maximum budget.
Which is calculated by multiplying your average weekly budget by the average number of weeks in a month.
In theory, you may go a little over budget certain weeks if a particularly large number of people in your area are looking for your services.
If a cold snap causes some pipes in your neighborhood to burst, everyone will be hunting for a plumber.
With so many viable leads available, Google will make sure you don’t go over your monthly limit by altering the number of leads it gives you.
If you receive a lead after reaching your monthly limit, it will be reimbursed back to your account.


Google Services Ads are an excellent approach to increase business without exceeding your advertising budget.
It is critical to monitor your digital profile to ensure that your company obtains attention and ranks well.
However, when it comes to enhancing your company’s reputation, great service is essential.
Begin running your local service advertising right away.
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