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It is a well-known fact that the Google platform has consistently ranked first in the Online Advertising Industry.
There are users who are receptive to Google advertisements and pay attention to ads on other platforms.
By broadening your Ads, you will enhance Brand visibility when people see your Ads on many platforms and places.
This variety in advertising will strengthen your digital marketing approach.
Despite the fact that Google Search has surpassed all competitors in the online advertising industry, expanding the Ads network makes it more desirable to customers and will attract them.
There are additional engaging channels for attracting new consumers and retaining existing customers.
Marketers that have exhausted their impressions and target audiences can look into other internet advertising venues.

Let’s see why advertise beyond Google.

1. Increasing CPC cost and No. of competitors in Google:

A decade ago, Google provided marketers free advertising. Marketers were pleased and were able to save money on advertising.
However, it has recently been observed that it is difficult for any business owner to bid less than $50 per click.
To be a top player, marketers must now stretch their marketing budget with a very low chance of driving fewer visitors at a high advertising cost while advertising in Google Ads.

2. Reached the highest Impression share:

The majority of marketers have reached a point when their ad campaigns are performing optimally.
This indicates they can’t score higher than this and have virtually completely covered your current network.

3. Reach a new set of audiences and visitor pools:

We may assume that Google is the only search engine available to everyone, however, some individuals use other search engines as well.
Millions of sites will connect you with clients even before they search for your company.
Advertising on alternative platforms will bring in new consumers while also encouraging existing customers to trust the brand’s presence on other channels.

Google Ads Substitute Platforms

Here are a few excellent Google Ads Substitute Platforms that may help your business gain more visitors.

1. Microsoft Ads:

Did you know that Microsoft Advertising comprises two of the most popular search engines, AOL and Yahoo?
It has collaborated with LinkedIn.
Microsoft Advertising is increasing its market share through such user-friendly agreements.
For example, more than 600 million people use Microsoft PCs with Microsoft installed, accounting for more than half of all Google users.
When you use Microsoft Ads, you can take advantage of the following benefits:
1. low CPC and competitors
2. A straightforward method for importing data from Google Ads
3. Increase your chances of success by adding LinkedIn Ads, which will aid in sophisticated audience targeting.

2. Quora Ads:

While Google is increasingly focused on phrase keywords, Quora Ads offers a unique question and answer structure that appeals to Searchers.
It works effectively for both B2B and B2C enterprises.
When clients seek real answers and receive various responses from a community, people trust the brand more and utilize the service for a longer amount of time.
Quora has recently partnered with several additional ad networks that offer sophisticated ad formats and targeting sources.
Here are some advantages of utilizing Quora Ads:
1. Directly addressing the issues, or responding to queries or keywords
2. Aims at a suitable audience
3. interest of the consumer and keyword history


So these are a few reasons why you should advertise beyond Google. I hope this has helped you gain knowledge.
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