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Optimization of the app store and optimization of the search engine both have the same purpose of improving an app’s traffic or downloads. Yet that’s where the resemblance ends technically. What’s certain is that you can and should rely on both strategies to unlock better pathways to your goals. SEO and ASO must work as your key tools for success. The effectiveness and profitability of a campaign that manages to achieve the complete balance between the two can be attested to by successful marketers. In your campaign, you can just be able to bring it about by simply taking the time to recall the points we shared in this post.

Your App Should Be Readily Accessible
Even though having this done is not without its share of challenges, it is never enough to get the app accepted into either the Play Store or App Store. The essence of both SEO and ASO is being able to position your app in front of your target audience. In this situation, your target audience should be composed of people who you are sure would find benefit from the features your app provides. SEO and ASO done correctly means that for relevant searches, the app occupies the top spots. Search engines are the subject of the former, while the latter is primarily concerned with the App Store and the Play Store. And the use of keyword analysis and the strategic positioning of these keywords in your app listing or website is crucial to both.

What Are the Two Main Factors that Divide SEO and ASO?

Although both strategies both act as search algorithm guides to evaluate the location of your app on search results, the methods used by SEO and ASO to do that vary widely. We need to address the two key factors that outline the distinction to obtain a clear view of this discrepancy.

Nature of Optimization

The only thing you can customize when it comes to ASO is the information found on the listing of your app. In comparison with what you can optimize via SEO, this is comparatively limited. On SEO, it is possible to create and change your entire website with it in mind. Utilizing restrictions, there is also very little involved because you have ready access to your content and have more flexibility to determine what to include. Does this mean it’s more difficult for ASO than SEO? In a sense, the challenge arises from the said constraint, but the downside of the latter is that, as a result of its leniency, it is typically more competitive. However, ASO is not completely devoid of benefits, since the more conservative way it is set up simply suggests that large firms are considerably less likely to dominate SERPs, which is also the case with SEO.

Always Place Equal Importance on Both ASO and SEO

Congruence between ASO and SEO normally leads to greater traffic and download volume, so finding a balance between the two is only reasonable. In short, yin and yang. Otherwise, each time you can only end up with the shorter end of the traffic stick, and this relates to both quantity and consistency.


If you learn to master both ASO and SEO, as people make them out to be, you’ll find that they’re not incredibly difficult. But some of the simple steps you can take that are guaranteed to produce the kinds of outcomes you are looking for are the above pointers. Contact nummero the best digital marketing agency in the US for the best SEO experience