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 Here Are Some Real Digital Marketing Case Studies To Inspire You!

So in this post, we’re getting to follow an identical format, but we’re not limiting the examples to Facebook.

Today, we’re getting to rehearse a number of our top digital marketing case studies using 8 real client examples.

Let’s get started!

Digital Marketing Case Studies 

Case Study #1: Moto Trax


The first one on our list of digital marketing case studies is Moto Trax.

It is a snow bike company so he had specific products for a selected audience.

We performed SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and website needs for them.

SEO, Website, & PPC

We got them 78 first-page Google rankings that resulted in over 77,000 new clicks to their website and $96,664.98 in revenue, in 5 months.

We know that’s tons to unpack, so let’s start with the SEO process.

SEO is that the process of creating your website rank at the highest of the organic Google search results page.

That is when somebody types during a keyword or search term that’s relevant to your business.

For example, if someone searches “atlanta social media management company” on Google/Bing/Yahoo (or any search engine)…

…then the location that’s program optimized the simplest for that keyword are going to be the primary organic listing.

So we helped them appear on the primary page of Google results for 78 keywords.

Now, SEO is typically a long-term approach, sometimes taking 12 months or more to ascertain first page results.

So the major mode to achieving these results so fast was their site’s age and history.

Our client had already established some web authority over 5 years but was doing SEO wrong.

Our team was ready to successfully are available to:

restructure their website,

develop a technique that included on and off-page optimization, and

drive top search results.

And while we did perform other services for them, which we’ll get into during a second…

…SEO was an enormous a part of our strategy due to the character of their business.

Because their products were so specific and niche, it made sense to place their business ahead of individuals actively checking out those specific terms.

That’s what our SEO and PPC services did for them.

So just take a moment to believe your business.

Is the problem your company solves or the answer that your product or service provides something that folks Google often?

If you think that so, you’ll confirm by using Google Keyword Planner (it’s free!) to ascertain exactly how often any search term is searched a month.

But for now, we just wanted to means that albeit SEO is typically a long-term approach…

…that shouldn’t deter your company from starting the method if your audience is on Google actively checking out what you offer.

Social Media


Now as for the social media service we provided for Mototrax, it’s important to notice that you simply can still target a selected cold audience on social media.

But, it’s not guaranteed that they’re actively checking out or in need of your product right then and there once you deliver the ad to them.

So thereon note, let’s check out the social media marketing we did for them to ascertain what worked.

We drove over 49,000 Facebook page likes, over 205 thousand video views, and 1,718 leads at $2.00 per lead, from social ads.

So how did we do that and what made it work?

Well to answer the primary question, we used specific objective-oriented ad campaigns to fuel their marketing funnel.

We ran a page-like ad campaign…

…that drove Facebook page likes at $0.19 per like – that’s but 1 / 4 per like!

We ran a video views campaign…

…that drove over 2-05K video views at $.001 per video view.

We used the post engagement campaign to spice up their posts…

and get over 300,000 engagements at $0.01 per engagement.

And lastly, we ran a conversion campaign…

…to acquire over 1700 leads at $2 per lead.

We’ve said this in other posts, but campaign objective selection is vital because they’re optimized by goal.

So a video views campaign goes to point out your ad to people within your audience who are presumably to observe your video.

Whereas if you targeted an equivalent audience with a page-like ad campaign…

…the ad goes to be delivered to people within that audience who are presumably to love your page.

And this is often all driven by Facebook’s AI and users’ behavior patterns on the platform.

So that’s why we thought it’s important to point out you all the various campaigns we used.

That’s because too often we see business owners who are new advertising are available and begin running engagement campaigns…

…when what they actually need are website lead form completions.

Now, the rationale all of those campaigns worked is because:

our client had the budget to fuel them, and

we were addressing every a part of the marketing funnel.

Our client spent over $18,000 in those 5 months but was happy to try to to so given the returns.

And if you’ve read any of our marketing funnel posts, you recognize there’s:

an awareness phase,

an engagement or consideration phase, and

a conversion phase

…that your audience usually has got to undergo so as to become a customer.

Our page likes and video views campaigns helped them garner brand awareness…

…that could later be retargeted to urge further engagement out of their new followers and eventually, convert them into leads.

If you would like to read more about these SEO results, you’ll head to our website after this.

And before we jump into case study #2…

…we also want to ask you to see out our new social media ads training course to fuel your knowledge in social media advertising.

Case Study #2: Royce Chocolate


The next one on our list of digital marketing case studies is for a famous brand of chocolate from Japan.

We helped Royce Chocolate generate a 225.25% return on investment using PPC.

We generated 287 conversions that resulted in $13,686.90 in revenue.

So, a touch background on the corporate , they were voted because the favorite gift item in Japan’s gift-giving culture.

But after a couple of years, their products were eventually made available across 14 countries, including the U.S.

So, they hired us to assist increase their brand awareness and online sales via Google Ads.

Similar to what we discussed regarding SEO within the last example…

…PPC is differently to place your website at the highest of the search results for any given keyword that you simply feel has relevancy .

The main difference is that with PPC, you’re paying Google directly for that space, and this is often reflected by users with the “Ad” symbol next to your website.

It’s a quicker route to urge to the highest of the search results…

…but the caveat is that it constantly takes money to fuel it. Soon as you stop paying for clicks, you stop appearing there.

Having said that, it’s often an excellent temporary choice to start driving immediate sales and obtain some income coming in…

…while you’re employed on a more sustainable plan like SEO.

For Royce’s Chocolates, they spent $4,208.14 and made $13,686.90 back! So let’s check out how we did it.

We broke their campaigns up:

by different keywords, and

by different match types

…based on popular search terms we found within the keyword research we did prior.

Now a number of the match types we utilized in their campaign are not any longer available.

The match types available now are broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

So Google’s example here is for the keyword “lawn mowing service.” 3 words, 1 keyword.

If you employ “broad match” targeting, your ad will appear when related searches are made like lawn aeration services.

This is probably the smallest amount popular type to use because it’s very loose targeting.

Phrase Match means your ad will only shown if the search query includes the meaning of the keyword.

For instance, “lawn moving service near me” or “hire company to mow lawn.”

This is the match type that replaced Broad Match Modifier which is what we utilized in Royce’s campaign.

And then lastly, we’ve the precise Match, where your ads will only shown on searches that have an equivalent meaning as your keyword such as:

“lawn mowing service”

“grass cutting service”

So that was our crash program in Pay Per Click marekting match types for you.

And for this post, we wanted you to know that we tested out multiple keywords…

…in addition to testing Broad Match Modifier and Exact Match to drive the results we did for Royce’s Chocolates.

These were the highest search ads we used that resulted in their 287 conversions…

…sending them right to the shop page for the gathering of chocolates they were promoting.

Now let’s check out a PPC case study for a client from a completely different industry.

Case Study #3: Fox Cities land


Moving on to subsequent on our list of digital marketing case studies is Fox Cities Home Buyers may be a company based in Wisconsin, USA.

They buy houses, pair up sellers with land experts, and help people with selling their properties.

They reached bent us for help with their Google advertising.

We scored 95 conversions for them at $16.05 per conversion…

…which is nothing in comparison to the revenue gained by any closed lead in land .

We followed an identical approach therein we tested a mess of keywords and tested them with the BMM match type and exact match type.

These were the top-performing ads.

All of them address pain points that are relevant to their target market including:

fast closings,

selling your range in 7 days,

no fees, and

no appraisals.

Using verbiage that’s eye-catching for his or her target market, not only got them more clicks to their website, but it helped to accumulate the proper quite lead.

People are who looking to shop for a home aren’t getting to click on those ads that each one start out with “selling your home”, and that’s what our client wanted.

Our ads resulted in almost a 40% increase in their conversion rate.

Now to find out more tips for your land marketing strategy, make certain to read this post next.

Case Study #4: Wingstop


Fourth on our list of digital marketing case studies is Wingstop.

It is a chain that focuses on chicken wings with has locations nationwide, also as a couple of international locations.

Specifically, they wanted to extend their engagement on Instagram and Twitter so on obtain new customers.

And we did just that. We grew their Instagram by over 1,300 and their Twitter by quite 1,200.

Now, there’s tons of the way to grow your followers organically, we’ve made a couple of posts about it that you simply can read.

But the rationale we specifically wanted to speak about this client as an example during this post is because:

We were working with an area restaurant which isn’t something you see addressed an entire lot in posts like this, and

used a selected outreach strategy for his or her Twitter account.

We would search for people actively talking about wings or being hungry on Twitter.



This, combined with the social advertising approach discussed in our last piece, enabled them to consistently locate and convert new clients.

That concludes our eight digital marketing case studies! 

We apologize for the length of this post, but we hope you found it useful.

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