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A good digital marketing effort reaches out to potential customers, connects with them.
And establishes a long-term relationship.
Having said that, figuring out how to build this genuine connection might be difficult.
When seeking ideas, it’s never a bad idea to look at some of the top digital marketing efforts and see how they got it right.
Here is our top selection of some of the best Digital Marketing Campaigns.
Complete with outcomes, reasons why we love them, and important takeaways to get you started.
Our pick of the best digital marketing campaigns to get you inspired

1. Lego’s “Rebuild The World”

Lego was created to use in innovative advertising (as well as building things).
The Danish toy business has launched its first marketing campaign in 30 years.
Lego’s advertisement looks beyond the toy sector to global concerns.
You notice various themes contained within the backdrop as you watch the ad.
The ad focuses on the “rebuild” concept to urge people to consider how they may better themselves and their surroundings.
It caters to both older and younger audiences by keeping engaging and employing graphics.
And tunes that recall people of original Lego advertisements.
The ad earned over 11 million online views result of its outspoken position on societal concerns that will determine the brand’s future.
Ethical consumerism is on the rise.
Set yourself apart from the competition by demonstrating that you care about the difficulties that your audience experiences.
In order to make your advertisements more memorable, incorporate storytelling into them.
2. Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be”

Gillette took a specific societal issue, fashioned a powerful message around it, and incorporated it into its brand narrative.
In the campaign, “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be,”.
Gillette challenges toxic masculinity while humbly acknowledging that their 30-year motto.
“The Best A Man Can Get,” was part of the problem.
While acknowledging Gillette’s earlier faults, the commercial boldly defies gender stereotypes.
#TheBestMenCanBe is a multichannel marketing campaign that incorporates.
Hashtags like #TheBestMenCanBe on Instagram and Twitter.
On their website, Gillette has included stories that accept and normalize the issues that many guys face.
The company has even pledged $1 million every year for the next three years to non-profit organizations that assist men in achieving their goals.
Because of its debate and sharing possibilities, the ad earned over 36 million online views.
And its Twitter campaign received thousands of likes and retweets.
Gillette accepted its failures in the past to move forward.
In doing so, they struck a chord with their target audience, who could identify with the difficulties.
Gillette used the hashtag #TheBestMenCanBe to create social media dialogues.
And reach new audiences who had not previously engaged with their postings.
It left a lasting impression, as individuals continued to post about it long after the video commercial had ended.
To engage your audience, use organic social media and add hashtags in your ads.
Not only will it increase interaction, but it will also help your clients relate to your business and make them more inclined to become fans.
Customers that are fans spread the word both online and offline, making them more likely to purchase since they feel heard.
There are numerous moving pieces to monitor, measure, and analyze in multichannel marketing efforts.
As a result, having the best marketing calendar at your disposal is critical for campaign success.
3. Volkswagen’s “The Last Mile”

The Last Mile commercial pays a heartfelt farewell to the legendary Volkswagen Beetle.
While emphasizing the brand’s commitment to electric automobiles.
The moving animated animation pays homage to the automobile’s influence in popular culture throughout the decades
Including Andy Warhol’s ad designs, Kevin Bacon in the film Footloose, and the Beatles.
The ad gained nearly two million online views.
And the hashtag #TheLastMile has been shared thousands of times on Instagram and Twitter.
On New Year’s Eve, the eight-decade-old automobile took over the billboards of New York’s Times Square to send a final farewell.
Make it the goal of your digital marketing campaign to develop authentic content.
That forges a deep connection between your brand and your audience for a truly lasting impression.
Don’t be scared to show that your brand is moving with the times.
Your customers will understand and respect a company that admits it has to adapt.
Having trouble coming up with content ideas like this?
All businesses began somewhere; utilize nostalgia to demonstrate how far you’ve gone and to reconnect with early fans of your brand.

The most effective Digital Marketing Campaigns have a beneficial impact on people’s lives by bringing up important topics.
The objective is to create human-centered marketing initiatives that connect your brand values to your target audience.
Providing a real and relatable digital contact.
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