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website development is as much about user experience (UI/UX) as it is about lead generation and sales. 

Most businesses, on the other hand, concentrate solely on the first part of  and development. 

As a result, companies stagnate as a result of these websites’ inability to gain traction. nummero.

 is India’s premier digital marketing agency, specializing in increasing brand visibility and customers. 

We create and construct cutting-edge websites for your brand as part of our digital marketing plan. 

Our websites designed to help businesses discover new customers, connect with existing customers, and generate leads.

While most website development company focus on development first, we take a customer and market research-first approach to website creation, which sets us apart from the competition.

Why do you require the services of a Bangalore website development company?


While most web development companies would prioritize constructing a website or a mobile app based on pricing, we have altered the way professional website development  company hould approach organizations. 

The following are some of the reasons why you should hire us for your website development  Company project in Bangalore:

Don’t just go with any website development company.


We’ve seen a lot of situations when businesses get a website built for the least price. 

Unfortunately, the majority of these development companies lack the specialized abilities required to make your website a success. 

What you need to realize as a business owner or marketing manager is that your website is your window to the world, and it will only make sense if people can find it through search engines. 

As a result, you should partner with a firm that has in-house marketing skills. 

A website is a component of digital marketing

We at Nummero are aware of this and are capable of carrying out procedures by industry standards.

Later, we’ll safeguard you against heartburn.


We’ve seen huge organizations invest a lot of money in website creation just to discover that the site has to be updated since it isn’t created according to current SEO guidelines. 

Most web-building businesses that also offer SEO services lack the requisite competence to create websites that rank well in search engines. 

We shield you from any issues you may experience in the future because we are a marketing-first firm.

A website is a tool for generating leads.


Did we mention that within a few weeks of launching their website after months of SEO consulting with us, one of our clients was generating over 50 leads per day? 

This is the power of your website, and it’s exactly what we can provide. 

We don’t only look at websites as a lovely picture of your company. 

We approach it as though it were a lead-generating magnet with a specific function. 

Our web development process begins with a thorough business analysis, followed by keyword research and the creation of a website’s information architecture. 

After that, we begin the coding process.

Optimization of Conversions


We optimize your landing page so that you can convert visitors more effectively. 

We achieve this by utilizing heat-map technologies, which allow us to better analyze user behavior on the website and how landing pages should be adjusted to generate more leads.

System Integration with CRM


Once you start receiving leads, you’ll need a system in place to monitor them and assign salespeople to them. 

You won’t be able to control the process with a single email. 

On websites, we’ve assisted in the integration of top CRM systems and sales monitoring tools.

Google and Facebook Conversion Pixels


The first step is to create a website. 

Following this, comprehensive marketing initiatives, such as Google and Facebook advertisements, will implemented. 

However, you will need to add pixels to your websites to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

We have created several campaigns and know to add conversion pixels to your website.



Nummero is a digital marketing agency that has won several awards. 

Connect with us immediately if you are a member of an agency interested in partnering.

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