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Instagram is changing the face of social media I hope you don’t miss out!

Instagram is changing the face of social media I hope you don’t miss out!

Hello! Where would be the ideal location to market yourself if you are a brand? The answer is clear, of course, social media, but which social media platform and why? There are several social media channels available to help you establish a presence for your business and successfully market it. Trying to figure out which […]

Do you know why Google failed in the social networking space?

Google Plus, which was established in 2011, was discontinued by Google in April 2019 due to low user engagement and difficulties in sustaining a viable platform. It failed to energize people’s enthusiasm for utilizing the social media platform. In comparison to other prominent social media sites such as Facebook Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, Google Plus […]

How and Why Usability Will Define SEO’s Future

What if Google understood everything perfectly? While the response to such a situation ranges from extremely improbable. To impossible, there is substance to the proposition’s underlying attitude. This is definitely due to Google’s progress in comprehending the text on a webpage. Furthermore, with products like MUM, this appears to be a trend that will only […]

Why would IPL 2021 be a major thing for Indian marketers?

The IPL billed as one of the region’s largest sporting extravaganzas, has captivated spectators and fans worldwide like no other. It has also evolved as the great marketing carnival, with firms across industries and their marketing partners. Working into the wee hours of the morning to make the most of the occasion. This is especially […]

How to choose the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Choosing the finest Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore is a difficult process due to The abundance of digital marketing firms. Many firms opt to employ a digital marketing agency rather than developing an in-house digital marketing department. This is due to the difficulty of maintaining it. With so many new online marketing strategies developing every […]

When and How to Use Breadcrumbs to Improve Your Website’s SEO

Have you ever gotten lost on a website? Or are you unsure how to return to a page that had some useful information? This is the beauty of breadcrumb navigation, often known as “breadcrumbs.” What Is Breadcrumb Navigation? Breadcrumb navigation  often  text path displayed towards the top of the page, close to the site menu […]

Google Discover and SEO

This article will discuss Google Discover, an undiscovered organic traffic possibility. This is a big opportunity that I believe many sites have passed over. It’s been there for approximately three years, and the sites that are taking it seriously, I’ve seen quite a few recently that are now receiving more traffic from Google Discover than […]

How to Create Newsworthy Content

In this section, we’ll go over three elements that might make your article newsworthy enough to attract links: facts, emotion, and effect. Today we’d want to speak about how to create newsworthy content. So this is a subject near and dear to my heart. So we’ll learn how to do a link gap analysis, which […]

How to Optimize Your Own Branded Search

Have you lately Googled yourself or your company? I’m sure you have, but this does not imply that you have a branded search optimization plan. Brand-driven search is much more than the URLs that appear when you search for your brand name. It is a continuous process that will result in greater conversion rates and […]

How to Calculate Your SEO ROI Using Google Analytics

You’ve spent hours researching the most efficient SEO strategies, But they’re useless if you can’t assess their effectiveness. Measuring SEO ROI entails two components: KPIs (key performance indicators) and the cost of your existing SEO initiatives. Tracking these important data on a regular basis allows you to fine-tune and improve Your approach as well as […]