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Importance of Structured Data in SEO

Importance of Structured Data in SEO

Digital marketing companies in Bangalore widely understand the value of structured data in SEO. Structured data in SEO is a type of information that can be interpreted by machine language and is highly structured. Every day, we face different kinds of organized details, such as numbers, currency, dates, addresses, names, and so on. The metadata […]

Factors that will Fuel your Digital Marketing Plan

In today’s world, every person seeks to achieve as early as possible in life. In the case of organizations and enterprises who want to turn their target audience into clients and consumers as quickly as possible, the same is true. At the right moment, this involves taking the right steps to produce the desired outcomes […]


But, hang on, what exactly are these “ghost pages” I listed in the title? Let’s start by defining what I mean by “ghost pages.” A ghost page is a page that isn’t explicitly linked to your site’s navigation (you don’t mention it on your menu navigation, and it doesn’t have a parent page), but that […]

5 Proven Tactics to Drive Website Conversion in 2021

It makes no difference what you want your website visitors to do… Subscribe to your newsletter, fill out a form, like your Instagram profile, make a purchase, or something else… There are a few tried-and-true methods that, when properly executed, almost guarantee a high conversion rate. And these are the strategies that any top digital […]