Blogging For Business: How And Why Your Business Should Blog!

Rather than jumping directly into hows and whys, let’s get to know what “business blogging” is. It is basically a marketing technique that uses blogging to make your business get more online visibility. A business blog is a marketing medium (like email marketing, social media, and direct mail) that assists in the growth of the business.

Many business owners are aware of the fact that they should be blogging but finding the right track is important. And “right track” for one is meant by having proper insight, purpose, and direction. This blog defines the importance of a business blog and how to make a compact blogging strategy.

It’s not always possible for everyone to avail the costly marketing tools which provide a huge amount of content from recent topics which in turn increases traffic. It’s actually true that this tool gives you the chance to intensify your branding, but there are several other principles from which companies can gather knowledge and create a compact blogging strategy.


Coming to the world of digital marketing, you will see that it provides brands with enhanced online popularity, backed with means to increase online traffic to your site, hence increasing sales and leads. There prove to be several methods to do it and blogging is one of them. This is how:


  • (a) Bring more organic traffic to your site: creating advanced content to present in front of users when they search for a specific set of words.
  • (b) Gathering more essential keyword to your site: Even this particular blog contains certain keywords which are done intentionally to increase the traffic. The critical criteria is to boost this site’s actual visibility in terms of those targeted keywords.
  • (c) Enlarging the overall amount of content on your website: To gain a higher domain authority, one has to make the size of their site large. Gradually, your site will be ranked higher and more traffic will be achieved.
  • (d) The building of links: The more appealing your blog is, the more people will share (link) it (through your blog posts) and follow you. Hence, to be successful, make a good content team. The more you gain such links the more authority you will get and more traffic will be on the way!


  • (a) Gaining new audiences: By posting frequent, top-notch content, you will gain more and more traffic. If your content is based on a specific keyword then you will get traffic to your site via that content piece.
  • (b) It’s a reserve of content for social posting: If one is looking for popularity in social media or even if they are having a strong social media following, then “blog posting” is a good step to attract traffic and getting leads.
  • (c) Preserving existing consumers: If you want to get success in your business, then you have to take care of your existing customers individually. Because they are the ones who will share their experience of doing good business with you which in turn will bring more people. Hence, by utilizing the platform of social media you can get hold of their attention.
  • (d) Traffic booster: You can definitely usher in new audiences by posting exceptional content on the “happening areas” of your business site; hence, generating a sufficient amount of leads. Induce a call to an action key in your site like “ping now” or “sign-up for free”, etc.
  • (e) Capturing the data: Blogging gives you the advantage of capturing data which eventually helps you in remarketing. You can definitely remarket to your clients regarding a specific post.


If blogs are mediums that helps in bringing better results, for the reasons above, then creating the right stage is important. The principles for writing a business blog are as follows-

    • Stability – According to the basic guidelines, a blog must contain at least 20% business news and 80% general information. By increasing the portion of internal news in the blog, a large number of people is making a huge mistake! This keeps them from gaining traffic.
    • Versatility – It’s essential to be responsive to the developments in your organization so you might have to rearrange the calendar to make certain that the blog remains at the verge.
      Posting-Frequency – Make certain of the fact that you are posting blogs every month. Or it may be bi-monthly to be in the list of search engines and also in the minds of your clients.
    • Maintaining keywords – Study what are the targeted keywords in each blog. Question yourself – are you trying to push keywords related to the products (i.e. branding) or just answering the queries of the people.
    • Content length – When it is a matter of blog writing, people generally follow in the range of 950 – 1100 words per blog. It is to be kept in mind that search engines reward those contents which directly answer to the queries of people. Hence, your content has to be specific and 100% genuine.
    • Enhancement through media – Implementing videos, pictures and infographics will let your content get the necessary limelight and will keep your clients/readers engaged! It also indicates that your blog is user-centric and you will get more preference. One may take the assistance of service providers like Nummero – a digital marketing company in Bangalore that provides digital marketing services at affordable rates.
    • Aims and enhancements – Before you step on to rigorous blog writing, it will be better to have a goal. Ask yourself – what you are aiming for? What kind of traffic you are going to make? What will be your potential keywords?


The term “business content writing” can sound to be a bit of a hectic job but this can be done by any business, whether be it small or large. It always will be a lucid way of making your business popular all the while generating leads!