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People enjoy viewing videos, and YouTube is the internet’s primary destination for this visual medium.

If your company isn’t currently on the video hosting platform, you’re losing important customer attention.

According to the YouTube trends study, the number of channels attempting

to create an audience has increased by 95 percent year on year on the site.

In this post, I’ll reveal five successful techniques for beginning to promote your company

on YouTube this year to get new followers, brand evangelists, and even paying consumers.

Let’s start with a new type of video experience introduced by YouTube last year:

YouTube Shorts.

1. Create a YouTube channel with a trailer

Because YouTube is utilized by 55% of marketers and hundreds of companies,

it is a competitive marketing environment.

So, first and foremost, you’ll need a YouTube channel rather than simply a YouTube account.

Your channel offers a library of all your material from which viewers may pick,

as well as extra branding and personalization choices.

Furthermore, a captivating channel trailer that

summarises your channel and

provides sneak peeks might convert visitors into subscribers.

And, perhaps most significantly, videos that appear on users’ sidebars

while watching your videos are more likely to be your own than those of your rivals.

2. Create YouTube Shorts

Shorts, YouTube’s counterpart to Tiktok,

will launch in September 2020.

Although it is still in beta, this content category has had 6.5 billion daily views thus far.

Shorts are vertical videos that are one minute or less in length.

If you have access to the “Shorts” camera (which is currently in beta),

you can post them directly from your phone.

This sort of material will appear on a channel’s “Shorts” shelf.

Jake Fellman, for example, has shifted his focus from instructional to entertaining YouTube short films.

In just a few months, his channel had surpassed half a billion views.

Take a look at how his channel’s popularity has changed

when he changed his tactic (marking shorts with #shorts versus keeping them unmarked):


Jake’s popularity can be due to him appropriating a

viral gaming craze on YouTube called “Among Us.”

He has, however, adopted the “Shorts” format for all of his recent videos.

If the functionality has not yet been added to your account, you can still

submit any vertical video under 60 seconds and include the hashtag #shorts in the video description or title.

Because Shorts is such a raw video format,

you don’t even need to create a custom thumbnail.

Do you think Shorts are too “risky” to try with your

current subscriber base?

You may always start a new channel dedicated just to the Shorts format.

3. Partner with YouTube creators

Influencer collaborations are an excellent method to promote your YouTube channel.

YouTube producers are four times more successful than superstars in increasing

brand awareness, owing to their approachability and tighter connection with their audience.

This results in the creation of a community centred on the YouTube channels of the influencers.

As influencer marketing has gained traction, most

producers are willing to collaborate with companies if it means making money.

Leveraging the power of such niche producers might be

wonderful strategy to increase brand recognition and perhaps direct product sales.

While individuals with a large following will be more expensive to collaborate

with, investigate micro and nano influencers with less than 100k and even 10k followers.

If they have a large specialized following, their review of your product may

potentially start ranking in YouTube search, giving you evergreen visibility and traffic.

A video may cost up to $1000 for nano and micro-influencers.

Some influencers also charge based on the number of video views.

Depending on your niche, certain influencers may be interested in forming

value exchange agreement to make an ‘unboxing’ video of your product.

Sending them your items for free in exchange for

honest feedback might work.

Such collaborations are most effective when:

4. Experiment with paid ads

The competition on YouTube is intense, with a few big channels swallowing the majority of the pie:

In addition to organic audience-building efforts through your videos,

you might want to experiment with targeted YouTube advertising,

especially if you’re having a discount or launching a new product line.

It’s a wonderful method to build brand recognition and product sales early on.

Here are two examples of advertising that I propose you start with:

Search advertisements: These are adverts that are shown to YouTube viewers when they search for certain keywords.

Ahrefs tested running similar advertisements on their SEO videos,

which already had a high viewing time, and they achieved a CPM of.07 SGN per view.

These advertisements are ideal for instructional and informational videos.

You may produce films that promote your items

and run advertisements on them for commercial purpose keywords.

Remarketing advertising: If you want to make your existing viewers,

who have previously interacted with your channel and videos,

aware of a new product or service from your company, these ads are ideal.

Examine the different video ad types available to you.

You may begin running sponsored advertising for as little as

$10 per day and gradually increase your budget based on your performance.

The restrictions for your advertising vary depending on their kind,

however, there are general standards such as not utilizing copyrighted information

startling or explicit content, and so on.

5. Try the YouTube merch shelf

Your content marketing efforts do not have

to be restricted to branding and lead generation for your company.

They might even function as a direct revenue stream.

BuzzFeed, for example, excels at monetizing its massive following from its unique media brands.

In 2019, they anticipated earning $260 million from Buzzfeed-branded goods sales.

Returning to YouTube, Google has previously said

that the video hosting platform is crucial to their retail plans.

It may even become a shopping destination

since a spokesman revealed that interfaces with Shopify were being tested.

You can get in on the ground floor of Google’s early

social commerce efforts by selling your branded items directly through your channel.

Even if you are a software firm or sell other types of digital items,

you may sell your merchandise on your merch shelves,

such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and the like.

It has the potential to generate a significant number of sales from your casual viewers.

Remember that your branded stuff bears your logo and serves as a branding tool anytime your viewers wear it.

Once you’re eligible and have enabled the functionality,

you may sell your branded items through the merch shelf on your channel’s video page.

Here are some other locations on your YouTube

channel where you may promote and sell your products:

Store tab: If you have at least one qualifying product to display on the merch shelf,

the store tab will appear on your channel homepage.

End screens: Your films might include links to goods on your retail shelf at

the time and location you choose on the end screen.

When you go live, a merch item from the

Live control room can be placed at the top of your broadcast.

And there’s more.

If you have Teespring enabled for your channel and a user purchases goods

from their website, a notice is sent to your live chat.

You must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program

(which requires you to have 4000 hours of public watch time and at least 10k subscribers).

You may design your goods on TeeSpring and start selling them with links in your

YouTube description even if you don’t meet these requirements.

6. Launch a branded series

So,Binge-watching Netflix programs are the most popular way for individuals to consume videos right now.

You might capitalize on this viewing habit

by creating a web series on YouTube centered on a certain subject.

If you give value to a topic that your audience

is interested in, they will look forward to fresh episodes and will tune in week after week.

360Learning’s unscripted 13-episode docuseries “Onboarding Joei” is an excellent example.

It chronicles the protagonist’s journey as she joins the firm as their new director of content.

The show reduced the worth of the company’s marketing qualified leads from €900 to €25.

While Netflix shows are either amusing or informative, your brand’s high-quality videos might be both.

This is since YouTube is also a search engine

where people go to acquire new skills and find answers to their issues.

Mailchimp created a specialized production dubbed “Presents” around their brand,

where they produce series based on the interests of their small company owner audience.

And there’s more.

YouTube’s “Suggested videos” feature likes to propose relevant videos from your channel to your visitors.

For example, while I’m viewing the Beastly YouTube channel’s series “Monkey Thieves,”

the majority of the suggested videos on

the right-hand sidebar are from the same channel—whether from the same series or not.

Given that artificial intelligence-driven suggestions produce

70% of views on the video platform, a video series like this is a wonderful approach to

boost your watch time and therefore expand your channel.

Chanel, for example, provides short beauty lessons that are organized into a playlist.

You could subsequently combine your video series into a playlist—even there’s a

“series playlist” function if you want to recommend a group of videos to watch together.

A premium program might cost anything from $5000 to $50,000 to produce.

You’ll need to hire talent for filming, producing, and being comfortable in front of

the camera for your films.

If your money and resources are limited, you may choose to start with a podcast.

It will still provide your audience with something to look forward to week after week.

You may utilize a professional podcast hosting platform like Podbean,

which automatically syncs and publishes your episodes to YouTube.


Whether you have a limited budget or a specific budget for YouTube,

So,there are several methods to advertise your business on this enormous network.

I’ve given techniques in the post and propose that you start with

the one that excites you the most and corresponds to the needs of your company.
After you’ve evaluated the results of one method, try another.

Combining the ones that work well together might give your YouTube channel promotion efforts a boost this year.

So,You may contact Nummero, a top digital marketing agency in Bangalore.