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Digital marketing. Internet marketing. Online marketing.

These phrases are frequently used interchangeably, but do they have the same meaning? 

We’re here to tell you that, when it comes to the digital marketing vs. Internet marketing issue, these two concepts are not interchangeable.

We’ll show you how! 

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Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a wide phrase that refers to a collection of marketing activities that include the use of all accessible digital media to promote a product or service or to establish a digital brand.

Traditional marketing has given way to digital marketing, with the move from paper and newspaper advertisements to Facebook and PPC efforts.

Website marketing, social networking platforms, banner placement, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, pay-per-click campaigns, Web TV, SMS, billboards, and anything else with a digital base are examples of digital marketing channels.

Internet Marketing


The term “internet marketing” refers to a subset of the term “digital marketing.” 

It is, in fact, the most significant component because Internet marketing encompasses the bulk of digital marketing efforts.

We’ll look at how digital marketing funds are spent and how they relate to Internet marketing further down.

The following are the primary Internet Marketing channels:

Website – A personal or business website, or even a personal blog housed on a shared platform (like WordPress or Tumblr).

For many campaigns, a website serves as both the starting point and the destination; for example, you may launch a digital marketing campaign to promote a website (the starting point) to attract more visitors (destination).

What is the distinction between digital marketing and Internet marketing?


As the definitions show, the distinction between these two is minor.

Digital marketing does not necessitate the use of Internet tactics, but Internet marketing necessitates the use of the Internet to sell to your target audience. 

Internet marketing falls under the umbrella phrase of digital marketing. 

Internet marketing is a more specific subset of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing vs. Internet marketing: What Are the Differences?


Many channels overlap because Internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing. 

Furthermore, many tactics are entirely focused on digital marketing rather than Internet marketing.

Finding overlapping techniques in digital marketing vs. Internet marketing


Instead of focusing on digital marketing vs. online marketing or Internet marketing, it’s time to concentrate on both.

Let’s have a look at four different approaches you may take.

1. search engine optimization (SEO)


When you compare digital marketing to online marketing, you’ll see that search engine optimization (SEO) is a method that fits into both. 

SEO is a method that focuses on improving your search engine rankings to bring more relevant visitors to your website.

With so many individuals making searches every day (the average person does 3-4 searches per day), investing in SEO to help you reach more qualified prospects is crucial.

Here are some important elements to consider while developing an efficient SEO strategy:


Incorporating appropriate key terms: Keywords cause your website to appear in search results. 

If you want to attract people who are seeking your company, you must use industry-specific phrases to increase traffic. 

To guarantee you’re attracting traffic interested in your business, stick to long-tail keywords that comprise three or more words as a rule of thumb.

Improve the load time of your website: Users want information quickly, and search engines want to offer it to them swiftly. 

To optimize your site’s load speed, use Google PageSpeed Insights to evaluate how quickly it loads and where you can make improvements.

You may also pay for page speed services to have a professional improve your site for you.

Make your website mobile-friendly: Since Google has changed to mobile-first indexing, which considers your mobile site in your results, you must verify that your site is mobile-friendly. 

To determine whether your site is mobile-friendly, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. 

If not, you may use responsive design to develop a mobile-friendly website.

2. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is another Internet marketing and digital marketing method. 

PPC advertisements show at the top of search results and include the term “ad” in the tag.

PPC advertisements will assist you in generating more quality leads that convert. 

With bought visitors being 50% more likely to convert than organic visits, it’s an excellent technique for assisting you in growing.

Here are a few essential components of a good PPC campaign:

Select relevant keywords: Your keywords, like SEO, affect where your ad shows in search results. 

Long-tail keywords are also important to optimize for since they lower your cost per click (CPC) and help you acquire more qualified prospects.

Customize your landing page: Having a bespoke landing page can help you get better results from your PPC ad. 

To keep leads engaged with your ad, make sure your landing page matches the material in your ad text. 

So, if your ad content is all about summer clothes, your landing page should be all about summer outfits as well.

Use ad extensions: Ad extensions will elevate your ad to a higher level. 

These components, which range from structured snippets to local extensions, can help you add extra information to your ad to attract your viewers to click.

3. Content promotion


When comparing digital marketing vs. Internet marketing, you’ll see that content marketing is a method that both employ. 

Content marketing is the practice of sharing your expertise with your target audience to get them to visit your website.

Content is available in a variety of forms, including:




Podcasts, guides, and other resources

Content is ideal for Internet marketing and digital marketing techniques since it allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your subject, attract traffic to your website, and boost brand awareness.

Here are some important elements to consider while developing a content strategy:


Use a content calendar: Because material must be created and published regularly, it’s easy to become lost or confused in the process. 

You can help your firm stay organized and know when to produce content by using a content calendar.

Try out multiple formats: You’ll want to keep up with your blog regularly, but it’s also crucial to use alternative content strategies. 

You should experiment with multiple content types, such as videos and infographics, to keep your material new and exciting. 

It allows you to reach out to more individuals in your target demographic, such as those who don’t like reading blogs but enjoy watching videos.

Focus on industry subjects: While it may be tempting to hop on the hot topics bandwagon, you should avoid it unless it is linked to your sector. 

Non-industry-related subjects may generate traffic, but they will not generate relevant traffic interested in your company. 

Focusing on industry themes can help you attract the correct audience.

4. email marketing


Email marketing is another excellent Internet marketing and digital marketing tactic. 

Email marketing allows you to distribute material directly to leads who are interested. 

You may send a range of material to your audience, ranging from promotional emails to links to blogs.

This method is crucial for nurturing leads and converting them. 

It’s one of the few approaches that allow you to communicate directly with your audience and give material that they’re interested in. 

Follow these recommended practices if you want to achieve success with email marketing:


Personalize your email campaigns: This method will be more successful if you personalize your email marketing. 

Personalized email campaigns go beyond simply including a user’s name in the email; you should adapt emails to users’ interests to boost the probability that they will engage with your material. 

Personalization, after all, increases the open rate by 41.8 percent!

Avoid paying for subscribers: While it may appear to be a simple method to obtain a list of email recipients, paying for subscriber lists is ineffective. 

Many people on this list will be uninterested in your product or service, and as a result, your emails will be marked as spam or users may block you. 

Instead, rely on organic methods, such as a form on your website, to collect emails.

What is the most recent trend? What happens to the money?


The easiest method to grasp the newest trends in the digital marketing sector is to look at how large corporations distribute their marketing dollars.

In recent research, Gartner did precisely that.

The report’s findings are highly fascinating, and they demonstrate unequivocally that the majority of digital marketing expenses are spent on Internet marketing components.

The following are the most important findings:


Marketing budgets account for 12% of overall corporate sales, and this figure is likely to rise further.

Digital marketing accounts for 14% of total marketing spending.

Outsourcing is used for 50% of digital marketing operations (if you are thinking to outsource, make sure that you do it correctly without spending a fortune)

The following are the most essential digital marketing activities: 

Web presence (website), digital commerce, and digital advertising are all examples of digital marketing.

E-Commerce, social media marketing, content production, and mobile marketing will be the top digital marketing investments.



As you can see, there isn’t much of a distinction between the Internet and digital marketing. 

You may design a digital marketing or internet marketing plan if you wish to have an online marketing strategy.

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