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The greater part of the total populace utilizes web-based media today for pretty much every part of life.

This makes it a staple in any advanced promoting system,

yet with various quickly developing stages, it’s a bit of a monster to outfit for business development.

The other issue, as you’ll before long learn, is that tracking down a free

online media promoting course that is worth your time is more earnestly than it ought to be.

Which is the reason I’m eager to impart to you my rundown of eight courses

that make for intriguing and applicable internet learning encounters.

The problem with Googling free social media marketing courses”

Google is for the most part great at giving the best outcomes to questions (since, Google),

yet there are exemptions.

What’s more, evidently,

“free online media showcasing courses” is one of them. Due to

  • (a) the quickly developing nature of web-based media,
  • (b) something I’m calling “dark cap course motor advancement,” and
  • (c) the people who duplicate records without doing their own exploration—the outcomes were fiercely disappointing.

It was a similar 10 or something like that courses in each gathering,

large numbers of which were:

  • Not free: Not alright.
  • Awful: An hour of text-just slides with voiceover.
  • Obsolete: Title says 2021 yet content is from 2016.
  • Excessively long: 18 hours of video or 165 pages of text-just substance.
  • Tranquilizers: College addresses w/o visuals.

For a particularly visual, innovative,

and quickly advancing medium as online media,

these courses won’t cut it.

Free social media marketing courses actually worth your while

That being said, I concocted this rundown of eight (really)

free online media advertising courses that new, short (15 minutes to two hours), and fascinating.

I do understand that sometime this rundown will be obsolete, yet not at any point in

the near future given the evergreen tips and data in these courses.

We should begin.

1. Local social media marketing course (LOCALiQ)

This course is brought to you by LOCALiQ, a

computerized showcasing office known

for its restrictive innovation and profound

neighborhood establishes in more than 260 networks across the US.

Title: Local Social Media Marketing Lab

Configuration: Written with visuals

Length: 38 minutes

Cost: Free

Indeed, web-based media can get you before billions of individuals,

yet that is not what you’re searching for

(or on the other hand in case it will be, it’s an ideal opportunity to

reconsider your system).

This course by LOCALiQ shows you

how to utilize online media to get the right sort of reach—as in,

not intended for likes and follows but rather for supported business development.

Who this course is useful for:

Little/neighborhood entrepreneurs/advertisers hoping to assemble a

definitive online presence through web-based media—in their geographic and point-based networks.

2. Social media marketing strategy course (Skill-Share)

This course is brought to you by Living to Roam,

an e-learning objective for organizations and advertisers, all things considered.

Title: Social Media Marketing:

How to Create an Impactful Strategy for Any Business

(If you experience difficulty with this connection, open it in an in disguise window.)

Organization: Video

Length: 2 hours

Cost: Free with the free seven-day preliminary of Skill-Share

The teacher of this course is Living to Roam’s author Maggie Stara,

an online media and computerized advertising advisor with a foundation in hierarchical brain science.

She utilizes her 10,000-foot view mentality to show you how to foster an

all-encompassing web-based media advertising technique dependent on your

drawn-out business targets, and to separate it into quantifiable, feasible advances.

This course is brought to you by Living to Roam,

an e-learning destination for all levels of businesses and marketers.

The title of this article is Social Media Marketing:

How to Create an Effective Strategy for Any Business.

(If you’re having trouble with this link, try opening it in a private window.)

Video is the format.

2 hours in length

Cost: Free *with a seven-day free trial of SkillShare

Maggie Stara, the founder of Living to Roam and a social media and

digital marketing consultant with a background in organizational psychology,

is the instructor for this course.

She will teach you how to develop a holistic

social media marketing strategy based on your long-term

business objectives, and how to break it down

into measurable, achievable steps, using her big-picture mindset.

You’ll discover how to:

Examine your current strategy and decide which tactics to amplify, continue, or discontinue.

Discover, evaluate, and learn from your competitors’ strategies on each network.

Prioritize tactics and resources to achieve your marketing goals.

Make your strategy fit the specific skillsets of your team.

Analyze and report on your social media strategy’s analytics.

This course is appropriate for:

Managers and social media marketers in mid-sized

And larger organizations who want to streamline and scale their social media marketing efforts.

3. Social listening course (Sprout Social)

This course is provided by Sprout Social, a social media management

software company recognized for its user-friendly online and mobile platforms

Title: Social Listening: Your Social Media Success Launchpad


Written time: 33 minutes; cost: free

Social media optimization is more than just looking at your data and making changes.

There is a lot more to the image since social media is a wide universe

where individuals may express their ideas and emotions.

This is where social listening comes into play, which is why I placed this course on my list.

Who this course is good for:

Small companies and social media marketers want to develop a community around

their brand, remain ahead of the competition, and keep a favourable reputation.

4. Facebook advertising & social selling courses (Facebook)

This course is brought to you by Facebook,

the world’s largest social media site with the broadest age range of users of any platform.

Facebook is the name of a social networking site.

Start Your Advertising Journey with a Blueprint
Text with images as a format

Cost: Free

Length: 1-2 hours

Facebook Blueprint is a free learning resource that offers a series of

step-by-step courses on efficiently marketing and advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

The courses are brief and modular, and Facebook will mix and combine

them based on your learning objectives.

While it does not discuss strategic methods,

it is the greatest location to get up-to-date information.

Furthermore, before you begin looking at dancing techniques, you must first learn how to walk.


You’ll learn how to set up Facebook advertisements in the

“Start advertising from your page” track, including how to:

Choose the best campaign objectives for your company’s aims.

Select the appropriate audience type to target.

Choose a placement targeting strategy and a budget method.

Schedule, track, and analyze campaign outcomes with Facebook Ads Manager.

You’ll study the following in the “Sell your items online” track:

The operation of Facebook and Instagram commerce.

How to use product catalogues to manage inventories.

How to Create a Shop and Use Commerce Manager
The lessons are easy and uncomplicated.

They do contain some short films, but they are more focused on

the benefits of a product or feature than on-screen recordings or lessons.

Who should take this course:

Business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs that want to learn

how to use Facebook advertisements or sell directly on the Facebook platform

5. Social media influencer marketing mini-course (Later)

Later, a leading visual marketing platform for

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, is bringing you this training.

The title of this article is Influencer Marketing 101: From Zero to Hero.

Video and text formats are available.

Cost: Free Length: 20 minutes

Although social media influencers are more approachable than famous superstars,

obtaining influencer cooperation is no easy task.

Some of us have no idea how to get to the park.
Or even which park we’re going to.

This course gives you a step-by-step plan for getting started and then guides you

through the basics of a successful influencer marketing strategy:

  • Setting a goal and organizing your campaign
  • Identifying the right influencer for your objective and target audience.
  • Contacting the influencer.
  • Making a campaign brief.
  • Keeping track of your campaign’s ROI.
  • Each of the five stages outlined above has a brief film accompanying it,

as well as extra free resources, tools, and templates.

Gretta van Riel, the course’s instructor, is the inventor of Hey Influencers,

the world’s first influencer relationship management platform.

Who should take this course?

Influencer marketing allows business owners or

marketers to access a larger yet still relevant audience.

6. TikTok marketing course (Udemy)

With TikTok’s relative newness as well as its

penetration into daily life,

it seemed only natural to include a TikTok-specific course in our list.

TikTok for Business: How to Use It (Beginner to Advanced)

Video length: 1 hour 45 minutes

Cost: Nothing.

TikTok is distinctive in that it is a hyper-social network.

It does more than merely link users; it is how users

interact with one another that feeds the platform itself.

So, to properly promote and advertise on TikTok, a somewhat different technique is required.

In his course, Scott Clary, creator of ROI Overload and host of

the Success Story Podcast, addresses this.

You’ll learn how to use TikTok to get started, expand, and create leads and revenue.


A comprehensive TikTok tutorial, from creating your profile to recording a duet.

How to use TikTok in your content marketing plan and make awesome videos.

Best practices and strategies for optimizing for TikTok’s algorithm.

TikTok marketing techniques that are advanced,

such as influencer campaigns, advertising, and analytics.

Who should take this course:

So,Anyone interested in using TikTok video marketing to promote their business, personal brand, or products.

7. Inclusive social media marketing (Ragan)

Confession: This isn’t a course, but it is a

well-written handbook from the Ragan Communications Social Media Council.

Best Practices for Inclusive Social Media is the title of this article.

Format: Screenshots are used in the writing (pdf)
17 minutes in length

Cost: Nothing.

While there are several free courses on diversity and inclusion available,

I appreciated how this guide focused on social media.

It then goes on to provide specific advice on how to exhibit diversity, equity,

and inclusion in your social media material.

It covers the following topics:

How to demonstrate genuine support for diversity and inclusion.

Suggestions for making your supporting content more effective.

How to make purposeful posts that are part of a

broader endeavour rather than performative ones.

Before you publish a post, consider the following questions.

Methods for making your material more accessible.
Who should take this course:


8. Social media advertising course (WordStream)

So,PPC University is the name of the course.

Visuals included in the written format.

Cost: Free Length: 1-2 hours

While Facebook Blueprint is fantastic, it is, of course,

So,limited to Facebook and Instagram advertisements and is highly tactical.

So, how about the more tactical parts of social media advertising?

That is available at our very own PPC University.

So,You’ll learn how to master the art and science of

social media advertising by taking the Social Ads 101 and Facebook Ads courses.

The following topics are covered in Social Ads 101
Why social media advertising is useful,

general success suggestions, and KPIs to monitor

Ads for crash courses may be seen on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube,

Snapchat, and TikTok.

The fundamentals of Facebook and Instagram social selling.

In Facebook Ads, you’ll go further into intermediate and advanced methods for:

Costs: Select the best budget plan and manage your account to get the most bang for your buck.

Campaigns: Use various ad formats to develop large audiences.

Write amazing Facebook advertisements and receive ad creative advice and tools.

Competitors: Use a full-funnel plan to take them down.


So there you have it—a list of good free social media marketing courses.

Hopefully, you will find them to be relevant, engaging, practical,

and an overall enjoyable online learning experience.

So,You may contact Nummero, the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore.