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Okay, so the title was a little deceptive.

GIFs aren’t hated by SEOs, but they do have strong feelings about them.

Although they may appear benign,
GIFs may influence crucial ranking variables such as site speed,
which will always irritate technical SEOs.

Can our creative content marketers and our speed-obsessed SEOs agree on this?

Continue reading to find out.

Should You Use GIFs in Blog Posts?

If a client with a playful brand voice asked me if they should utilize GIFs in their blog articles, I’d answer… sure!
GIFs are a wonderful method for many customers to simply add personality to their content
while breaking up huge blocks of text in a more distinctive,
eye-catching, and engaging way than standard pictures.
Head of SEO and Content:

“From a personal standpoint, I am a huge lover of GIFs and memes,
but from a professional standpoint, I believe there is a propensity to overdo most types of visuals.
Graphics should utilized to support or illustrate a message rather than to replace words.
It’s easy to overburden a blog article with GIFs, distracting
the reader from the information you want to communicate.
GIFs used in onsite blog articles may be harmful to SEO in a few ways.
Embedding GIFs from third-party sites such as GIPHY generates needless server queries,
slowing down the site.
GIFs take up more space on the server than regular images and,
depending on your CMS, may require developer involvement to upload and manage.

We can always find a balance between site performance
and aesthetic attractiveness

in a blog post with a little forethought.

An agency team mustn’t function in silos; it does not look good if the
Content team is doing something that has a direct influence on the SEO team’s efforts, and vice versa.”
Go Forth and GIF

The question is whether to GIF or not to GIF.
Fortunately, you don’t have to pick between the two.
We have a few suggestions that will please both content and SEO specialists.
GIFs are an excellent method to reflect your brand’s voice – they can add personality and zing to your content.
Use their adaptability and originality to set your company apart from the competition and to capture the attention of your target audience.
Use them sparingly – This is an excellent balance for both content marketers and SEOs.
Instead of cramming a blog article with ten GIFs

(and perhaps overloading the reader),

try simply utilizing one or two in locations where they truly belong.
Create your own – Showcase your brand’s ingenuity by creating the GIFs of your goods, staff, or services, and then only use GIFs you’ve made yourself in your blog articles.
This way, you can avoid overcrowding your content with GIFs
(which slows down site speed)
while still adding some fun and personality to the material you’re writing.

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