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This year it’s smart Google SEO tips for 2022. 

I’m getting to be talking about a number of the foremost talked about things within the SEO industry over the past year plus a couple of tips from last year that we wanted to tug over because they were just that important.

Because we have got of them and that we don’t need this video to require forever, we’re getting to be browsing these pretty quick, except for you we’ve linked to some resources within the transcript below so you’ll explore all of those topics further if you would like .

All right. Without further ado, let’s start . 

On-page SEO tips for 2022

  • A/B testing


I’m getting to start with some on-page topics. Tip favorite , A/B testing or just testing.

We’ve seen tons more testing tools crop up within the last few years, which is awesome because SEO isn’t make a choice and implement it and you’re done.

SEO is implement, evaluate, then make decisions or sometimes course corrections.

Is this something we’d like to tug back? Did C perform better than D? Which one would we choose? 

All the ideas we’re talking about today can apply to the present testing mentality.

SEO is incredibly complex, and therefore the old-school idea of best practices just doesn’t cut it anymore. So in ’22, develop a testing mentality together with your SEO.

  • Author pages


Number two, author pages. i actually love this because Google this year updated a number of their advice around author pages and their schema markup.

It’s a crucial a part of my strategy and tons of internet sites that i exploit . an honest quality author page helps Google evaluate your authors, which may be used for E-A-T and other things, and helps link them with their expertise.

So linking your articles to an honest author page usually includes links to other websites, author profiles, links to the articles they wrote, some biographical information.

It can help establish your authors as expertise during a certain space. So take a glance at your author pages and check out to enhance them and make this a task. 

  • Google title rewrites


Google title rewrites, number three. i do not think there’s any topic more discussed in 2022 than 

 rewriting titles. tons of studies, including one I did, showing Google rewriting 60%, 70% or 80% of a site’s titles. It are often frustrating. 

But what we’re finding may be a lot of individuals aren’t evaluating those Google title rewrites. once you do, you’ll learn tons about your own titles.

Why is Google rewriting it? Is my title too long? 

Am I missing important keywords? 

Do I even have fluff in there that Google doesn’t like? 

Or in some cases you’ll return and check out to correct the title that Google rewrote if they’re doing just a terrible job. So Google title rewriting, do an audit of these Google titles and learn what you’ll do.

  • Nuke the “fluff”


Speaking of fluff, this might be the year that you simply want to nuke the SEO fluff. you recognize what I’m talking about with SEO fluff. 

It’s those flowery keywords. It’s those descriptions and it’s recipe pages. 

“Oh, i used to be walking along Irish countryside brooding about my bread and biscuits.” that’s your fluff. We’re finding that it’s going to not be necessary, and it’s going to even be detrimental to your SEO.

Glenn Gabe wrote an excellent case study where they reduced tons of their fluff on category descriptions and that they actually saw a rise . 

Google is removing fluff from title tags. So this marketing, flowery, 

SEO writing stuff, it’s going to not be helping you, and, in fact, it’s going to be hurting you. Today Google is rewarding sites or seems to be rewarding sites that provide quick answers and more direct engagement.

Better engagement, it’s always better for your customers also . So experiment with losing the fluff in 2022. 

  • FAQ schema


Number five, FAQ schema. So last year we talked tons about different schema types, how-to schema, FAQ scheme, various things .

 If there was a transparent winner in 2022, it had been FAQ. the rationale FAQ is that the winner is because numerous sites can qualify for it, it is easy to implement, and if you win a FAQ schema in SERPs, you’ll gain tons of Google land .

So there are tons of articles that mention the way to optimize for FAQs. you’ll get links, deep links in FAQs. 

There are tons of belongings you can do. We’ll link to those within the transcript below. 

But take a glance at your FAQ schema if you are not currently using it: 

How to Optimize Your FAQ Schema to maximise Positive Outcomes

What Google’s FAQ Schema Update Means For Your SEO Strategy

  • Tabbed content


Last year we talked about tabbed content, bringing your content that’s in tabs, in navigation and bringing it out. This year, we’re getting a touch more advanced.

Our friends at Merj did a study about sorts of tabbed content and the way easily Google can extract and render and index different tabbed content. 

So if you continue to have content in tabs, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to require everything out, but you ought to research if Google is in a position to index and rank those appropriately. 

There are better resources this year to undertake to try to to that.

So take a glance at your tabbed content. 

  • Faceted navigation


Along an equivalent lines, faceted navigation. We’ve been talking about faceted navigation for years, but this is often the year to urge a touch more strategic with it. 

In certain ways, faceted navigation has always been sort of a set of rules, like if it’s green dress, we aren’t getting to index this or crawl it, but if it’s size 12 or higher, we’ll index it.

Today, smart SEOs are becoming tons more savvy about what they index, don’t index, and crawl with faceted navigation, and these tools are getting increasingly available for sites like WordPress and things like that, where you’ll actually check out the traffic each page receives and index, crawl, faceted navigation on a page by page level, and these broad rules aren’t necessarily as necessary.

You can get right down to the nitty-gritty and increase your traffic that way, with fine-grained tools. So both tabbed content and faceted navigation, old-school concepts, but we’re getting far more sophisticated with them in 2022. 

Link building tips for 2022


All right, let’s mention everybody’s favorite subject, links, because you would like links to rank in SEO

But what tons of smart SEOs know and mention is you would like links to rank in SEO, but you almost certainly don’t need as many as you think that .

  • Internal link optimization


If you simply have a couple of good external links, one among the simplest ways to leverage that’s optimize your internal link optimization. 

we have seen variety of latest tools and processes talking about internal link optimization. We’re talking about pages that have too few links, under optimized anchor text, pages that have great opportunities that are not ranking that ought to .

So if you haven’t done an indoor link optimization audit during a while, this is often often the year to try to to it and this is the thanks to leverage those internal links that you’re getting. 

  • Deep linking


Speaking of which, deep linking. within the old days, if you linked to a page, you only linked to the URL. But we’re seeing a rise in deep linking, linking to specific passages, text fragments, things like that, navigation, jump links.

This is increasingly becoming a well-liked strategy to urge people deeper into the page and provides Google and other search engines signals about very specific parts of pages. This seems relevant as 

Google has recently introduced passage ranking, where they are not just evaluating the entire page. they will understand individual passages also .

So making deep linking a part of your strategy, as against just linking to the URL, seems to be an excellent way of moving forward. 

  • High ROI link building


High ROI link building. I watched an excellent presentation from Ross Simmonds this year, the good Cool, on link building with assets and determining the ROI of every of them, because everything you build links with, whether it’s a tool, a blog post, a free PDF, it’s a price which cost has an ROI.

Ross found that certain things have higher ROIs than others. Tools have an incredibly high ROI, but they’re also expensive to make .

Pages with stats on them, not that expensive to make , but also a very high ROI. 

I’m getting to link thereto video. it’d be a paid subscription. I apologize that 

But it’s awesome. it had been voted favorite at Nummero

 If you are doing link building, it’s definitely worth watching and definitely well worth the cost. 

High ROI link building, know the value of everything you’re producing and the way much value you’re getting out of it.

  • Reduce redirects


Let’s go old fashioned again. Our friend Nick LeRoy tweeted not too way back about reducing redirects. this is often really old fashioned , but tons of individuals are forgetting it lately . If you’ve got an outsized site and you’ve got thousands or many redirects all sending confusing signals, 301 jumps to a 302 jumps to a 404, what’s that? 

Looking at your redirect chains and reducing them to one redirect with a transparent directive can help reduce canonicalization errors. It can improve crawling efficiency, and at scale it can influence your rankings.

So if you’ve got an outsized site or maybe alittle site with tons of redirects, this is often the year you would like to try to to a redirect audit. Get on it. Audit, on it.

  • SEO for affiliate links


How about SEO for affiliate links? we do not talk tons about affiliate links here at Nummero, and Google traditionally hasn’t talked tons about it either.

But this year we saw Google introduce specific guidance for affiliate sites, which are some things they really haven’t done before. 

Specifically for review sites, Google talking about what an honest review seems like , talking about the great and therefore the bad a part of the merchandise , the very fact that you simply should link to multiple merchants so consumers have a choice.

We haven’t seen this from Google before. So if you are doing SEO for affiliate sites, you are doing review sites, this is often the year to review those Google documentations and confirm you’re creating sites that 

Google rewards and truly following Google’s guidance thereon , which are some things in past years I didn’t think i might be ready to say that . So it’s awesome to ascertain .

Why? Because once they clicked to your site, they found what they were trying to find . 

You satisfied them such a lot that once they see your site again, you are going to be the primary one that they click on because you gave them the solution . 

Provide awesome experiences for your users. consider them first. Give them everything they need . Give Google no excuse to not rank you favorite within the search result.



All right, 22 tips for 2022. That’s all I’ve got. i might like to hear your tips. Please leave them within the comments below. Reach bent me on social media. please share it. Thanks, everybody. it has been fun.

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