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Beware of scammers who pose as us and offer YouTube jobs and cryptocurrency returns; their offers are bogus and spam, and you should not send them any money.

We often mention essential SEO tips and techniques here at nummero. Does one know why? We all know how SEO works. It works sort of a charm and provides fantastic results if done right.

If you’re someone who’s trying to find various ways to extend program traffic, try the gray Hat SEO techniques mentioned during this post. 

So first let’s mention what’s gray hat SEO and what are the simplest SEO practices that you simply can implement on your site to skyrocket your search traffic.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

If you’re into SEO for a short time, you’ll already be conscious of differing types of SEO which are mainly:

  • White hat SEO (deals with good SEO practices that obey Google rules)
  • Black hat SEO (deals with ugly SEO practices which may get your site penalized)
  • Gray hat SEO (it’s a mixture of the above two)

Once you begin getting good results with white hat SEO, you would possibly want to undertake some edgeplay techniques to 

boost your SEO results quickly. Here’s where gray hat SEO comes into play.

Gray hat SEO mainly deals with dubious tactics that a number of them at some point could become black hats. you’ll consider these somewhat risky but they provide you tremendous results if you practice them right.

You can consider these techniques as “questionable techniques that don’t offend your website visitors but work sort of a charm”. 

So there’s nothing wrong in trying them out especially when you’re trying to find desperate ways to grow your program traffic.

So with no ado, let’s mention top techniques that you simply can use on your site to grow search traffic.

Top Gray Hat SEO Techniques you’ll Try in 2022

  1. Domain grabbing

One of the widely used techniques is buying expired domains (also referred to as domain grabbing) which still works sort of a charm if done carefully.

What is domain grabbing?

In simple terms, buying domains to extend your own website’s SEO is understood as domain grabbing. 

Domain grabbing is nothing new. Buying expired domains to enhance your website’s backlink profile is one of the foremost used SEO tactics by tons of individuals worldwide.

Domain grabbing is often of two types.

Buying expired domains

Buying new domains

The first one is widely popular because you’ll buy authority expired domain names which already feature a good backlink profile alongside some trustworthiness. 

once you buy those expired domain names to link back to your blog posts or home page, you’ll get a lift in your program rankings.

Although it’s not recommended to shop for plenty of expired domains just to extend your website’s SEO. 

But buying highly relevant and great backlink profile expired domain names every now then can assist you to increase your website’s rankings on search engines like Google.

Before buying expired domains to extend your website’s rankings, here are a few vital things that you simply have to remember.

Find out the DA of the domain: DA (Domain Authority) of a website may be a good metric that was developed by the Moz team. 

DA easily helps you discover the recognition of a website. If it’s good (anything above 30), you’ll consider the domain backlink profile to be sweet and you’ll believe in buying that expired domain.

Check for any toxic links: You never know what quiet backlinks an expired domain has. If it’s fully crammed with toxic links or broken links, there’s no use in shopping for it for SEO purposes. 

So confirm to use tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, etc to seek out the domain backlink sources.

So how does one find and buy expired domains to spice up your website’s SEO?

Here are several helpful tips for locating great expired domains to extend your website’s SEO.

Find domains that are a minimum of three years old: one of the only ways to seek out valuable link-worthy expired domains is to seek out their age. 

If they’re registered for over 3 years, that’ll have a positive impact on search engines in comparison to recently bought and expired domains. you’ll use Whois Domain lookup for locating the domain age and other information of any expired domain.

Clean backlink profile: 

Always confirm to spend time on finding the backlink profile of expired domains as most of them have messy backlink profiles which are either spammy or completely irrelevant to the context of the domain you’re trying to find. 

There are numerous tools available out there to analyze the backlink profile of a website which include Semrush, Serpstat, Ahrefs, Monitor Backlinks, etc.

Avoid toxic links built domains: Numerous expired domains contain toxic backlink anchor texts which usually contain Chinese, Russian, or other foreign language texts which are useless for your website’s SEO. 

So avoid them if you’re looking to shop for good SEO value expired domains.

Use Internet Archive: Wayback Machine which is additionally referred to as Internet Archive consists of over 300 billion sites history on the web which is helpful for you to carefully analyze any domain that you simply want to shop for.

Referring domains between 50 to 100: confirm to shop for those expired domains which have already got referring domains quite 50. that creates sure that you’re buying an expired domain that already has links from over 50 different sites on the web.

Make 301 redirect

Once you’re through with the research of finding great expired domains, it’s time for you to redirect all the bought domains to your primary website.

Here’s where you would like to use 301 redirects. So what’s it?

301 redirect may be a redirection process where a page is permanently moved to a replacement location like a website or website. 

It guides search engines like Google to redirect users to a replacement page location. most significantly, it passes 90% of link juice to the redirected page which makes it great for purchasing expired domains to extend your website’s SEO.

  1. Increase your average content length of old content

Have you ever written long sort of articles with quite 3000 words? 

We do this ton here at nummero and one of the foremost lengthiest articles on our blog consists of over 16,000 words which are around top affiliate programs for 2022.

Most people don’t know that lengthy content works best when it comes to getting more traffic from search engines. If you’re in a competitive industry and creating 

1000-word blog posts, start creating 2000+ word blog posts for a month or two and you’ll know why long sort of content works great.

Yes, creating 2000-word articles seems to be tons of labor but they work like charm.

Updating your blog posts with more content is one of the simplest techniques that you simply can implement to grow your organic traffic.

Long sort of content has the subsequent benefits.

You can reach out to other bloggers to market your content (who doesn’t wish to promote an in-depth article?)

Can attract more backlinks

You will get more social shares for extended articles

You’ll see a growth in your program traffic

So how are you able to increase the average content length of your posts? Here are a few tips that employment is great.

Know why

Before you begin to believe in expanding your existing blog posts to extend your search traffic, confirm to understand your goals. 

Why does one want to form it in detail? Does one want more subscribers, leads, and sales? Or does one want to only get more visitors from search engines?

Knowing your goals is the initiative to content marketing success. Also, find out who the content is for and what goals you’re trying to realize once your content gets updated. That way you’ll easily track your results.

The topic comes first before anything


Find out the topics that are suitable for your audience . The simplest thanks to start is to start out performing on your top 10 posts that are bringing you the most traffic from search engines. attend Google analytics to seek out your top posts and begin performing on them by increasing their average content length.

Since the highest posts are already bringing you traffic, updating them with more information,

keywords and pictures can attract even more search traffic.

  1. Web 2.0 for building links

Web 2.0 also comes under gray hat SEO techniques because users can generate,

tweak and edit the content using Web 2.0 directories, submission sites, forums, etc. So let’s now mention what it’s all about and the way you’ll use web 2.0 for SEO and building links.

What is web 2.0?

Web 1.0 (the first generation of online) used mainly static pages where users haven’t any control over the knowledge online.

Web 2.0 (the 2nd generation) is what mostly consists of dynamic information where users can make changes to the content to form it even better.

For example, you’ll edit Wikipedia pages if you discover something misleading on a page where you’ve better knowledge.

That comes under web 2.0 because you have the power to tweak the content.

What are the advantages of Web 2.0?

Since all of the online 2.0 allows user-generated content, it’s the subsequent noticeable benefits.

Link benefits: People use web 2.0 mainly for building links. 

Although most of the links that you simply get from web 2.0 are nofollow

still they’re valuable considering the very fact that you simply need diversified links

while growing your backlink profile as you can’t only build dofollow links. 

And there are a few sites and blog directories from web 2.0 that offer you potential dofollow links also

which are great for increasing your website’s SEO and rankings.

Quality traffic: Most user-generated platforms send you qualified visitors to your website

which is great for increasing your overall website conversion rates. 

So confirm to spend time on the platforms where most users are active

(for example, platforms like Quora where you’ll also add links to your content).

Web 2.0 sites work better when you specialize in increasing your user engagement rather than solely specializing in getting traffic. 

So attempt to stay active on web 2.0 platforms like Quora, Medium, or other social networking sites

rather than just promoting your posts for more traffic or SEO benefits.



There are not any specific rules about how you’ll rank an internet site on Google.

Yes, there are black hat, white hat, gray hat SEO techniques

that you simply can use to urge higher rankings on Google.

But it’s always better to specialize in those tactics that don’t get you penalized by Google algorithms. That’s the sole way you recover rankings at the end of the day.

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