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If you were to earn a dollar for each time someone mentioned or searched for “content marketing” in an article during the past couple of years, you’d made a significant amount of cash.


Content creation


Scratch the scratch. You’d be among the wealthiest people on earth! On the other hand, the number of agencies specializing in content marketing is also constantly growing.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to learn that 55% of marketers believe that creating content is their primary inbound marketing goal.


And suppose you’ve had the privilege of being exposed to or worked in marketing during the past five to 10 years. In that case, you’ll realize that what was once a gruelling battle to convince companies to consider a content-centric strategy is now necessary for companies to stay ahead of their rival brands.


Content has now become the main ingredient on which companies are marketing the products or services they offer to their target customers.

It’s a lot more difficult to do than it sounds. Every day, millions of images, videos, blogs, tweets, podcasts, eBooks, and posts released, shared, and liked. We’re sure you’re wondering, “how do I get through the noise and be competitive?”


Making a content marketing plan is something else, but executing consistently on it is a completely different challenge. Not only do you need the knowledge to put your ideas into practice.

But you also require the resources to carry out your desired actions. It may appear like a cycle for many businesses, and in the end, they opt to outsource their advertising.


The Benefits of hiring Content Marketing Agencies

Content marketing


Digital marketing companies like Nummero and content marketers are an option if you’re interested in introducing broad-based marketing strategies but lack the resources to bring them to life.

There are numerous benefits to employing a company for content marketing, for example:

Fantastic Price for Your Money

As a value-for- dollars, content marketing can make a difference. It costs, on average, 62 per cent lower than conventional marketing strategies and produces three times as many leads.

But will hiring an experienced digital marketing firm boost ROI (ROI) significantly? Your gut reaction could lead you to believe hiring an agency is a costly cost, but you could be pleasantly surprised.


The cost of hiring a digital marketing company to conduct the initial launch of a strategy and continue to manage various tasks that include content production, promotion, and analysis will be lower than hiring two or three full-time employees for the same.

This comes with the bonus of not having to organize office space or purchase new software and computers. The agency won’t be eating up your power or office coffee and snacks!


A Continuous, Uninterrupted Production Cycle

Production Cycle


Perhaps the most important advantage of working with one of these agencies is its trust aspect. The majority of agencies hired to execute a particular job or task.

There may be sub-tasks or challenges that pop up.

However, for the majority of the time, the agency is the one who will take care of the problem or task.

They will not have to think about any other issues internal to your company.

There are many benefits to employing an agency to assist you in developing and executing your plan for marketing content.


SEO Content Marketing Agency Agencies Work with Voice Search Engine Optimization

If you’re thinking about the future of voice-generated content, it is important to look out for voice search questions.

This is why you should look for an agency fully aware of the potential of this specific type of search.

The rate at which voice search is expanding is almost comical. In just 8 years, between 2008 and 2016,

it saw an astonishing 35-fold increase. It estimated that by 2020, voice searches will comprise 50% of all searches globally.


You can use numerous strategies to  prepared for this change by making use of a more natural-sounding language using structured data in addition to further optimization of questions and local search results.

Some content marketing firms don’t have a voice search strategy set; however, the top of the best knows how they’re performing in this regard.


Leading Content Marketing Agencies Make More Often the Utilization of Social Listening

Content marketing agencies are adept at recommending

What your business should be doing based on certain information or surveys conducted historically.

But, 2017 saw an increase in the use of social media platforms for consumers to make decisions in response to recommendations or the preferences of their colleagues.

Content marketing companies like Nummero know that listening to social media is crucial and are equipped with the most up-to-date tools to observe and analyse social trends and debates.


It’s Not Always About Making new content

new content


Consumers do expect quality content from brands. In a survey conducted in 2017, 84% of respondents said they want entertainment-based content or to tell stories, as well as provide solutions and experiences.

But does that suggest that you produce as much content as possible?

This isn’t always the case.

David Tinos, head of communications at Electronic Arts (EA), the leading video game company.

Has been speaking for a long time about the importance of creating pieces of content that are well-crafted rather than having a “more, more” mentality:

“The strategy isn’t just increasing the amount of content.

It’s tough not to be a follower of the latest trend and keep doing more and be able to discern what’s going on with the end of it all,” said Tinos.

The top content marketing companies will evaluate your target audience, business objectives, and brand image.

They will then develop an effective content marketing plan that meets your requirements. This campaign will create new content in addition to existing evergreen and valuable content.

Additionally, experts in marketing will assist clients in optimizing their evergreen content to ensure

that it is always updated with the most recent information and the most effective SEO changes and matches current marketing trends.