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We all know that social media trends provide a terrific opportunity to increase brand awareness and grow your brand’s social media following,

whether it’s engaging in the current challenge, employing a trending TikTok sound, or putting your spin on a viral dish. 

They can, however, be used to improve search engine rankings, resulting in more traffic and revenue for your business.

Read on if taking advantage of social media trends in some form isn’t already a part of your brand’s digital marketing plan. 

This post will explain why it’s critical to get on board and provide you with a list of actionable activities to help you win the game.

Search results influenced by social media trends, for example


If we collect a list of recent social media trends and check Google Trends for related terms, we may see a recurring pattern:

search results for linked terms increase around the time their social media trends go viral. 

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Little moons


Little Moons mochi ice cream has been available for over a decade,

but its popularity didn’t take off until January 2021. 

All thanks to a natural viral trend started by a pair of TikTok makers in the middle of a lockdown.

It quickly snowballed into tens of thousands of TikTok videos

with individuals looking for and trying Little Moons products, with over 500 million views. 

Little Moons ice cream became the most popular in the UK, with sales increasing by 2,000 percent. 

Product, brand, related unbranded, and retail searches on Google grew dramatically at the height of the virality.

The considerable reduction in searches following the initial rise implies that the trend has died out,

which is a result of the limited shelf life of social media content, whether viral or not. 

Brands may maintain the momentum by engaging in influencer marketing,

which allows them to initiate new trends and reach new audiences.

Salmon rice by Emily Mariko


Emily Mariko, a culinary and lifestyle clip creator, is another wonderful example,

whose leftover salmon rice “recipe” became viral on TikTok in October of 2021. 

Within a few weeks, she climbed from 70,000 to 7 million followers, while everyone else’s follow-up salmon rice films had received over 800 million views. 

People were also searching for Emily Mariko’s salmon rice on Google, according to the Google Trends report, which allowed lots of other producers, brands,

and media sites an opportunity to capitalize on it because she didn’t use those searches herself.

Emily Mariko continues to create viral trends and affect search results with her growing fan base.

Tax the rich


While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez putting her “tax the rich” Met Gala outfit on Instagram isn’t the most typical method to do it,

there’s no doubting that it’s a brilliant example of how a post on social media can not only sell but also help promote awareness about a cause. 

When the post went up on September 14, 2021, searches for “tax the rich” soared to new heights.

Naturally, the media frenzy surrounding the event aided them in their efforts.

How can marketers use current social media trends to generate visitors to their website?

Recreate popular content


Recreate a trending piece of content on your brand’s social media account to insert your brand into culturally important occasions. 

You can get your product or message out there in a really authentic way by putting your own spin on it.

TikTok’s discovery tab is a great place to find trends, with trending hashtags and audios providing plenty of content ideas.

Make sure to include a call to action at the end of your reactive social media material,

as well as a relevant link in your profile’s bio, to direct people away from the platform and to your website.

Use social media to provide supporting content.


Most brands are doing the aforementioned at this point, however many brands and creators are still not offering supporting content outside of social media platforms. 

Viral social media phenomena, as we’ve seen, frequently transcend their original platform. 

People are searching for popular items on Google as those trends take off, according to Google Trends. 

Ignoring search boosts stemming from viral social media trends or organic influencer mentions is a squandered opportunity.

Despite the fact that your brand or product was not mentioned in the original viral post,

there are a number of ways to get your keyword-optimized website content in front of this new audience.

Let’s look into Emily Mariko’s toaster oven searches to see what we can learn. 

You may develop a shoppable landing page highlighting Emily Mariko’s favorite kitchen appliances if you’re a brand or retailer offering kitchen appliances. 

Rice cookers, stylish non-stick cookware, stove gap covers, blenders, and more can all be found in her TikTok videos. 

Fans of Emily Mariko are looking for all of these goods, so you can kill a lot of birds with one stone.

“5 toaster oven recipes even Emily Mariko would approve of” – an evergreen article with a topical aspect — maybe another piece of content to boost toaster oven searches. 

The list of possibilities is infinite, as is the amount of brands willing to join in.

You can even try your hand at digital PR by pitching journalists a piece of popular content like the one above,

effectively giving them a story in exchange for a chance to get quality backlinks and a potential influx of new consumers.

Publishers and bloggers, however, can earn from developing reactive pieces of content by increasing website views and utilizing affiliate links.

Because viral social media trends are rarely predictable and fall in and out of vogue rapidly, staying on top of the game,

following what’s going on in the social media realm, and reacting swiftly is critical.

How can brands use influencer marketing to boost search and demand?


Another wonderful strategy to raise awareness and improve searches for your product or brand is to collaborate

with influencers to highlight your brand or product while engaging in a trend. 

Influencers have a distinct advantage in that they already have a committed following. 

Many times, content creators will do a better job of communicating with your potential

new consumers in the unpolished language of social media, resulting in higher conversions.

This is how Popsockets, a phone grips company, capitalized on an existing “Emoji Outfit Challenge,”

in which participants videotaped themselves matching their costumes to famous emojis. 

They engaged eight of their ambassadors in the challenge by incorporating their product, reaching a total of two million people.

Don’t overlook it if a big influencer in your niche has already included a generic product you sell in a hot piece of content

that might lead to follow-up content or makes the type of content your product could be neatly incorporated into. 

Use the power of word-of-mouth marketing to reach out to them for product placement.

You can identify influencers in any niche, and you can even look outside of it. 


Even seemingly incompatible pairings can now produce successful outcomes with the correct creative twist,

as long as the target audience overlaps.

A fantastic example is Grace Wells, a content creator who shares videography tips. 

She may not be the first person who comes to mind when it comes to promoting

a skincare product or an energy drink, but in her case, such partnerships have proven to be extremely fruitful. 

Her popular TikTok series “creating amazing ads for weird objects”

garnered her numerous business deals, and she is currently successfully assisting brands in going viral.

Tips for putting together a successful influencer marketing campaign


Working with influencers in your niche comes in useful

when you’re launching a social media campaign and trying to make it go viral. 

It aids in gaining the initial momentum required for your campaign to

begin trending, creating views, and, eventually, further reactive organic content, searches, and clicks to your website.

If your company hasn’t yet dabbled in influencer marketing,

here are some pointers to bear in mind when building a campaign that converts

before or after you’ve recognized a social media trend you’d like to participate in.

Define the campaign’s objectives and target audience.


Always start by establishing your advertising goals and target audience before coming up with a creative angle. 

One of the most common mistakes new and established

brands make is selecting influencers solely based on their fame or number of followers. 

To fully resonate with the audience, your target demographic must overlap, and the partnership must be genuine.

Having a clear understanding of your campaign goals from the start will aid you in identifying the proper

influencers to work with and selecting the appropriate social media platform(s) for your campaign. 

Do you want to increase brand awareness or enhance sales of a specific product? 

Even within a single platform like Instagram,

there are numerous distinctions between what works on the feed and what works on the stories. 

Having an influencer promote your goods on their Instagram feed may not be the greatest option

if you want a huge amount of hits to your site right now.

A feature on the influencer’s Instagram Story would be a preferable alternative

because you’ll need a mechanism for their followers to reach a clickable link without having to take additional steps. 

When you’ve found the influencers who can help you achieve your goal,

don’t forget to tell them about your campaign aims so they can tailor the material to your intended outcomes.



Using social media trends and influencer marketing to increase brand awareness, search results,

and sales is a very effective marketing strategy that businesses of all sizes can use right now. 

TikTok has fundamentally altered the game – for the better. 

As of now, it’s still a platform where not only paid but also organic material may reach millions of people,

making it very simple for new and small businesses to get involved in co-creating

viral trends and/or developing optimal supporting content to capitalize on searches. 

It will become much more vital as social commerce grows in popularity.

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