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iFrames are extremely handy tools that allow you to import parts of another website onto your own to improve it. 

This is especially useful for films, e-commerce functionality, or a demonstration of how something works, such as lines of code from a developer. 

But, given its information from another website, does it have an impact on your SEO ranking? 

The role of iFrames in your SEO strategy will be discussed in this post. 

And how you may utilize them to your benefit, as well as the expansion of your website.

What exactly is an iFrame?


The iFrame is a section of HTML syntax that stands for “inline frame.” 

They’re typically used to avoid duplicating material when employing resources from one website on your own. 

Basically, iFrames allow you to embed another website in your website’s code, similar to a page within a page.

What Are iFrames and How Do They Work?


Insert the following code to create an iFrame:

/iFrame>iFrame src=”URL of page being embedded”>iFrame src=”URL of page being embedded”>iFrame src=”URL of page being embedded”>iF

It’s preferable to insert a picture because there may be more involved. 

It enables web developers to update the content of an iFrame without having to rewrite the complete web page’s code. 

When the embedded website has longer form information, you may change its height and width and give it a separate scroll bar from the rest of the page.

When Should an iFrame Used?


iFrames are used on websites for a variety of purposes, including embedding YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations, Google maps, and advertising material. 

You may even utilize an iFrame to embed a PDF, eliminating the need for viewers to download the file. 

When you want to share material that isn’t text-based or requires unique formatting that is difficult to recreate on your website platform, use an iFrame.

The Effect of iFrames on Search Engine Optimization

Are iFrames detrimental to SEO?


Google and other search engines couldn’t crawl iFrame material in the past. 

The iFrames were visible to people but not to robots. 

In certain circumstances, the robots were unable to exit the iFrame, implying that they did not index the material on the remainder of the page.

Today’s web spiders, on the other hand, can generally navigate freely between conventional website content and iFrames, so there are no problems. 

To assist Google in better understanding the purpose of an iFrame, it suggests providing more context and connections around the inclusion of the iFrame. 

Many SEO professionals believe Google bots will scan backlinks to better detect iFrames. 

And if that’s the case, these iFrames can help boost your search engine rankings.

How can iFrames affect the SEO rankings of my website?


The best you can hope for is no effect because search engines regard the material in iFrames to be from another domain. 

iFrames have shown to not affect your search engine ranking.

As a result, it’s better to avoid employing iFrames on important sites that you want to rank well in search results. 

Instead, utilize iFrames for other pages and load high-priority pages with meaningful, original information.

Do iFrames result in duplicate content issues?


iFrames should not produce duplicate material since they refer to a distinct web page rather than recreating it. 

The iFrame> element is recognized by crawling robots, and the material is not marked as duplicate. 

They do, however, notice the source URL within the HTML syntax.

which means that SEO credit is given to the original web page rather than the page with the embedded information. 

You’ll need to rethink your technique if you want to boost the ante by integrating iFrames from another website on your own.

Is iFrames considered “cloaking” by Google?


“Cloaking” is a black hat technique in which you show search engine robots different material than humans that visit your page. 

To put it another way, cloaking can help good SEO hide bad content. 

Cloaking negates the very objective of rankings: to provide people with the best results for their searches, hence this technique might lead you to a decline in search engine results.

Search engine robots understand that the material the user sees is the same content referred to in the source URL since iFrames explicitly designate the source of the content in the HTML syntax. 

As a result, iFrames are not the same as cloaking, therefore don’t worry about  accused of black hat methods.

How Can You Optimize iFrames for SEO?


By indexing your iFrame using robots.txt, you can ensure that search robots can access the material within it. 

You may use this tool to give or restrict search engine crawlers’ access to your page’s content. 

See our blog post on ensuring you have the correct robots.txt file for more information on robots.txt files.

To learn more about this and other potential crawling problems on your site, we recommend utilizing Search Console. 

For more information on how to use Search Console, see our blog post on its features.

Is There a Substitute for an iFrame?


iFrames provide several helpful features, including the ability to put a PDF or a video into a website. 

However, as we’ve seen, there are certain disadvantages. 

Specifically, your site is not given credit for the content. 

That begs the question: what are my alternatives?

One of the most popular options, according to Gainchanger, is Javascript API. 

You may add features like maps, movies, and reviews to your website by using one of these script codes. 

Google may crawl particular pieces of content using Javascript. 

And, in the case of reviews, this might serve to increase the authority of your website.



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