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Being an SEO, you can’t go each day without hearing about links:

“Links are crucial!” or “Prioritize links!” or “Links are the nourishing lifeblood of the almighty algorithm!”

But for those folks who’ve taken a subsequent step to truly find out the way to earn said links,

we realize it’s not that easy.

It’s hard, to sum up, all of that within the tweets and LinkedIn posts that get shared about link earning, 

because the reality is, that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all link earning approach or vendor.

you would like a link earning

 “stack” that appropriately reflects the complexity of your marketing and content goals.

In a perfect world, here’s what that stack would appear as if. 

Passive link earning

Objective: found a foundation for link earning with lower effort over time

Content needed: A “linkable content” asset (this is key)

Promotion needed: Manual outreach and promotion to accumulate

the primary one or two links, to assist the page initially rank

Passive link earning is any content

you’ll create which will naturally earn links over time without having to actively sell on an ongoing basis. 

So,These pieces are designed to hold their weight in earning links without much active promotion

(which is what separates them from the subsequent category, post-specific link earning). 

They’re often indirectly tied to your product or service, though if they’re, that’s certainly a bonus.

When SEO teams can collaborate with content teams on creating “linkable content,” passive link earning magic can happen.

Some common samples of linkable content include:

Statistics-based or definition-focused posts:

People are always trying to find stats to cite or definitions to link to.

Tools or other interactive resources:

If they’re useful, folks like to share them!

“Best”/”Top” posts or annual reports:

People wish to reference lists they’re on or share interesting lists, valuable compilations.

Targeted link earning

Objective: Help elevate a specific, valuable post within the SERPs

Content needed: N/A — the post you would like to spice up already exists

Promotion needed: Manual outreach and promotion to more niche sites

You write a bit of content and you recognize it’s killer,

but you would like an initial boost to elevate it on page one.

You probably want to create credibility on the page

by earning a link or two which will help demonstrate its value.

This is post-specific link earning.

it always involves highly tailored outreach during

which you pitch sites to link back to your post. 

While it’s often a reasonably manual effort,

even a few links can make an enormous difference.

I’m getting to use the goldthread Tarot as an example. 

I don’t work with or for them,

so I can’t confirm they did any manual outreach.

But this instance still illustrates my point.

Also, tarot reading is my newest obsession.

Their page on the way to read tarot ranks in positions 1-3 for highly relevant terms

This is an excellent example of a page

that ought to be prioritized for targeted link earning

so that they can still maintain their positions. 


Because people searching to find out more about reading tarot are

the right potential customers for her tarot deck and app. 

Notice how the page has many calls to action.

Ranking for “money pages”

won’t always be easy, especially for higher-volume terms with greater competition. 

But if you’re truly creating the simplest content in response to the searcher’s intent,

a few links can offer you a lift.

There is some overlap between targeted link earning and passive link earning, 

but the first difference is that within the former,

you’re designing a bit of content from scratch with the only purpose of building links. 

The latter is link outreach you conduct to spice up a page

that’s important to your audience acquisition and conversions.

Site authority link earning

Objective: Improve the general authority of your site/brand

Content Needed: Original reporting and/or newsworthy data

Promotion Needed: Pitching journalists or fixing syndication relationships

A flood tide lifts all boats. 

During this case, the boats are your specific pages of content,

and therefore the flood tide is your site’s domain authority.

If your site and brand are deemed authoritative,

it increases the probability that your pieces of content are going to be considered authoritative, as well.

I’ll use one of our brand partners, Sidecar Health, as an example. 

We’ve been creating newsworthy stories on their behalf and distributing them through the Stacker newswire 

since December, and Sidecar Health’s domain authority has increased by four during a few months.

The strategy is to make top-of-the-funnel,

newsworthy content that authoritative news publications would have an interest in running. 

So,That way we will earn links/canonicals

that demonstrate that the brand is producing valuable content.

When you earn this sort of link equity to your site, you’ll

then leverage internal linking to distribute that equity to pages that are important to your SEO goals.

In using this strategy for just a couple of months, 

Sidecar Health has seen a 77% increase in keywords in positions 1-3 within the SERPs.

This type of link earning is usually

the missing piece for brands who have found

that their on-site content is top-notch,

but their traffic is plateauing anyway

Niche link earning

Objective: Earn more relevant authority in your specific niche

Content Needed: Original reporting and/or newsworthy data

Promotion Needed: Pitching journalists or fixing syndication relationships

You can view niche link earning as a by-product of site authority link earning.

Niche link earning just focuses on a lower DA and better relevance.

I’ve been talking tons about authority during this piece, and permanently reason:

it’s one of the foremost important aspects and benefits of earning links.

But relevance may be a piece of the puzzle also.

You don’t want to be earning links

that don’t have anything to try to together with your brand, 

albeit you’re taking a tangential approach mentioned within the previous section.

It’s good to supplement your general link earning strategy by ensuring you’re earning links from more relevant sites

that are specifically aligned together with your brand offering.

To continue the Sidecar Health example, additionally to the links

we’ve earned for them,

their backlink profile includes links from sites like 

Verywell Health and Healthline

also have even more niche sites

like Health Care Business Today and Electronic Health Reporter.

If you’re finding that you’re not naturally earning links from respected sites in your industry,

it’s certainly worth trying to pitch them

on your content or build syndication partnerships with them.

A well-rounded link earning strategy

Any one of those link-earning strategies

can help move the needle for your organic growth, especially if you’re just getting started.


However, as you mature your program,

you’ll need all of those strategies to grow sustainably and consistently. 

The trick becomes understanding the way to implement these strategies.

whether in-house or outsourcing.

A standard approach

I see has an indoor team that focuses

on post-specific and niche link earning

while hiring outside help with passive and brand authority linking.

Whatever you are trying, remember to consistently make sure you’ve got your bases covered

so you achieve the organic traffic growth you’re aiming for.

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