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Every SEO professional does a site audit, which covers onsite and technical SEO,
page speed, internal and external links, and other variables such as meta descriptions,
broken links, load time, page titles, and site layout.
So, there are different website audit tools to obtain an overview of the complete site,
and these audit tools mentioned as some of the finest audit tools,
but then you have to deal with its difficult function, services, restrictions of the paid tool, and an erroneous result.
However, there are several free programs available that provide reliable results
without any difficulties, such as Google Search Console.
What is Google Search Console?

On May 20, 2015, rebranded Google Webmaster, then in January 2018, it was renamed Search Console.

It is a Google service tool that allows you to monitor, update, and troubleshoot your online presence.
Furthermore, it gives you information on the performance of your website based
on the organic traffic that you receive, and as far as we can tell,
the search console is also utilized for a website SEO audit.
SEO Audit Report through Google Search Console Tool

When it comes to SEO audits, most SEO agencies use site crawlers such as Sitehub
and Semrush Site Audit, but it is now able to perform your SEO audit utilizing the search console tool.
So we’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial to show you how a site
audit can be very pleasant and simple with the aid of Google Search Console.
1. Overview of your Site Audit

Get a quick report for the overview option that reveals
whether your website is suffering any major issues, such as a manual penalty or a security breach.
2. There are Major Changes in the Site recently

Now, if you’re searching for a traffic audit or to see whether any modifications
have been made to the website, you should look at the Performance and Coverage option.
If, on the other hand, there is a change in the address,
you must notify Google of the change to expedite the migration process,
which can be done by heading to the Settings section and clicking on the Change of address option.
3. Site has Manual or Security Action

Don’t miss out on this vital information for the Security and Manual action
prompted by the Security and Manual issue.
If it displays the message “No problem identified,” set to go.
4. Google is Crawling your Site

Crawl requests and their trends may examined using the Crawl metrics option in the Settings section.

To guarantee that your crawl money not spent, you must pay great attention to the By Response report.

Furthermore, it gives an SEO audit report indicating whether or not your
host has any difficulties, and if so, whether or not Google can crawl your site.
5. Host Status

Host status is another option that displays audits for robot.txt fetch, DNS resolution, and Server Connectivity.

So, in conclusion, it is evident that Google Search Console offers a variety of
technical and non-technical website audits.
The search console viewed as a benefit for all SEO services since each audit report promptly assessed by the Google search engine.
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