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What Should You Do With Your Facebook Ad Leads?

Your lead generation campaign yielded a large number of leads!


What happens next?

Continue reading if you want to understand how to turn those leads into clients.

We’ve run a lot of lead generation campaigns throughout our time online,

and we’ve learned a lot from gathering and attempting to convert those leads.

We’d want to share our suggestions with you so you may bypass the queue and start getting greater results sooner (and affordably).

Today, we’ve got a slew of ideas for converting those Facebook ad leads into consumers.

There are many other things you can do with the leads you generate on Facebook

(like retargeting campaigns and group invites).

Let’s get started!

Lead Generation Campaigns On Facebook

A lead generation campaign aids in the development of interest in a product, service, or experience that your firm provides.

It also gathers contact information for interested persons, which you may use to contact them.

Lead generation efforts on Facebook are somewhat more expensive than other objectives.

They are, however, typically worthwhile because a lead is a more valuable engagement than a click or view.

Here’s a view of Facebook’s CPC per target.

Lead generation may be a profitable aspect of your Facebook advertising campaign if you have effective targeting and a defined goal.

Let’s have a look at how to put them to use.

Why should you run Facebook ads?

Some of these causes are as follows:

Because users do not have to leave Facebook to fill out the form, the completion rate is greater.

You may link your CRM so that fresh Facebook ad leads are immediately sent to the teams who require them.

They’re simple to set up and modify, and they appear on Facebook and Instagram.

Strategies On How To Use The Facebook Ad Leads For Conversions

Let’s go through some of the most effective techniques, concepts, and examples for turning Facebook ad leads into consumers or clients.

These aren’t guaranteed to succeed, just like everything else in digital marketing.

You may perform as much Facebook ad optimization as you want…

…but if your lead nurturing and the sales process isn’t in place,

or your product or service isn’t refined, then the finest advertisements won’t assist you.

Make certain that you have a fantastic business idea, excellent execution, and efficient processes.

After that, you may invest in advertising.

1. Engage Your Facebook Ad Leads with Retargeting Ads

If you have leads who haven’t contacted you since entering their information…

…or who you haven’t heard from in a long time, utilize retargeting to remind and re-engage them.

Anything may be used to retarget lapsed leads, but it must be engaging and relevant to them.

The following are examples of things that perform very well:

Purchase invites that are direct (you can speak directly to their pain points relatively easily)

Special offers and discount codes

Make sure to exclude anyone who has purchased if you want exclusive access to content.

Navigate to Audiences in Ads Manager.

Click the “Create your audience” button.

Choose Custom Audiences.

Choose Website Traffic as your traffic source.

You’ll select “People who viewed certain pages” and input the URL that customers see after making a purchase.

Typically, this contains a thank-you component of the slug.

This audience should be given a name and saved.

You can now add this to your exclusion list so that your adverts only appear to those who haven’t completed a purchase.

Next, we’ll discuss what to do with your warm Facebook ad leads,

but before, we’d want to inform you about our new social media advertisements training course.

If you want to run more effective social advertisements, make sure to look into it after reading this.

2. Get a Yes Early On to Get Warm Leads

When it comes to lead generation, you want to turn cold leads into warm leads.

When you do have a warm lead, you should nurture it so it doesn’t grow cold and walk away from you.

Many firms recognize this, but they take much too long to put it into action.

You may be aware of the classic sales concept of persuading someone to agree to a modest yes (such as giving you their email address)…

…makes it simpler (and more probable) for them to say yes to a greater ask (like buying a product).

The issue is that leads go cold rapidly.

So, if you take a lot of advice from the internet, you won’t contact that person again for at least a couple of days to give them anything different.

And it’s possible that’s too lengthy.

Instead, we urge that you begin asking for that next yes as soon as possible.

This is what we mean:

If they downloaded a PDF, utilize the last page (or areas throughout the document) to upsell your course, package, service, product, and so on.

Why wait when they’re already reading and interested?

Send them an email right away if they give you their email address.

Introduce yourself, discuss why they provided you their email address, and then upsell or refer them to another product, service, or experience.

Add leads to a retargeting audience and display their ads with the goal of converting them into purchasers.

These can be dynamic advertising that features your product catalog or ads that you design for a specific objective or purpose.

If they’ve signed up for a free webinar, make use of the opportunity to promote additional products that they could find useful.

Remember to utilize thank you pages on your website to drive clients to further amazing items or information on your site.

Actually, the possibilities are limitless.

3. Invite Facebook Ad Leads to Your Facebook Group

Get them to your Facebook Group while they’re still intrigued and eager to click.

Your Facebook group should be active and well-developed, with a plethora of content.

You’ve undoubtedly been ecstatic about a topic, page, or person you’ve come across…

…only to be disappointed when there isn’t more than a handful of pages worth of deeper investigation available.

You want your viewers to be able to get lost in this group if they so desire.

Don’t worry if you’re just beginning a group (or if you don’t have one yet).

You don’t have to wait until you have a lot of material to start running advertising.

And you shouldn’t rush to produce a large amount of substandard material.

Simply focus on generating high-quality material regularly and on assisting your readers.

We wrote a whole piece about how to use Facebook Groups for small businesses.

You may read it to get a decent understanding of what you should do in

such Facebook Groups to keep people interested and likely to convert.

4. Convert Those Facebook Ad Leads with Video

What about those retargeting advertisements we discussed earlier?

When communicating with your audiences, you should undoubtedly use video.

Users have limited patience for non-video material as the internet shifts to video

(from 15 seconds to hours lengthy), pre-recorded, and live.

Engage your prospects with a video that provides further information and invites them to:

purchase, attend, join up…or whatever your next CTA is.

If you want to understand more about Facebook video advertisements, keep reading.

What Else Can You Do With Your Leads?

These are four of our preferred lead generation tactics, but they are not the only ones.

Here are a couple more suggestions:

Invite leads who have been captured to a live event (virtual or in-person).

Using Facebook Messenger advertisements, invite prospects to message you.

Find leads you’ve accumulated on Facebook or Instagram and invite them to follow you there.


If you’re running lead advertisements, you’ll need to know how to convert and engage
them once they’ve expressed interest.

What is your preferred method?

We’d love to learn what worked for you so that other small companies and digital marketers may try it!

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