How To Get Started as a Digital Marketer? - Nummero

There are several paths to become a Digital Marketer.

While many Digital Marketers begin in traditional marketing jobs before specializing,

This is not a hard and fast rule; in fact, there is no precise prior experience necessary

To become a Digital Marketer—only a certain set of abilities.

In reality, many people enter the profession from a variety of positions,
Such as Copywriter, Webmaster, or Influencer.

1. Learn Digital Marketing Fundamentals

The first step in launching a career in digital marketing is to develop fundamental

technical skills in SEO and SEM, analytics, social media marketing, and advertising,
and email marketing.

Along with this, look for methods to demonstrate that you have the numerous

soft and transferrable talents that a Digital Marketer should have,

including leadership, a strong writing style, and an understanding of the internet world.

2. Learn How to Use Key Digital Marketing Tools

The more experience you have with

digital marketing technologies,

the easier it will be to become a Digital Marketer.

Digital marketers may use Google Analytics and Google Ads,

for example, to monitor and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and initiatives.

SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush

are also vital, allowing marketers to research relevant

keywords, verify backlinks to your sites, find similar keywords, and evaluate rivals’ SEO.

When trying to enter into digital marketing,

experience with an email campaign platform,

such as MailChimp or SendGrid, may be quite beneficial.

Knowledge of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform,

such as Salesforce or Hubspot, can also help.

However, maybe the simplest method to get started is through social networking.

Digital marketers are increasingly relying on social media platforms

such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In,

TikTok, and others to drive traffic, create leads, and grow their businesses.

When applying for a position in digital marketing, developing a following

(or at least a visually coherent style)

and using social media management tools like Hootsuite, Later,

and Buffer can help you stand out from the throng.

You could also experiment with free stock picture sites like Unsplash or Pexels,

as well as graphic design tools like Canva,

to help you create distinctive content for your social media channels.

3. Build a Digital Marketing Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is an additional difficulty for digital marketers.

Rather than merely displaying a final product, you must exhibit your processes

and outcomes in a way that demonstrates your

cooperation, preparation, and strategic thinking.

If you have samples of published work,

such as newsletters, social media postings,

or content marketing pieces, explicitly identify

your involvement in their creation—did you create the

strategic plan?

Did you write the copy?

Create the layout?

Coordination of the advertising campaign?

Sharing credit is vital; rather than hogging the spotlight,

it is in your best interest to demonstrate

that you can operate as part of, or even lead, a team.

When it comes to communicating the results of your work, make use of as much data as possible.

Digital marketers traffic in real statistics, so don’t be afraid to mention them here

to back up your claims—for example, “I acquired 1,200 quality prospects

with a focused social media campaign in Q2 of 2020”

or “I increased organic web traffic 18% year over year.”

Being data-driven is especially important when it comes to SEM and SEO;

while not all businesses evaluate ROI across all of their digital marketing efforts,

SEM and SEO adhere to fairly simple criteria.

One caveat: if you’re sharing work you’ve done for genuine clients,

make sure to get their permission before publishing any confidential material.


It is feasible to become a Digital Marketer even

if you do not already have marketing job experience;

however, you must first learn the necessary abilities – and be able to demonstrate them.

Every Digital Marketer needs a few fundamental technical abilities in SEO and SEM,

analytics, social media marketing, and advertising,

email marketing, and customer relationship management technologies.

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