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The eCommerce website deals essentially with the online contract. It is a virtual shop showing in the form of pictures, diverse items from different ranges. This enables you to compare the products. It helps you to go through secure payment options and then choose the preferred one of your choosing.In a few days, the product at your doorstep will be shipped unchanged. The features required by an e-commerce website are the ability to enable the client to easily access all of your websites, have attractive pictures and persuasive descriptions of all the things, a list of all truthful feedback, and a column to compare and eventually compare relative products. It takes a few clicks to reach out to the executive. The key necessity is to have a website to attract a significant number of visitors.Easily loadable  Research indicates that an increase in loading speed of 1 percent is directly proportional to 7 percent the rise of potential customers. The need for the hour is to have minimal loading speed. It is noticed that a visitor waits for a website to load for a minimum of 3 seconds at most. While the loading time is usually two seconds, visitors choose to close the site if it is longer than four seconds. Not only does this lead to a single visitor being lost at that moment, but he or she because of the poor experience they have already had, usually do not tend to revisit the same website.

Thanks to the different methods available that help you improve the speed of access your website.

Having the images with minimal size


One of the most critical aspects. E-commerce sites, in particular, are mostly filled with pictures. Huge-size images mean more time to recover. Highly resolved pictures carry more.This delays the entire loading process by requiring greater bandwidth and space. The optimal size of the to enhance efficiency, an image can be below 100kb.

Designing based on HTML5 and CSS3


Thanks to developing technology on the client-side. The CSS3 has some enhanced features integrated.Features that provide your web page with lots of animated and graphical effects with that. By using full CSS instead of graphical snippets, the architecture of your website can. It greatly helps to have an impressive loading speed contact the best ecommerce website development company in bangalore to increase the loading speed of your website

Minimal Javascript Code


A website with a smaller number of scripts is much quicker. And so is the rational need to analysis to.reduce the possibility of script access for any minute demand. This is the another excellent way of coding is to download web pages quicker.

Adding AJAX in the coding


Without refreshing the entire web page, AJAX lets you retrieve the content. It seems this will.To be a small but highly fruitful step in reducing the access time of any information. This assists in the.loading.Just the appropriate content with updated details that holds the rest of the entire format.Intact website.

Cache Memory Optimization


A local memory would be used instead of accessing the server for repetitive access to information.The intention. Optimizing caches allows the website to be locally accessible in the browser.Only temporarily. This minimizes the time taken to navigate various website sites.



Bringing your page load times to where you want them to be is a daunting job, but it can have a hugely positive effect on the overall performance of your site. Spend some time looking at the speed test reports of your site and checking for the problems that have the biggest impact on your load times. Focus and take the appropriate steps to get them into shape on certain high-impact variables.