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How to make google love your website? This is an important question to consider when building a website for your business. Aside from the design and presentation, there are a few things you can do to make Google love your website. The recommendations will assist you in enhancing your website’s Google ranking. Google uses a variety of methods to list the website on the search engine results page (SERP). Google considers content, Google algorithms, backlink variables, and metadata among other things when rating your website. To improve your website’s ranking, you’ll need to use effective SEO strategies. If these aspects are well-optimized on your website, Google will undoubtedly begin to favor it.

Update Website Frequently


Google despises websites with endless content. Google prefers fresh material. As a result, make regular updates to your website. Add blogs to your website, update the content, change the design, or make some other changes that will give your website a new lease on life. Even, for a better Google ranking, provide more multimedia content.

Focus On Interactivity


Websites are designed to enable users to communicate with one another. A website with more users is more appealing and strong. The key thing that draws more visitors to your website is user interactivity. Websites should be able to communicate with users effectively. It should be fast and receptive. It will lower the bounce rate and allow users to spend more time on your site. Enable users to connect with your website in a number of ways. Users would have more opportunities to connect with the website if you add a comment section to your posts. Google will give your website a higher ranking if it receives more user interaction.

Follow Google Algorithm Rules


The aim of search engines is to help people. A search engine’s primary aim is to offer the best search results to its users. Google’s algorithms will be revised on a regular basis in order to boost SERP listings and user experience. On the basis of these algorithms, websites will be classified for user search results. Google’s algorithms have been revised many times already. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Fred, RankBrain, and BERT are the seven major Google algorithm updates. These algorithms are used in Google’s SERP listings. As a consequence, the website should be well-optimized to adhere to all algorithm guidelines. Certain websites would be penalized by Google if they do not follow certain algorithm guidelines. If a website is penalized by Google, its ranking and organic traffic will suffer. As a consequence, you should be suspicious of Google algorithm shifts.

Backlink Factors


Backlinking is a significant element in Google’s ranking algorithm. In order to improve the ranking score of your website, we can do both internal and external linking. However, make sure that you only provide links to newer and better tools while providing these links. Backlinking can help to improve organic traffic by providing referral traffic. Remove all of your website’s broken ties. Check your website for broken links on a regular basis and, if any exist, delete them.

Be Original


No false data – this is the most important rule to remember when adding content to your website. Replace any outdated or obsolete material on your webpages to increase the quality of your content. Demonstrate to Google that your content is current, appropriate, grammatically correct, and free of errors.



If you’re wondering if Google considers metadata, the answer is yes. Optimize the metadata on your web pages because metadata is still a ranking factor. Your website’s score will certainly boost if you have well-optimized metadata. When optimizing, make sure the title and definition are the same lengths, that the data isn’t duplicated, and that the right keywords are used.



On your website, Google loves to see SSL certificates, sitemaps, and robot text. Prepare them ahead of time for the case. Keep an eye on your website regularly to ensure that all of these elements are in good working order. Interact with Nummero, the best website development agency in the world, for a great outcome.

If you like your website, Google would like it as well.