How To Make Websites SEO friendly? |

The method of making a website or a web page a top search engine result is known as SEO. To put it another way, SEO is the method of optimizing your web content so that it appears as a search engine result when a particular keyword is typed into a search engine.

How to make an SEO-friendly website?

Every website’s objective is to boost its visibility on popular search engines. The explanation for this is that the higher a website ranks in the search results, the more attention it receives. This is only possible if the search engine ranks it highly, and to rank highly, SEO must be implemented. As a result, having an SEO-friendly website is critical. The most successful approach is to:

URLs must be simple and user friendly

While URLs may seem to be insignificant in the grand scheme of things, their significance cannot be overstated. As a result, don’t overlook it. Easy, special, and thorough URLs are needed. It makes it easier for search engines to find and sort the information they need.

Make effective use of images

It might not sound like much, but optimizing the image you use on your web page or material that you post online is critical. Things to consider if you’re trying to optimize your photos –

  • Use photos that are related to your text.
  • Reduce the file size for faster loading.
  • Add captions to each image to make page scanning easier.
  • The file name for the image should be right.
  • The image dimension should be the same as the image scale.
  • For the graphic, use alternate text.

Duplicate content must be avoided at all cost

Copied content not only reduces the value and prestige of a website but also lowers its page rating. Duplicate content is penalized by leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo, which penalize websites with duplicate content by lowering their rankings. It also refers to duplicate content within a business. As a result, ensure that the information being shared is unique and of high quality.

Activate sitemap

Crawlers, also known as “bots” or “spiders,” are used by search engines to grasp the structure and content of your website by crawling it. These crawlers rank these pages in order of their importance over time. This will not be possible until the XML sitemap is enabled. As a result, a sitemap generator is recommended.

Implement ‘Robots.txt’

Using crawlers necessitates a financial investment. So, if you want to save money by restricting crawlers, you can use the ‘robots.txt’ file. It allows the website to tell search engine spiders which pages are allowed to be crawled and which are not. If the website has to be updated, ‘Robots.txt’ can always be updated.

Respond to comments

Responding to user feedback (whether positive or negative) is an important part of the SEO process. It fosters a sense of community and turns the website into an engaging forum for users to express themselves. It illustrates the value of their feedback.


By considering these factors when building or restructuring your website, you will ensure that it is SEO-friendly. Not only would a well-optimized website be more visible, but it will also attract more visitors. For the best website development service, contact nummero.