How to Maximize Results With Responsible Marketing in Covid Pandemic

“Some companies delivering basic needs are flourishing,” according to surveys, “while others are seeing output declines of 20% or more from just two weeks ago.”

The global impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has been dramatic, even in the business world. Some businesses have reportedly temporarily halted all activities, while others are operating from home to keep their operations going.

In this period of volatility, the digital Responsible Marketing strategy should be re-evaluated and updated in light of the current global crisis. You can only make a positive impact on your brand and optimize success by using strategic and tactful marketing.

Here are some Responsible Marketing and tactful digital marketing strategies to help you optimize your performance during the covid outbreak –

Adjust your campaigns and timelines

What happened was unexpected, and no one was prepared. In these situations, the first move is to conduct an evaluation of the existing campaigns to determine which should be paused or continued, as well as which new tactics should be implemented.

It is perfectly acceptable to delay or postpone a major campaign that might seem inappropriate in the current situation. It does not, however, need to be scrapped entirely because the situation is likely to improve as the epidemic fades. On the other hand, if necessary, some related campaigns may be pushed up the pipeline.

If you’re a healthcare company, for example, and you’ve been planning a campaign on cleanliness and hygiene for a while, now is a great time to bring it up.

You may also make changes to the campaigns or messaging to make them more relevant to the current situation. Aside from that, take advantage of this opportunity to prepare your content strategy and campaigns for the next period – specifically, the post-quarantine phase – and understand what will be important and impactful during that time.

Focus on the images and language you use

The way you connect, both verbally and visually, is critical for social media marketing at this moment. Examine the message and the way the brand communicates with its audience when dealing with such a critical and sensitive topic.

Communicate with empathy

For the vast majority of people, the abrupt shift in daily life, working from home, and social isolation are all difficult. As a result, having an upbeat tone of communication without exploiting the situation is critical for brands to leave a good impression.

If you have an e-commerce company, for example, you might offer free shipping or a discount on essential goods, but using coupon codes like “Covid 19” or referring to the discount as the “Covid Flash Sale” would be impolite when dealing with such a sensitive problem.

As a company, you should convey the safety precautions you are taking for your employees and consumers because it is both informative and beneficial to your consumer relationships.
Also, if you’re going to report any news or information about the pandemic, make sure it’s checked and that you credit the source.

Find alternatives to live events

Due to the lockdown, live activities have been canceled, potentially resulting in the loss of important leads. There are, however, other ways to consider to make the best of the current situation

Staying connected and delivering what you promised to your customers can be as simple as hosting a virtual show through video conferencing or dedicating a landing page for product demonstrations or scheduled seminars.

If a keynote speech was given, it can be posted to the company’s website to reach out to the target audience that couldn’t make it to the live event.

Using social media influencers to spread the word and keep your fans up to date with your plans is a perfect way to keep your audience informed.

Plan your future messaging

Coronavirus is thought to harm the country’s economic development. What you should do as a company is schedule your future messaging once the quarantine time is over and life slowly returns to normal.

If we look at the 2008-2009 crisis, from which the world began to recover economically, several brands launched ads that encouraged positivity. The most popular example is Coca-Open Cola’s Happiness initiative. The market is still open for hope, regardless of the situation, so that may be the theme of your upcoming campaigns.

Even if we are limited to our own houses, we are all in this together, even though it sounds cliched. During these trying times, brands must put their employees’ protection and the satisfaction of their customers first.


Businesses are expected to bounce back after the pandemic has passed. Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you with more information on the best digital marketing strategies in these times for better results.