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Megan Fairchild is a New York City Ballet main dancer who can pivot exactly on the tip of her toe like a music box fairy.
To the untrained eye, she appears to whirl gently about on a pinpoint, flourishing her arms and hands.
A pivot turn, or pirouette as ballet masters call it, is a series of moves done so smoothly
that they look like a single, beautiful action.
Fairchild begins in fourth place, ensuring that she is balanced and steady.
She does a plié, pushes off, spins in arabesque, and finishes delicately, as though a butterfly lands on a leaf.
Digital marketing is similar to a pirouette.
Those who do it right appear to pirouette easily, upsetting their market,
Dethroning incumbents, and ascending to the position of principals in their profession.

The Stages of a Digital Pivot

The steps of a digital pivot are analogous to the steps of a pirouette.
But, like the inexperienced dancer who rushes onto the stage,
Eager to spin in her very first pair of toe shoes, most businesses draw back
the curtain on their website before it’s ready to turn visitors into prospects.
A digital pivot, like a pivot turn, is a set of discrete actions done in sequence.
The stairs grow on top of one another.
A step-by-step strategy to the digital pivot combines owned, shared, earned,
And purchased media to create something larger than the sum of its parts.

Step 1 – The Set-Up: Owned Media

Whoever has control of the layout has control of the payment.
You can’t control the consumer experience if you don’t control the user experience.
The closeness of your online content to the transactions you wish to complete has a
direct influence on the likelihood of conversion.
You can’t optimize for conversions if you can’t experiment with the layout of the page.
On Amazon, Yelp, or Linked-in, you can’t modify the layout of the page.
As a result, in a digital pivot, site pages come before social media messages.
First and foremost, perfect the content on your website.
However, you can’t calibrate content without a website
since that’s where you convert leads and generate money.
You may embed forms on your website to collect lead information or conduct e-commerce.
That is not possible on someone else’s website.
At least not until you share your gains.

Step 2 – Pushing Off: Shared or Social Media

When you converse with online influencers on social media,
you do it in front of their followers, which expands your reach.
The key point to remember is that in social media, reach is a component of engagement.
No one will see what you have to say until others enjoy, comment on, and share it.
So pushing off is about determining
where your consumers are most engaged online and who they trust to locate your axis.
Winning the respect of the existing influencers in your field is
the quickest method to create an online following.
An engaged community of followers is social proof that others agree with what you’re saying.


The landing is the final stage of a pivot, depending on your industry.
You’ve already demonstrated your capacity to produce leads and sales.
You know how many visits convert to leads, how many leads become customers,
and how much the typical customer spends.
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