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COVID- The impact of 19 pandemics and accompanying lockdowns has altered the way people purchase online.
It is critical to understand how a consumer acts and what variables influence them to buy online.
e-Commerce is accelerating as a result of the epidemic.
Cart abandonment occurs when a visitor browses your website but departs without finishing the purchase process.
The major causes of a high desertion rate are a poor user experience or a broken sales funnel.
The following are the reasons for cart abandonment during checkout:

  • Extra costs are prohibitively expensive (shipping and tax)
  • A user account is required.
  • The checkout procedure is complicated.
  • Pricing is unclear.
  • This is not a trustworthy website.
  • There are not enough payment options.
  • The credit card was refused.
  • Inadequate user experience
  • Purchase channel distortion

Many users window shop, compare prices, store products for later, and so on.
These are inescapable factors to consider when purchasing items online.
You must comprehend the consumer’s changing demands and behaviour.
Let’s take a look at how we may decrease cart abandonment during these epidemic moments.

Reduce the price of your products

Many customers quit their shopping carts when they encounter unexpected charges such as shipping, fees, and taxes.
Ensure that your shipping prices, taxes, and fees are clear to your customers.
You might edit your FAQ so that the consumer is fully aware of the shipping and return policies.
In addition to the FAQ, give your customers a variety of payment choices.
These measures will aid in lowering cart abandonment.

Don’t force your consumers to create an account to buy

If you need your consumer to sign up with a password and fill out personal information,
the likelihood of cart abandonment is significant.
To reduce cart abandonment, you may always give clients the option of registering or not registering.
Allow customers to buy as a guest without creating an account.
Incorporating social logins such as Google login, Facebook login, or Apple login improves shopping convenience.
There is no need to manually enter the user details.

User-friendly website

So,The design of your website should be user-friendly.
Examine the colours, browsing time, typefaces, and product information.
A well-designed website delivers a pleasant user experience
and allows your visitors to easily access and browse your website.
Your visitors will be irritated if your website is not user-pleasant,
difficult to navigate through different pages, and difficult to submit information.
Repair any website flaws that are interfering with your user experience.

Optimized check out process

The majority of individuals add goods to their shopping carts but do not purchase them.
Are your consumers abandoning you throughout the checkout process?
The answer to this problem is to optimize your checkout experience to convert more visitors into customers.
So,Your eCommerce checkout process is critical to increasing conversions.
Make your checkout experience as clear and straightforward as possible.
Create a more simplified checkout experience to increase conversions.
By including your logo and brand colours on your checkout page, you may increase the trustworthiness of your company.


Abandoned carts represent a wonderful chance for further sales.
When a client abandons their shopping cart without completing their purchase, it is time to streamline your checkout procedure.
The techniques outlined above will undoubtedly aid online shops in converting visitors into paying clients.
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