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Nothing like a surprise Google algorithm tweak to leave marketers feeling
both puzzled and frightened.
It appears that search engines like Google wait for you to have all of your ducks in a row
before unleashing an upgrade that renders your efforts useless.
Furthermore, there is still some mystery around
How Google analyses websites and selects which sites appear.
And how they appear — on search engine results pages (SERPs) for certain queries.
So,The good news is that there are a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) tools available
Some free, some premium — that can assist you in viewing your website in the way
that search engines like Google perceive it,
allowing you to enhance your ranking and relevancy for your target keywords.
So,In this blog post, we will look at both free and commercial SEO tools.

Best SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

HubSpot Website Grader

So,Marketers use their company’s website to create traffic and qualified leads.
That is why marketers must grasp exactly what they can do to increase the effect and SEO of a website.
Simply input the URL of your website into HubSpot’s Website Grader,
And you’ll receive a Report Card with practical insights about your SEO efforts.
Then, depending on the comments you received on your Report Card, you may enrol in the HubSpot Academy Website Optimization course,
which teaches you how to enhance your website’s SEO, user experience (UX), and more.
You may use the HubSpot Website Grader to:

  • In only a few seconds, you can learn about the performance of your website.
  • Determine specific performance issues and obtain clear, actionable recommendations on how to resolve them.
  • Receive on-demand instruction and help on how to enhance your website.
  • Gain access to a five-lesson HubSpot Academy course on Website Optimization to learn how to fix particular issue areas on your website.
  • Learn how to mobile-optimize your website.
  • Learn how to adopt best practices for website security.
  • Personalize your website’s UX to provide users a memorable experience.

Google Search Central: Google Search Console

Google Search Central (previously known as Google Webmasters)
offers a variety of tools to assist you with appearing in the SERPs for
the search keywords and phrases that your target audience is looking for.
If you are a company owner or marketer, Search Central recommends
that you utilize Google Search Console to assist with SEO and website analysis.
Google Search Console monitors, debug and optimizes your website without requiring
any coding skills.
Here are some examples of website components that Google Search Console
will tell you about and assist you with optimizing.

  • Keywords that are presently ranking on your website.
  • There are no crawl issues on your website.
    Your website’s mobile-friendliness.
  • The number of your web pages that are indexed by Google (if they aren’t, you may use the tool’s URL Inspection Tool to submit a page for indexing).
  • The website metrics that are most important to you, such as clicks, impressions, average click-through-rate (CTR), and average position.

Google Analytics

Although Google Analytics has a premium version, the free version can assist you to manage your website’s.
SEO especially if you combine Google Analytics with Google Search Console.
As a result, all of your website’s SEO data will be centralized and collated,
and you will be able to utilize queries to discover areas for improvement with
the keywords and phrases that you want your website and web pages to rank for.
You can also utilize the free version of Google Analytics to better analyze and enhance your SEO by doing the following:

  • Remove spam traffic — or filter your referral traffic — to eliminate traffic that might jeopardize SEO reporting, such as false referrers (which bring fake traffic to your website).
  • Contrast organic vs non-organic website traffic.
  • Determine which of your web pages get the most traffic so that you can determine what you can do to boost SEO on those sites.
  • Use Site Content Reports to determine engagement metrics for each web page, engagement metrics for your website’s directories and pages, page departure metrics, and acquisition, behaviour, and conversion of landing pages.

UpCity Free SEO Report Card

UpCity’s Free SEO Report Card allows you to examine your website to see
how it compares to the competition.
In return for your contact information,
SEO Report Card will provide you with a report that includes the following:

  • Rank Analysis: An overview of your website’s ranking on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Your ranking is determined by your primary keywords.
  • Link Building: A thorough breakdown of the number of websites that link back to yours.
  • On-Site Analysis: Examine how well you did in integrating your primary keyword across your site.
  • Website Accessibility: Information regarding the load time and accessibility of your website.
  • Current Indexing: The number of times your site’s pages have been indexed.

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas is an SEO-focused firm that offers a range of free tools
for comparing your website to the competition, optimizing web pages for certain keywords,
creating meta tags, and increasing organic traffic to your website.
Here are some examples of free Internet Marketing Ninja SEO tools you may use:

  • Identify broken links and redirects, and then utilize the site crawl function to create an XML sitemap for your website.
  • Examine your web pages’ pictures (together with their alt text and display size) and all of your page links (external, internal, and so on) to see what’s functioning properly and what’s broken or needs to be updated.
  • To assess your web page content, meta information, and internal links, use the on-page SEO tool.
  • Get a side-by-side analysis of your website’s SEO with that of a competitor’s website.
  • Examine page-load time and how long it takes for each component of a web page to completely show.

Bing Webmaster

So,Microsoft Bing Webmaster provides you with access to a variety of tools
that provide insight into your website, including reporting, diagnostic, and SEO tools.
The free SEO tools can help you assess your website, manage backlinks,
and review keywords to ensure your site is well-optimized for organic search.
Other things you can perform using Bing Webmaster’s SEO tools include:

  • Understand your backlink profile by learning about referring pages, domains, and anchor links.
  • Conduct keyword research to discover the keywords and phrases your target audience is looking for, as well as the number of searches for those keywords and phrases.
  • Crawl your website with the site scanning function to discover technical SEO problems.
  • Obtain SEO reports that detail any problems on your website and specific site pages.

SEO Tools

Let’s now have a look at some paid SEO tools.
(It should get noted that several of these tools provide free trial periods.)
Some companies also provide completely free plans, albeit with limitations in terms of flexibility and customization.)


Price: $7 for a seven-day trial, $99 per month for Lite, $179 per month for Standard,
$399 per month for Advanced, and $999 per month for Agency.
Ahrefs is a sophisticated SEO tool that analyses your website’s property and generates
keywords, links, and ranking profiles to assist you in making better content selections.
Some of its key characteristics are as follows:

  • Site Explorer displays the performance of individual websites on your website.
  • Content Explorer, which allows you to search high-performing web pages under specific keywords and topics.
  • Keywords Explorer, which generates the monthly search volume and click-through rates of specific keywords.
  • Site Audit scans specific verticals within your domain and identifies a variety of technical problems at the page level.

When you use the Term Explorer, Ahrefs also displays the “parent subject”
of the keyword you searched for.
So,The parent subject of a keyword is a larger term with more search traffic
than your targeted phrase, but it likely has the same audience and ranking potential.
This provides you with a more lucrative SEO opportunity.


Price: $119.95 per month for Pro, $229.95 per month for Guru, and $449.95 per month for Business.
SEMrush is a complex dashboard that reports on the overall performance of domains as well as the performance of individual pages.
So,SEMrush provides a variety of resources, one of which is the SEO Toolkit.
The toolkit enables you to watch a website’s visibility increase over time,
as well as determine which keywords it ranks for, what the page’s rank is for a keyword, the keyword’s monthly search traffic, and more.
You may also use SEMrush to:

  • Compare your page’s performance against that of your competitors.
  • Examine the hyperlinks from other websites to yours (also known as link building).
  • Look for relevant keywords.
  • Find and capitalize on comparable on-page SEO possibilities.
  • Use the Keyword Magic Tool to get all of the keywords you’ll need to construct a lucrative SEO or PPC campaign.
  • Determine the paid keywords or ad content utilized in your competitors’ PPC advertising.
  • Use the tools for social media publication and analytics.
  • Get tips on how to boost your organic traffic by improving your content.
  • So,You may upgrade your account at any moment for additional flexibility and features.


Price: $5 for a five-day trial, $29 per month
GrowthBar is a Chrome plugin that may assist you with keyword research,
competitive analysis, and SEO ranking tracking.
Access data points about any website directly from search engine results
pages with the GrowthBar.
So,This allows you to evaluate your competitors’ performance and see which growth channels, keywords, backlinks, and advertisements are working for them.
Here are some more of GrowthBar’s major features:

  • Use the Top Keywords and Backlinks tool to see which sponsored and organic keywords are bringing in the most traffic to your website, as well as a list of the most authoritative backlinks pointing to your site.
  • Get your Keyword Difficulty Score to quickly determine, how difficult it would be to rank for a specific keyword based on the domain authority of the URLs ranking on page one.
  • To examine the word count of any page right from the SERP, use Word Count.
  • Run Facebook Ads to see what they seem like from the perspective of a search engine.
  • Use the Keyword Suggestions tool to get a list of relevant keywords for which you would wish to rank, as well as their search volume and CPCs.


Price: 14-day free trial, $59.00/month for Pro, $179.00/month for Premium, or contact for Enterprise estimate.
Woorank’s detailed site analysis assists marketers in identifying possibilities for optimization and development.
This research considers the performance of existing SEO activities, social media, usability, and other factors.
So,Each report is organized into eight categories to assist you in simply analyzing your site and identifying improvement goals – here are the sections:
Checklist for Marketing

  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Usability
  • Technologies
  • Social
  • Local
  • Visitors


Price: Free 30-day trial, $24 per month for Starter, $99 per month for Group,
$299 per month for Professional, and $999 or more for Custom.
Although backlinks to your website are important for ranking high on Google,
the outreach you conduct during link building might seem similar to cold calling.
BuzzStream makes it simple to find the right individuals, design successful email messages,
and track who has accepted each link request.
BuzzStream can also assist you with:

  • Determine outreach candidates depending on their industry.
  • Candidates for outreach should be identified based on their level of engagement across multiple social networks.
  • Determine prospects that are likely to be open to your backlink request for reasons particular to your business’s specialty.


Now that you’ve learned about free and paid SEO tools, decide which one
will best help you reach your SEO objectives and begin auditing, optimizing,
and monitoring your website, individual web pages, and content.
So,If you have a marketing strategy, you may contact Nummero, a top digital marketing agency in Bangalore.