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Inbound marketing is a company strategy that draws consumers by delivering relevant information and experiences that are targeted to their specific needs.

The relationship between customers and brands has changed. 

Consumers no longer have to wait around and be promoted by different firms. 

Today, all information is available on-demand — and customers like it this way.

Instead of merely receiving information, people increasingly seek it out, whether it’s the location of your business or the specifics of your product. 

It is your responsibility as a business owner to make that information easily accessible and visible to your prospects. 

Begin by developing an effective  marketing plan. 

But, first and foremost, what exactly is inbound marketing?

What Exactly Is Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is a comprehensive process that uses the power of discovery to drive more visitors to your website. 

Essentially, it refers to any efforts aimed at increasing your company’s online exposure to generate more leads and prospects for conversions.

It replaces outbound marketing strategies, sometimes known as traditional marketing, which may appear obtrusive and even disruptive. 

Whereas outbound marketing is concerned with aggressively seeking people who want to do business with you,  marketing is concerned with creating useful assets that attract visitors to your website.

Facts About Inbound Marketing


In the struggle of inbound vs. outbound marketing, firms are increasingly favoring inbound marketing. 

Take a look at some inbound marketing statistics to see why inbound is the clear victor in the inbound versus outbound marketing discussion.

  • Inbound Is Less Expensive Than Outbound


Inbound marketing ROI is often greater than outbound marketing ROI since it has a better conversion rate and costs less to acquire each lead. 

According to HubSpot’s  marketing statistics, the cost of lead acquisition for inbound is at least 67 percent lower than that of outbound.

• Businesses that use inbound marketing generate more leads than those that do not.


People are concerned about content. 

And the more often you publish content, the more likely it is that your target buyers will discover your business through your content. 

As evidence, firms who use  marketing methods may create up to 126 percent more leads than those that do not.

  • Leads generated through inbound marketing are more likely to convert.


According to inbound marketing data, leads obtained by SEO have a closure rate of 14.6 percent, compared to only 1.7 percent with outbound marketing. 

It only goes to show that the more high-quality information you provide, the more you are seen as a reliable source.

And as trust builds, you will find it easier to convert leads into customers.We’ve finally gotten to the bottom of the most critical question: What is inbound marketing? 

We’ve also shared some marketing statistics with you. 

Are you prepared to launch your inbound marketing strategy? 


We scanned the internet for the greatest and most up-to-date marketing statistics and combined them into our inbound marketing statistics 2022 guide to help you power your campaigns. 

Use this guide to generate more leads and convert them.

Inbound Marketing Statistics in 2022


In general, inbound marketing is the favored strategy for marketing professionals all across the world — as evidenced by the following inbound marketing statistics 2022:

1. Ninety-five percent of business-to-business (B2B) customers feel a company’s content increases their confidence in it (Demand Gen Report, 2016).


The content you create as part of your  marketing activities is regarded as a barometer for determining your company’s credibility. 

The more authority and knowledge you project via your content, the more you are seen as a valuable business partner.

2. Eighty-two percent of businesses report that they actively engage in content marketing.


Marketers and organizations are utilizing inbound marketing methods, either on their own or through  marketing services, demonstrating the strategy’s capacity to attract and convert prospects.

3. For 49 percent of organizations that use inbound marketing tactics, the primary aim is to increase brand recognition.


Although boosting sales is the ultimate aim, another key goal for over half of the organizations polled is simply making their brand more visible to their target demographic online. 

When leads are nurtured until conversion, businesses eventually see an increase in sales.

Statistics on Inbound Marketing for Various Channels


Various marketing providers distribute information through various techniques and channels. 

Learn what channels a professional marketing agency will utilize to enhance the visibility of your content by reviewing the statistics below:

4. Search engines have surpassed social media (25.6 percent) as the top source of referral traffic (34.8 percent) (Shareaholic, 2018).


According to BrightEdge’s inbound marketing data, search engines account for roughly 68 percent of all online traffic. 

With 5.6 billion queries performed every day, it’s no wonder that search engines have surpassed all other sources of referral traffic.

5. Facebook is still the most preferred medium for marketers to distribute information (HubSpot, 2020).


Even though search is the most common source of referral traffic, many marketers still rely on social media, particularly Facebook, to spread information via links.

6. Campaigns that use many channels have a 90% greater client retention rate than single-channel marketing tactics (Omnisend, 2019).


According to Omnisend’s marketing statistics 2022, organizations may get the best retention rates and ROI by investing in multichannel tactics rather than focusing on a single channel. 

By leveraging all accessible platforms, your content receives the most exposure while incurring the least amount of marketing expenditures.

Statistics on Inbound Marketing ROI


It has several advantages over outbound marketing. 

One of these is the possibility of a return on investment. 

But how much is it? 

The following statistics from our inbound marketing business demonstrate how much you stand to benefit from a well-executed inbound marketing strategy:

7. The number of engagements with your content is the most important indicator used by 36% of marketers to assess performance (Altimeter, 2021).


As previously said, the major purpose of firms using  marketing is to increase brand recognition. 

Instead of counting the number of sales made by each piece of content, they count the number of interactions produced to determine how well their content connects with their audience.

8. Eighty-two percent of marketers that maintain a blog see a favorable return on investment from their inbound marketing activities (Invesp, 2016).


The vast majority of marketers have achieved significant success as a result of their inbound marketing efforts.

9. A professionally executed inbound marketing strategy is 10X more successful than any outbound technique for lead conversion (Invesp, 2016).


When it comes to the capacity to convert leads, there is no argument between inbound and outbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing is 10X more successful because of one factor: interaction. 

Leads obtained with inbound strategies are more engaged than leads obtained through outbound approaches, which are sometimes perceived as disruptive.

Trends in Inbound Marketing


The market’s requirements are continually changing. 

And we must learn to adapt to these changes to secure our company’s continuous development and success. 

Several of these patterns have observed by our  marketing business, and we’ve shared them with you below:

Blogging is still king, but video content is taking over.


Blogging is one of the most successful methods for increasing visitors to your website. 

Marketers have had considerable success attracting quality visitors back to websites by using a well-executed blogging strategy.

However, current trends indicate that video content is gaining popularity and is likely to overtake text as the key engine of traffic. 

Eighty-seven percent of marketers say they employ video in their content strategy and are pleased with the return on investment. 

With the development of TikTok, Instagram Reels, LinkedIn Stories, and YouTube Shorts, marketers targeting a much younger audience are increasingly turning to short-form video content.

Forms Are Fast Becoming Extinct


Forms, according to industry experts, are becoming less successful in capturing information. 

It is due to users taking too long to react or failing to respond altogether. 

Drift used forms to assess the response time of 433 firms. 

Only 32 organizations (7%) answered within five minutes,

while 240 (55%) spent more than five days or did not react at all.

So, if forms are no longer useful, how do you get useful information? 

Chatbots and other intelligent apps that offer targeted messaging can used. 

Alternatively, instead of asking for all of the information at once,

use progressive forms to ask for bits and pieces of information at a time, making the data gathering process less intimidating.

Improve Customer Experiences by Combining AI and Marketing Leads


More and more businesses are utilizing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI)

to assist their  marketing operations and provide better client experiences. 

According to industry experts, AI may  used to collect data and give insights into how customers make purchase decisions. 

AI may also  used to increase the efficiency of content marketing initiatives by improving segmentation and automation.



At the awareness stage, viewers want to conduct their research in the digital era. 

As astute business owners, it is your responsibility to ensure that this quest for knowledge flows straight to your company. 

This is why inbound marketing works so effectively in assisting you to flourish in such a competitive, ever-changing field. 

And, to help you develop, we created this marketing statistics 2022 guide.

In this article, we revealed our picks for

the best  marketing metrics 2022 as well as information 

ROI to help you supercharge your future inbound marketing campaign. 

We also highlighted many significant  marketing trends that will have an immediate influence on the industry.

We hope the information in this article will assist you in implementing a successful inbound strategy.

However, if that proves difficult, you may seek assistance from our firm. 

Through our  services, Thrive is a client-centric  marketing business

that helps you exploit the potential of these numbers.

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