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When individuals discuss keyword stemming as a ranking component, they’re talking about Google’s capacity to detect multiple versions of the same term.

It makes sense to include results with the phrases [monetization], [monetized], and [monetizing] since Google can comprehend when a user performs a query with the word [monetize].

The act of keyword stemming in the context of SEO entails changing the use of key phrases with different prefixes and suffixes.

Keyword stemming is supposed to help with search engine rankings.

Let’s go at those claims and clarify what keyword stemming is and how it relates to SEO.

Keyword Stemming Is A Ranking Factor, According To The Claim


According to the promises made about keyword stemming,

adopting variants of key phrases can help a website rank higher for more inquiries.

Appending different prefixes and suffixes to the same phrase is referred to as “stemming.” 

The fundamental term remains the same; only the beginning or end of the word differs.

We looked at an example of how to stem the word “monetize” using several suffixes in the previous section.

Take the word “hydrate” as an example of changing a phrase with multiple prefixes. 

If you’re writing an article about hydration, you may use the terms “dehydrate” and “rehydrate” to shorten the phrase.

Instead of ranking largely for searches containing the word [hydrate], keyword stemming can help the website rank for a wider range of queries in this case.

At least, that’s the allegation.

Is keyword stemming, on the other hand, a truly effective method of optimizing sites for more queries?

Keyword Stemming As A Ranking Factor: The Evidence


Keyword stemming, which goes back to 2003, is one of Google’s earliest confirmed algorithm improvements.

There are contradictory reports that Google’s Florida update, which was released in November 2003, included stemming technology. 

However, in a second upgrade released around the same time, Google incorporated words stemming from its algorithm.

Our Opinion On Keyword Stemming As A Ranking Factor


Although Google may identify the term “stems” and utilize them to produce more relevant results, the term keyword stemming as a ranking component is incorrect.

It’s true that by modifying keywords, websites may improve their chances of ranking for more inquiries.

However, the fact that a webpage employs multiple variations of a term throughout the content will not affect its ranking.

That is something that content authors will do without even realizing it. 

When compared to repeating the same term over and over, using synonyms and variants of words provides for more engaging writing.



Intentional keyword stemming may appear odd, as if the writer is attempting to pack as many keyword variants into the material as possible to rank for more searches.

Google can detect attempts to alter search rankings and will most likely punish the material by demoting it.

With that in mind, site owners should continue to write content naturally and not be concerned about this old Google algorithm addition.

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