Is YOAST SEO Premium version worth it? Definition and Characteristics

Simply, Yoast has established itself as the most popular multipurpose SEO plugin for WordPress.
The premium edition offers even more benefits. Find out why.

What is Yoast Premium?

Yoast Premium is a premium upgrade to the popular Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.
It’s a multi-functional SEO plugin that makes sure you have the proper infrastructure in place to increase your website traffic.
Yoast Premium, like the free version of the plugin, has to be configured to follow best practices for your website.
Yoast’s free edition comes with everything you’ll need to get started with SEO.
While the premium version adds features like 301 redirect management, internal linking recommendations, and continuing support.

Is Yoast Premium Worth It?

Yoast Premium is a fantastic deal.
Consider the capabilities of Yoast Premium against the backdrop of your specific situation when considering if it’s worth paying for your website.
Website redesign teams with multiple possible redirect problems, website administrators vigorously fighting for competitive keywords,
And people new to SEO who will enjoy the included assistance are the three major types of users that require Yoast Premium.

More Features of Yoast Premium

Not sure if you belong in one of those three groups?
Here are some of the extra features that could make upgrading to Yoast Premium worthwhile.

Find Lost Content With The Orphaned Content Filter

As your site evolves, you’ll notice that certain pages or articles become “orphaned,” meaning they’re no longer connected to anyplace else.
This is a problem since no one will able to locate them unless they are linked to or have previously indexed by search engines.
You may use the Orphaned Material Filter to assist you to find any pages that are inaccessible to search engines and/or potential visitors to construct.
A genuinely unified site that also makes use of the helpful and important content you and your team have generated.
After that, all you have to do is the link to each page from somewhere else on your website.
You get greater play with search engines if you employ the Orphaned Material Filter since each piece of content may draw more weight.

Get Valuable Link Recommendations With The Internal Linking Tool

Creating relevant and helpful links between similar content throughout your site is one of the best methods to improve time on site (and consequently conversion rates).
Previously, this had to be done manually by someone with a thorough understanding of the site’s history.
However, with Yoast SEO Premium, an automatic recommendation would appear to offer a possible connecting text.
Users and search engines will have a better overall experience of your site if you create links based on these guidelines.

Plan Your Social Posts Perfectly With Social Preview

You may use Social Preview to double-check that everything is working properly before publishing to your brand channels if you want your brand’s image to accurately portrayed in every single social post.
Yoast SEO Premium includes the Social Preview tool.
Which a lifesaver for busy digital marketers that need to stay on top of their social presence and brand consistency.


The setup of Yoast (whether SEO or Premium) ultimately determines its real worth.
Both versions are just tools; what will truly drive traffic increase is your plan and action items.
When it comes to SEO strategy, there are a variety of techniques you may use.
If you’re serious about developing an SEO plan to help your company expand, contact Nummero we’ll help you.