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We learned a lot about SEO and search engine optimization tips over the last few years as we weaved our way through the web of digital marketing, studying, rediscovering, and making breakthroughs, with a few stumbles along the way. Contrary to common opinion, the number of speculations has never declined but has instead risen exponentially. People have begun to learn the ropes of how digital marketing works as they have become more tech-savvy and self-sufficient in developing their online presence. It’s fair to say that no one these days is a fool. Although the amount of stupidity decreased, there was a rise in the number of people who believed misleading or fabricated evidence (if you can consider that even as a term). Our search engine optimization team has agreed to shed some light on what it is and, most importantly, what it isn’t. As a consequence, here are a few SEO myths that we’ll debunk for you.

The Myth: More links means More Traffic


The Bust: Have you ever come across a web page, a blog, or a social media post where the cursor takes you to a new page via hyperlinks no matter where you place it? This is not only upsetting but also aggravating. Many people have the misconception that by hyper-linking excessively, they can drive a lot of traffic. The truth remains, however, that it is of no use to anyone.

The Myth: Guest blogging is dead


The Bust: Guest blogging has always been a great way to get your name out there and let people know you exist. Many people nowadays believe it is dead and ineffective. This myth could be due to two factors.

  1. Many blogs prohibit the posting of links in the comment section. As a result, it appears that the door has been shut.
  2. Meaningless guest blogging is a waste of time. Many SEO marketers attempt guest blogging without considering relevance, content, or category, relying solely on guest blogging tips. As a result, it never produces the desired results.


If done correctly with proper strategy and analysis, guest blogging can be a fantastic form of digital marketing. Stay tuned for more guest blogging advice.

The Myth: SEO is one time work

The Bust: The aforementioned myth leads us to another myth: SEO is one-time work. As a consequence, many of them just read the search engine optimization tips and expect it to do the job. If you want to rank well across the board, you must make an ongoing effort to adjust and adapt to the current digital marketing trends.

The SEO Myth: Social signals have no effect on SEO


The bust: Social media networks also push traffic to the website. It will have a positive effect on SEO if you create interesting authentic content through social media channels, which drives traffic to the website or enhances Google search results.



The top SEO theories that were once SEO Myths and widely believed have now been debunked. SEO and social media ads, for example, must be carefully formulated and implemented after a comprehensive understanding. If you’re searching for genuine SEO services, reach out to Nummero the best digital marketing agency in town.