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“Everywhere!” will be the exuberant byword for kicking off a whole new year of local SEO businesses have the potential to be everywhere customers are searching in 2022,

At a time when they are especially receptive to change, whether that’s discovering new firms, testing new brands, or experimenting with new ways of communication.

The state of public health, as well as its direct influence on local companies, will remain uncertain. 

However, if the firms you advertise can be found and loved by customers, you may dramatically increase the number of neighbors you get to serve with care, compassion, and a commitment to making 2017 a very excellent year for brick-and-mortar shops and SABs.

Let’s get you started with seven local SEO principles for the next year, some expert comments, and plenty of indicators of good things to come!

1. Be extra kind to consumers everywhere you go.


Spend a minute listening to Ms. Warwick’s classic at your next meeting where you are training staff who will directly interact with your customers and clients to get rooted in your deepest humanity and make a pact to bring these powerful feelings into every communication you have with the people you serve. 

We’re all going through a lot these days, and even a few additional words of compassion may leave the best impression on a client who may be in desperate need of being handled with respect and attention.

The good news is that 2022 will provide a plethora of opportunities for significant relationships for the local companies you advertise. 

To get things started, consider developing all of the following channels that make sense for the company and its customers:


Messages on the street

Messaging for home delivery

Messaging through text

Google Messaging is one example of direct messaging.

Live Help


Responses should be reviewed.

Requests for review


Phone messaging while on hold


Forms for website


Exchanges on social media

Messaging on the post-transactional landing page

Text for a call-to-action

All of this may handled with respectful language that expresses your gratitude to your consumers.

Don’t forget that plain-old material on websites also intended to be the start of a dialogue. 

One of the best local search marketing agency tips I heard in 2021 came from Near Media co-founder Mike Blumenthal, who recommended checking out Riverside.FM 

Because it solves the age-old problem of having clients who are great at talking about their industry expertise but struggle to write about it.

2. Look for supply chain holes everywhere.


I was encouraged when 2021 began with half a million new firms, but I was also concerned about the infrastructure that underpins retail: the global and consolidated national supply chain.

Did it ever happen to you that when you couldn’t get name-brand hand sanitizer in 2020, a local distillery filled the void? 

Did you ever find a local flour mill to make bread for you, or someone on Etsy to make you a cloth mask?

The epidemic reveals the consequences of a race-to-the-bottom economy that began about the time I was born when huge US corporations opted to outsource manufacturing to wherever location offered the cheapest labor. 

After witnessing Amazon struggle to deliver items to customers owing to global supply chain turmoil, some American economists are urging the country to restore manufacturing.

There has never been a period in my life when there has been so much potential for any entrepreneur who can step up locally, regionally, or nationally to address supply chain gaps and ensure dependable manufacturing of important items. 

In keeping with the rising attitude of purchasing less/using longer, local Etsy sewist can manufacture t-shirts that don’t break apart after a year of usage. 

When your imported plates fail, that potter down the street can replace them. 

That olive oil, pasta,  peanut butter, and soy milk may also be farmed and manufactured entirely in the United States, rather than being imported at an exorbitant carbon cost.

Entrepreneurs who know how to create vital items or organize people with similar abilities may retool pre-pandemic company models, and your marketing savvy may be best spent in developing yourself a niche in the local supply chain right now when it is so plainly required.

3. Restore greenery wherever possible.


As much as I embrace the notion of reshoring, I have severe reservations about it since it conjures up images of towering smokestacks at a time when we desperately need innovative, sustainable manufacturing methods.

If 2021 was the year that heatwaves, wildfires, and floods utterly interrupted your, your employees, and your customers’ lives, businesses, and norms, you know in your bones that we’ve reached the end of the fossil fuel road.

It is simply not sustainable to build a new national or local supply chain using the same old energy sources that caused Climate Change, nor can we continue with good faith to use poorer nations or the poorest portions of our own countries as toxic dumping grounds for the industry.

I frequently encounter the attitude that individuals can’t do anything to affect climate change, and I’ve personally experienced this gloom, but local businesses can collectively meet the 71 percent increase in searches for sustainable goods with a nearby supply chain, significantly reducing the 1 billion+ tonnes of carbon emitted by long-distance shipping.

The closer we grow, manufacture, and sell items, the better. 

Meanwhile, practically all local firms have access to a variety of different green techniques, and there is no shortage of ideas for greener enterprises.

Make 2022 the year your local business develops a climate action policy and publicizes it on your website, Google Business Profile via posts and descriptions, social feeds, video media, and local news. 

92 percent of clients think they have greater trust in organizations that are ecologically and socially conscious; making your company that type of business is a win-win for everyone.

4. Make your website a must-visit destination for clients shopping everywhere.


Google aspires to be the “transaction layer of the Internet,” and for the time being,

 it is free for the Local SEO businesses you market to facilitate virtual window shopping

by adding products to your Google Business Profile and, in the United States,

To get your products featured  Google Shopping via the Merchant Center.

The problem with Google is that everything they provide you for free is something they can charge you for at any time, 

and renting your consumers back from Google

for each purchase is never going to place a firm in as strong a position as owning those sales altogether.

With the pandemic’s acceleration of e-commerce (a 39 percent growth occurring this time last year)

and local delivery (here to stay), building shopping carts into local company websites is now a fundamental business expenditure. 

Choose a robust solution, such as Shopify,

that will disseminate your inventory feeds to numerous channels for clients who are now buying everywhere,

including social sites like Instagram and Meta/Facebook, if possible.

However, when you welcome visitors with multi-platform purchasing alternatives, my advice is to keep your website the major focus of all this activity as much as possible, especially for repeat purchases. 

Allow no third party to provide a better buying experience, better assistance, or more information than your website. 

Make the user experience so amazing that one-time buyers who discovered you elsewhere return to your site for a second transaction.

5. Look for competent organic SEO teachers all over the place to help you improve your website.


With links and on-page SEO continually accounting for around one-third of the perceived criteria that influence local pack rankings,

2022 should be the year when local SEO company owners and marketers emphasize the acquisition of organic SEO knowledge. 

You most likely already have a solid understanding of local SEO, but to create the type of discoverable,

useable experience that will draw visitors to your site and keep them coming back, organic SEO has become a must-have. 

It helps your local rankings as well as the various phases of your consumers’ journeys.

The organic SEO market, like our own local SEO sector,  tainted with material that is neither factual nor useful. 

You require materials that can serve as competent teachers.

6. More than rankings, look at reviews everywhere for business insight.


For as long as there have been online local business evaluations, the majority of industry discussion

has been on how the ratings, number, and content of reviews may affect local search engine results. 

It’s an important issue, yet obsessing about it can lead to:

Forget that reviews, like SMS or email, are a major channel for responsive customer care.

Contribute to company owners being the principal drivers of review fraud, purchasing bogus positive reviews for their brands,

and creating a reality in which roughly 11% of Google’s review base is fraudulent,

according to Greg Sterling’s historic 2021 research.

As in this important Near Media/GatherUp

study demonstrating how inventory issues at Walmart correlated with an increase in consumer complaints being published as online reviews,

reviews are a free ongoing source of direct consumer feedback that depicts

the health of a local business and its major quality control issues.



So,It’s never been easier to create a decent, optimized website, shoot stunning photographs and videos,

create a shopping cart as simple as the large brands, huddle with business peers for support,

and perform all the other marketing processes that lead up to finally getting to chat 1:1 with a consumer. 

That is something I hope we never lose sight of in local search marketing:

everything we do intended to connect people and improve the quality of life in local areas. 

If governments maintain economic and human variety,

we can do our part to make our towns and cities very nice places to live,

with accessible products and services for everyone.

That’s the optimism I’ll be carrying into 2022, wherever I travel in the business,

and it’s an optimism I hope you feel and can share with

all your clients and consumers in the coming year!

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