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The epidemic prompted workplaces across the United States to move to a work-from-home model,

but as the country and the world steadily recover,

more and more firms are returning to the office.

A return to in-person employment, whether hybrid, full-time or somewhere in between,

implies company owners will most likely be taking

client and prospective client meetings in-person as well.

With in-person client meetings and work structures approaching,

company owners must prioritize finding new ways to display their credibility inside

their office space to leave a lasting impression on each visitor that walks through their office doors.

Showcase your feature articles.

Has your company been mentioned in the press?

Because you did not pay for the exposure,

being published in a newspaper or magazine is an excellent method to develop credibility.

It demonstrates to the public that you are a reliable

and trustworthy figure in your business or community.

Visitors, such as clients, prospects, job applicants, and business partners,

will have evidence of your trustworthiness from

the moment they step foot into your office space if you use media features.

Ordering reprint stacks for guests to take

with them is one method to create a big impression after being featured in an article.

Furthermore, company owners should frame and

put their best feature pieces on office walls,

or even buy them as plaques.

Some magazines enable you to purchase article reprints straight from their websites, while others do not.

For example, the American City Business Journals website provides self-service options

for buying reprints and plaques, as well as the

opportunity to deal directly with their sales team.

Even if the newspaper in which your company

featured does not offer framed reprints or plaques,

third-party services such as That’s Great News are available.

Display trophies and award plaques.

Trophies and prizes recognize achievement and hard work.

Displaying medals, trophies, and other honors

leaves a lasting impact on visitors to your office space

and demonstrates that you’ve been acknowledged as one of the finest in your industry.

Showing off accolades not only confirms your competence and authority, but also instills trust in prospects and visitors to your business.

Awards are an excellent method to remind anybody who walks into your workplace that your company is respectable.

Recognition in industry awards, company awards, community awards, and other comparable distinctions shows your visitors what sets you apart from the competition.

It’s usual for award programs to present trophies or plaques to winners or sell them, although this isn’t always the case.

Some award programs may not include physical trophies or plaques.

Even if the award is not a tangible symbol, you may still buy a plaque or trophy from vendors such as Edco Awards & Specialties to display your acknowledgment within your actual office space.


Business owners involved in public relations

should take advantage of the numerous avenues

for obtaining items such as reprints of feature articles,

plaques commemorating an award, or montages

of broadcast appearances to ensure they have the trust

and respect of everyone who walks through their doors.

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