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We’re more than halfway into 2021, and for good reason,

most marketing teams are largely reliant on growth/digital marketing.

But, for now, even that isn’t enough.

Being growth-oriented and data-driven is no longer enough.

To scale up your marketing results, move quickly, and surpass your competition,

you will need to use more technology and automation than ever before.

In other words, it’s 2021, and it’s time to start

integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in your marketing—but it’s a lot easier than you may think.

In this piece, I’ll go through the concept and benefits of artificial intelligence in marketing,

as well as four practical methods to utilize it to achieve your objectives.

These are some examples:

Any term to help you produce your finest marketing copy for any channel

Dynamic Search Ads can handle your keyword research and headlines for you.

Google Analytics Intelligence can help you find answers to questions you didn’t know to ask.

We can help you gain a better knowledge of any audience.

What is AI marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide phrase that refers to a variety of technologies

that may assist your company with both internal operations and customer-facing activities.

As an example,

Natural language processing (NLP) is used to improve chatbots to qualify leads without the need for forms.

CRMs that employ machine learning to assist organizations in analyzing all aspects of a customer’s relationship.

Deep learning-powered apps that take customization to the next level.

The options for using AI in your marketing approach are continuously expanding, and we will not cover them all in this piece.

(Anyway, it will be difficult to cover everything because
new technology and firms are always emerging.)

Why you need AI in marketing

With artificial intelligence in marketing, you can:

Reduce operating expenses by achieving more in less time with a smaller staff.

Make the most of your money by making data-driven decisions.

Apply improvements based on performance data automatically.

To boost conversion rates, write more effective copy.

Bid more wisely in your campaigns.

Create a marketing plan that tailored to the demands and marketing goals of your team.

Simply said, using AI in your marketing activities may assist you in maintaining a lean

and mean marketing staff while scaling your organization higher and quicker.

Practical ways to use artificial intelligence in marketing

There are several marketing tools and technology available

that may help your marketing team become more powerful and efficient.

Don’t worry, this isn’t simply another list of automated marketing tools

(I’m sure you’ve seen thousands of them).

Instead, I’d want to show you some of the most successful

AI marketing tools and features available now that,

honestly, will outperform humans in most aspects of digital marketing in 2021.

So here are my four favourite applications of artificial intelligence in marketing:

Make your life easier with Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

What they are

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are search campaigns

that operate in the inverse direction of traditional paid search methods.

Typically, you will conduct keyword research, organize your keywords,

and then match the ad and landing page text to the ad group.

All you have to do with DSAs is select the landing sites you want to promote,

and Google will handle the rest.

Google’s artificial intelligence examines landing sites, selects keywords for you,

and then creates correct ad headlines.

Why you need them

DSA campaigns have been around for a while,

but campaign managers have always been wary of them owing to poor results.

However, Google has made significant advances in DSA campaigns in recent years,

and I was able to boost my SEM CPA by 60% using it, not considering the time I saved by utilizing it.

I believe the term is misleading, since it may lead you to believe

that DSA would just produce dynamic search advertising for you.

These are, in fact, Responsive Search Ads (RSAs).

However, DSAs can do much more than that, thanks to Google’s AI

(I think we can all agree to they kind of know what they are doing over there in Mountain View).

How to use them

There are various ways to plan and run your DSA campaigns, but they all work the same way.

You may begin by experimenting with it on a tiny area of your sites,

such as your blog or resources, and seeing how it handles the majority of the job for you.

Simply eliminate irrelevant terms or pages that you do not want to promote.

For example, having DSAs promote your career’s website will most likely be superfluous.

2 .Use Google Analytics Intelligence as your site analyst

What it is

So,The Analytics Intelligence tool in your Google Analytics account use machine learning

to assist you in better understanding and acting on the results of your website.

How it works

Because it is AI-based, you can ask simple questions about your site’s performance and it will respond,

exactly like you would if you had an analyst working for you.

You may think of it as a Google Analytics helper.

For example, if you query Analytics,

“Which marketing channel had the greatest conversion rate?”

it will provide a ranked list of your marketing channels, organized by highest conversion rate.

This removes all of Google Analytics’ complexities.

In the following example, I asked Google Analytics,

“What are my best-performing landing pages?”

I received the exact response I required:

Why you need it

Analytics Intelligence may also evaluate your data and provide answers to

questions you may not have thought to ask

but should have, as well as indicate issues you should be aware of.

For example, it will inform you whether a specific

landing page is doing better or worse than in the prior period.

You should be aware of and check for it, but without it, you might not even notice it.

However, there is much greater use of AI and machine learning here.

Analytics Intelligence builds audiences for you by using website data and using your

Google Ads account’s smart objectives, smart lists,

session quality, and conversion probability.

3. Use the Any-word AI for better copywriting

For ad content, landing sites, social media postings, and other uses.

What it is

Anyword helps you come up with new ideas when you’re stuck and saves time

by creating and improving marketing copy using artificial intelligence.

It can produce successful copy for almost any

marketing channel, including (but not limited to):

  • Subject lines for emails
  • Ad copy for Facebook
  • Copywriting for Google Ads
  • LinkedIn advertisement copy
  • Ad text for Twitter
  • Product names and descriptions
  • Introduction paragraphs
  • Captions for Instagram
  • Titles and descriptions on YouTube
  • CTAs

Why you need it

One of the most difficult aspects of producing

marketing copy is that it is essentially a gamble

because you can’t truly anticipate how it will work until you use it.

Usually, you have to wait for SEO stats to gather or devote time and money to

A/B testing to figure out what works.

Anyword trained with over $250 million in ad expenditure,

so it understands how to produce content that sells.

How it works

So,Every copy variant in the tool is assigned a Performance Prediction Score,

which forecasts how well it will perform in a real-world campaign.

Anyword also provides sophisticated capabilities

such as landing page text optimization and bespoke integrations.

4. Get to know your audience better

And take personalization to new heights.

What it is

We will help you to discover what makes any audience special and unique.

You will gain insights into what people care about and what they say online,

allowing you to better customize your marketing.

Why you need it

While most market research platforms rely on a single data source,

uses machine learning technology to pull together various

data sets to give a fuller perspective of any audience,
all in one easy-to-use application.

provides practical information that might help you avoid making mistakes

while approaching your prospective audience.

It’s 2021 and digital marketing is AI marketing

So,The tools, capabilities, application cases, and

benefits of AI in marketing are virtually limitless.

I gave you four examples that I believe highlight

how AI can utilized very intelligently to make your day-to-day life

as a marketer easier and more productive.
These are some examples:

To produce effective, platform-specific marketing copy, use Anyword.

DSAs from Google will handle keyword research and optimal ad authoring.

Google Analytics Intelligence can help you find answers to complicated problems and provide insights you might not have known to look for.


Marketing is shaped by artificial intelligence.

Marketers that do not support this change will fall behind and eventually become obsolete.

Being data-driven is essential today,

but you must also prepared for the future,

which approaching quicker than you can think.

So,I’d love to see your thoughts and comments,

as well as any recommendations for

AI tools you’ve been using and believe I should know about.

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