People take about 0.5 seconds to determine whether or not a website is what they are looking for. Your target audience has a lot of choices, and if your website gives them a poor first impression, they will most likely go to one of your rivals. “The architecture of the website accounts for 94% of all first impressions.”

To keep tourists coming back, you’ll need a website with a modern design that accurately reflects your brand. If your website isn’t delivering the results you expect, it likely needs to be redesigned.

The signs that your website needs a redesign are mentioned below.

The Existing Website Isn’t Performing Well

If you believe your current website design isn’t working for you or isn’t delivering the results you want, you should consider having it updated. It’s likely that your bounce rate is too high, or that you’re not getting enough leads and conversions. Giving your website a makeover will allow you to change important aspects of it, such as the theme, images, colors, and even the pace. Updating your website’s architecture will boost its efficiency and assist you in generating new leads.

The Website Doesn’t Look or Feel Like Your Business

One of the key objectives of a website is to provide a good online representation of your business; if your website does not do this, it needs to be revamped.

This is particularly true if you are unable to execute effective marketing strategies or expand your company through your website. Your website’s design and functionality will affect your revenue, marketing, and customer satisfaction.

Information is Missing or Outdated

If the details about your website have changed, you need to have a redesign quickly.

If you make adjustments or omissions to your company’s important details, such as the contact email, phone number, or address, it’s a good idea to make the changes and update the outdated information on your site so that your visitors know you’re still in business.

Only Coding Experts can Update Your Site

It should be simple and straightforward to update minor aspects of your site or make changes to the content on your site.

If, on the other hand, you are unable to make improvements to the site without the assistance of a professional, a redesign is needed immediately.

This is vital because you need to make changes quickly, and waiting for an expert to make small changes will negatively impact the user experience as well as your company.

Inadequate SEO

Any good site should be optimized for search engines. We won’t get enough visitors if your site isn’t designed for SEO, because search engines have a hard time identifying and ranking websites with poor SEO. You will be able to customize your website for SEO and install SEO software if you redesign it.

You Need to Hire a Web Design Agency

What’s nice about hiring a web design company, is that you can delegate a lot of repetitive tasks to a team of experts while you concentrate on your business.

For example, at Nummero, we keep track of your website after it’s been designed and remind you when it’s time to update it. We can also perform web diagnostics on your site to determine what needs to be changed without you having to do anything.


After you’ve gone through these metrics, it’s time to determine your site. If one or more of these indicators are present, suggest having the site redesigned.