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As a vocation, digital marketing is currently utilizing the internet for advertisement and exposure.

They, like conventional marketing, aid in engaging with clients and creating connections.

However, it is well-known for its inexpensive cost and superior effects.

They provide more reliable data measurement methods than traditional marketing.

Businesses are shifting to digital practices because the results are significantly better.

It’s incredible to see how marketing is shifting to the digital side.

Because of its widespread use and significance, this development has generated quite a stir in the market.

Businesses are utilizing digital marketing,

and as a result, additional opportunities are emerging.

Currently, 350 million individuals are engaged on the internet, and this figure is growing by the day.

India is expected to have 700 million internet users by 2020.

Digital advertising, content development, content strategy, and social media were among the most in-demand talents in 2017, according to Smart Insights.

There are many worries and questions regarding digital marketing because it is a new area,

but the following reasons will undoubtedly influence your choice to pursue it as a career.

Evolving industry:

There is always something fresh and intriguing to learn in this industry.

You will have the opportunity to both follow and lead the team.

In digital marketing, new ideas and skills are constantly welcomed.

A variety of experts work with various agencies,

and you may have the opportunity to work with such professionals as well.

Open for candidates from all backgrounds:

Digital marketing does not require a certain background.

The digital marketing degree does not require any specific education, such as medical or engineering,

where you must choose your topics ahead of time.

You may easily pursue this job if you have a B.Tech or an MBA.

High Paid Jobs:

Because of the huge demand for this employment

opportunity, you have more possibilities for negotiating pay, even if you work as a freelancer.

Companies are willing to pay you as much as you desire if you are good at your job.

According to the creative Group, content writers could expect to start at least $45,000, while a new SEO professional should expect to start around $50,000.

According to statistics, a digital marketing newcomer in India might easily make up to Rs.15,000 to Rs.18,000 every month.

With 2 – 5 years of expertise, you may easily earn 3 lakh to 10 lakh per year.


There are relatively few careers that allow you to be creative.

And in the case of digital marketing, there are several alternatives available,

such as writing, design, and even video and audio creation.

New approaches to advertise products, solve issues, and engage audiences are always welcome.

Fast Career Progression:

There are several employment opportunities in

the digital realm, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing,

content marketing, account management, and much more.


Professional development of marketing teams typically invested in by digital companies and enterprises.

They provide training to help people advance in their careers and accomplish their goals.

Most newbies may advance to high-level positions within five years.

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