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Individuals who complete SEO Certifications will be awarded an SEO qualification. It proves that you’ve completed the requisite preparation and have the necessary skills to work with search engine optimization.

There are a variety of options for obtaining SEO certifications. You have the option of taking an online SEO course or a classroom-based course. The cost and qualifications for being SEO accredited differ depending on the course provider, as seen below.

Is there a Google SEO Certification?

Google does not have an SEO certification scheme. You can enroll in and complete an SEO course from a third-party provider if you wish to become a Google SEO expert

While Google Digital Garage offers a digital marketing credential that includes some SEO classes, it does not qualify you as a Google SEO certified expert.

Are SEO certifications worth it? Do they make you an expert?

Any credential that demonstrates that you have received instruction on a certain subject is beneficial to your CV.

So, although receiving an SEO certification from a reputable SEO training provider would undoubtedly benefit your SEO career, certification does not automatically make you an SEO expert.

You’ll need the following to become a genuine SEO expert:

Working experience with SEO

SEO isn’t just a theory it’s also a really real term. To become a professional, you must understand how to put what you’ve learned in class into reality and how to customize a website for search engines.

SEO successes

When a website’s rankings and organic traffic boost, SEO is considered a positive. Knowing the idea and putting forth the requisite effort was insufficient. With or without qualification, a successful SEO professional may produce results.

Best SEO Courses and Certifications to pursue in 2021.

The Complete SEO Course Bundle


  • All-Around SEO Training

 Yoast SEO Premium, which includes the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin and access to all of their SEO classes, includes their All-Around SEO training.

Yoast is a well-known name in the SEO industry, not only for its plugins but also for its contributions to WordPress and the SEO culture at large.

The course consists of 3 hours of educational videos, and you will receive an SEO diploma and badge upon completion.


  • ClickMinded SEO Certification


The ClickMinded SEO course is a rigorous search engine optimization course that covers all facets of the subject. Lessons are delivered by reputable SEO experts with years of experience in the field.

Since it’s a decent course, I still mention it in my SEO training guides. The only drawback is the high price tag, which makes it more appropriate for businesses or organizations with large budgets for SEO training.

SEO Essentials Certificate


Another relevant business in the SEO industry is Moz. They’ve been around for a long time, and their commitment to the SEO culture is well-known.

The SEO certification course requires 6 hours of instructor-led time and tests, in which you will be SEO certified if you pass the test.

Even though Moz has its SEO instruments, the course is not reliant on them. You don’t need a Moz Pro membership to take this path.


For a variety of causes, being SEO certified is a wise choice. For instance, you’ve added another useful thing to your CV, which improves your odds of landing a job in the Digital Marketing sector.

If you still work as an SEO, it’s a perfect way to show your boss and customers that you know what you’re doing.

You are not an authority either because you have a certification. You should train and learn how to put SEO theory into practice. Optimizing a website and increasing its rankings and traffic is the perfect way to show to yourself and others that you are a real SEO specialist.