Service Marketing: Definition, Characteristics in Marketing Services

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of service start-ups.
And we’re not simply referring to the typical high-tech SaaS model.
There are several health and transportation start-ups, such as Grab and Airlift.
These are the firms that supply the platform yet rely heavily on the quality of Service Marketing that they deliver.
And to do so, they must develop highly compelling brand stories.

What is Service Marketing?

Service marketing is distinct from ordinary marketing.
When you offer a service, you are effectively asking your audience to buy something they will never possess.
So, what are you truly selling?
Marketing services was a subcategory of marketing.
Services marketing emerged as a distinct field of study in the early1980s, as a consequence of the realization that the unique characteristics of services demanded different techniques of marketing than physical items.


Service is generally acquired based on the value they expected to provide.

The final product generated by such abilities is more important to a customer than the skill proficiency level itself.
An internet advertising campaign, for example, can be optimized manually by an expert or automatically by technological tools.
The service will say “online advertising optimization” as long as the outcome of the two activities is the same.
Because service marketing is defined as a value, you must develop a high degree of trust with your audience for them to feel comfortable enough to sign the contract and trust you to deliver the promised value.

Services marketing encompasses both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) services and covers the promotion of services such as:

  • Telecommuting services
  • services relating to finance
  • every kind of hospitality
  • leisure tourism
  • amusement services
  • vehicle rental services
  • health-care services

professional and commercial services

Furthermore, providing a service frequently entails more human contact than purchasing a product, which was a one-time transaction (especially if purchased online).
In truth, service included in every transaction; but, when considering services as a commodity, the interaction and labour process is much more apparent and considered as part of the value the consumer expects.

Service Marketing Importance

They differ from one another in terms of features and characteristics at least as much as goods do.
Marketers must separate themselves from the competition and attract customers in a highly competitive and crowded services industry.
The elements that distinguish your service from a rival may have a significant influence on a buyer’s decision, and these are the ones to keep in mind while designing your service marketing.
Here are some instances of service difference characteristics that impact purchasing decisions.


Determining the appropriate pricing range for your services that your consumers will accept


Simply expressed, that your service and value promise better meet the demands of your customers.


As previously said, because service is intangible, a big portion of the customer’s purchasing choice will be based on how much they trust you.


In the specific service, you are providing, for example, the number of years in the field.
Customer profiling can offer information about the elements that influence purchasing decisions in your market for your sort of service.
This study carried out via surveys, polls, specified tools, or third-party service providers.


Service marketing is not the same as product marketing.
To succeed, you must clearly define your value, target your consumer persona, explain expectations, and establish a high level of trust with your customer.
Perhaps the most essential suggestion we can provide you is to often document your accomplishments and showcase them on your website and at appropriate customer touch-points along the customer journey.
This article has covered a wide range of service marketing techniques and examples; we hope you found them useful. Best wishes!
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