Should you perform all of your SEO in-house? - Nummero

I’m a huge believer in handling SEO in-house, but I’ve found that doing 100% of
the work in-house isn’t always the ideal method for most organizations.
Even the finest firms and SEO teams in the world outsource a few things.
As you plan your budget for next year, consider the following circumstances
that I frequently see in my job as the founder of,
where it may make sense to supplement your in-house team with external partners.

Scenario 1: You haven’t done SEO yet (or in a while) and are just getting started

For a large business firm or a complicated site, I propose an SEO audit –
both a technical and a non-technical audit – to identify the issues.
Do it in-house if your in-house SEO manager has the skills and the time.
If they do not, then it should be outsourced.
This will provide you with a big-picture view of the issues that need to be addressed.
Then, take on as much as you can in-house.
You must train everyone in the firm at the same time.
This is a lot to do all at once, so clever managers bring in someone to handle
the audit, installation on the site, and/or training.
It’s also a good idea, to begin with an audit since it will inform you
what capabilities you need in-house or from an outside partner.
For a small organization with a less complex website

Attend SEO training and cover all of the fundamentals.
If you have a lesser budget and the time, go ahead and fix anything you discover to be a problem.
Then, hire someone to do an audit that will address more complicated concerns.
I wouldn’t advocate signing a full-year contract until you know what the problems are.
Once you’ve received an audit, you may determine how to address
the suggestions for the rest of the year and who would be the ideal partner for the problems you need to solve.
I advocate doing as much as possible in-house because it is frequently a better use of limited resources.
You want your consultant or agency to focus on intermediate and advanced difficulties
rather than the fundamentals, which you can accomplish on your own.

Scenario 2: You’ve been doing SEO for a while and wonder what more you could be doing

It’s a no-brainer to bring in a new viewpoint at this point.
Even the most senior executives do this regularly .
Sometimes once a year, sometimes every other year.

Scenario 3: You’re struggling to get non-SEO teams to do their share of SEO and to get the SEO team included on projects

Bringing in someone from outside the company can help move mountains at this point.
Everyone understands that bringing in a third party helps everyone listen.
When I was an in-house SEO manager, I constantly confronted with this.
If you are new to your firm, you have three to six months to be that “outside voice.”
Following that, SEO managers do not appear to have the same amount of ability to impact change.
Look for someone who knows how to influence behaviour in non-SEO teams, not just someone who can talk about SEO, especially in large businesses.


As you begin to prepare your budget for the upcoming quarter or year,
Review your SEO problems and time wasters and consider how the tasks listed
above might help clear your plate or launch a few things you haven’t been able to get off the ground.
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