Social Media marketing’s Prospects in 2023

Technologies, as we all know, evolve exponentially. We’re in a position where we can expect updates and modifications from the platforms to be made every month instead of annually. This is because social media trends and what’s trending and what’s not are also changing. While 2025 may appear an eon away but it’s not. That means you must ensure that you’re on the right track right now to attract the attention of tens of thousands, or perhaps many thousands, of fans in the coming years.


Social Media marketing’s


2020 brought about a variety of changes. It changed how we communicate, the way we shop, as well as the method we work. The pandemic lockdown, as well as the restrictions on social activities, brought everyone online. The first time, some people didn’t use FaceTime or Messenger, or Zoom, getting used to it to stay in touch. Naturally, social networks were a way to stay in touch with others.


The Full Move to Digital




Physical interactions were limited. Individuals craved social interaction, and social media offered an ideal and secure platform. It also helped ease the emotional and psychological challenges for lonely people. In the context of an announcement released by Facebook revealed an increase of 70% in the time people spend on its apps (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp).

Apart from using social media to socialize and for amusement, most people have been able to work remotely and higher education. We all know that users use social media for online conversations between families and family members. There’s also a growing dependence on social media to provide immediate information and news updates (e.g., news).

In short, the world is moving online and is now digital. Can this change be reversed once the pandemic has gone? We doubt it. We believe this trend will only grow as more people become accustomed to their digital lives. Therefore, businesses need to focus on their social media strategy to be able to adjust to these trends.


Here are the top trends in social media that we expect to shape the future of social networks.


  1. Video content will be the standard


Video marketing


Video content is currently the most enjoyable type of content. It’s going to be the standard for creating content. It doesn’t matter if it’s the short-form video on TikTok or Stories, or long-form content on YouTube videos will be the next standard for social media content. Another trend that is growing in popularity quickly is live videos. Since their debut on YouTube in 2008 and on Facebook the following year, businesses are increasingly using live video to interact with their customers.


  1. Influencer marketing will grow its dominance

Influencer marketing isn’t exactly an entirely new concept. It’s a method that is expected to boost its influence in the realm of online digital marketing. The increasing use of social networks has allowed many influencers to create their own communities. The cost of purchasing influencers is becoming more affordable, and small-sized businesses can now compete against big corporations. With the growth of social media usage, the number of micro and Nano-influencers will take over the social media marketing market.


  1. The exponential growth of business on social media

The outbreak forced companies to look for ways to maintain and expand their business. Since people were stuck in their homes, businesses needed to connect with their customers rather than wait for customers to show up. In the end, companies have embraced social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to market their goods. This trend will only continue to continue to grow. If you believe this trend is only temporary, be sure to reconsider. The study conducted by Accenture revealed that consumers are reconsidering how they shop. The report points to a significant shift in how consumers shop and will continue to change regardless of the outbreak.


  1. The use of AI has increased AI

The last few years have seen an increase in the use of chatbots in the workplace. The market for chatbots predicted to grow by $2.6 billion as of 2019 up to $9.4 billion in 2024. Chatbots are already helping companies’ lower costs and improve the customer service process. So, as we advance in technology and work on AI, chatbots will only improve. Chatbots are expected to see more use in various commercial processes, like sales and troubleshooting.


  1. A sharp rise in social media communities

social media


Groups or communities on social media have been around for a long time. But their significance is growing by the minute, and when paired with influencers, they play a significant function in your overall social media plan. Communities on social media are communities created by brands that serve as a place to allow your company’s current and potential customers to connect.

Members of the community discuss a variety of topics as well as discuss their own experiences and find solutions to their problems. The primary goal of any marketer is to draw many more people to a product or service at the lowest price feasible. Companies like  Nummero can help marketers accomplish this more quickly and for a reasonable cost.