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The SEO sector plagued by a severe shortage of resources and accessible skills.

This is especially evident at the business level, where data collections

are huge, thick, and complicated, making it challenging not just to make sense of but also to act on the data.

Not to add that while the various SEO tools are sophisticated

and excellent at pointing out difficulties to SEOs, they cannot really “do SEO.”

By automating SEO, marketers can shorten the time it takes from data to insights to action,

allowing them to execute faster and see results.

In fact, according to a 2016 Distilled survey, the majority of SEOs

did not see their suggestions implemented for “near to 6 months after they got requested.”

Misaligned priorities may make even minor modifications difficult to implement.

A simple update to the metadata might take months to send to production!

In response to the question,

“What SEO function/task do you most wish you could accomplish faster and on a larger scale than you can now?”

Ramesh Singh, Head of SEO at Great Learning, repeats this idea.

Meanwhile, Google is becoming increasingly clever,

employing machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide consumers with

the most relevant information in the most efficient manner.

The SERPs are more complicated than ever, with Google entities competing directly.

There is far too much data to act on for any human agent to handle alone.

Automation, on the other hand, works around

the clock and can produce insights that would normally take hours to get.

SEOs inherently limited by their capacity to filter through data and act on insights at

the level necessary today – AI and machine learning can fill the gaps and expedite execution.

To enjoy the benefits of automation, it is necessary to begin with

the fundamentals before progressing to automated insights and, finally, automated execution.

Automation has changed and grown over the years, so let’s compare

what SEO automation looked like in the past to what it looks like now.

#1. Beginner: Data collection

Beginner-level automation begins with gathering data sets and learning how to operate the automobile.

Data gathering and collecting is a crucial step toward SEO maturity.

There are quicker ways to obtain insights if you are still manually obtaining and collecting data.

It contains items such as:

  • Tracking your rank
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Backlinks
  • Crawl data from the site

If you are new to automation, you should begin here!

Automation builds on itself, therefore you can’t benefit from it until you start with the fundamentals.

The good news is that data collecting and compilation may purchased as a service.

Hundreds of SEO tools provide this at a fraction of the price it formerly did.

Enterprise companies, on the other hand, must be conscious of additional issues

such as security, stability, dependability, scale, and SLAs

when dealing with automation technologies.

An SEO platform, such as seo-Clarity, consolidates data from rankings, links,

and site crawl data for your site and any competition,

and automates reporting at scale while maintaining corporate security.

#2. Intermediate: Automated insights

As automation advances, SEOs will be able to focus their efforts where

they are most needed, allowing the technology to expose site-specific, actionable insights for them.

This starts with AI-based alerts: receive a warning whenever

the AI identifies a significant rank change or if a crucial page element is updated or removed.

In this scenario, automation functions like a team

member, continually checking hundreds of pages so you don’t have to.

Once warnings are automated, SEOs may focus on the sophisticated and customized insights provided by AI.

These insights aid in the identification of opportunities and challenges,

allowing you to prioritize strategy and execution.


Most businesses and SEO teams have not yet adopted this level of automation in SEO…


Perhaps it is inaccessible or appears overly complex.

Companies struggle to scale execution, even though it is the most common concern and barrier we hear from SEO teams.

With seo-Clarity, you can begin your path to expand SEO execution right away.

Be among the first to use advanced SEO automation

with a machine that refreshes your site in real-time.

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