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When it is about expectations for marketing strategy.

We probably believe that our plans and strategies are able to revolutionize conventional marketing practices, increase profits, expand operations and even reach customers

who are already there as well as potential customers.It’s true, but the caveat lies in the method.

If you’re not investing the effort, time resources, tactics, and resources the expectations of your marketing strategy aren’t going to be as satisfying as the real-world outcomes.
A lot of businesses are afraid of failing.

However, strategic marketing allows you the chance to take risks and assessing what is working and what’s not.

Like every other aspect of business:

aspect of business

you will not often develop an idea that hits the mark every time,

but every failure can be a chance to learn to improve your approach the next time.

We’ve identified a few expectations companies typically have

when they hire an agency that specializes in digital. We’ve also identified what to be expecting in actual.

Expectation: Digital Marketing Generates Much Better ROI

Reality: Only When You Really Know What You’re Doing

Every company that employs an agency that is digital-even companies

that come to us when they realize that agencies aren’t really what they require,

so thinking that they can use digital marketing will immediately make the business more lucrative.

Therefore, we frequently encourage our clients and potential customers to discuss their expectations in relation to paid media.

It’s funny, but what appears to be the universal truth is that digital marketing can be very costly.

In addition, it’s difficult to make it in the digital marketing.

It’s not just our customers’ opinion.

Research has shown that most digital companies have less margins using their strategies

than they’d like you to believe

It’s very difficult for marketers who are digital to achieve success and provide the outcomes they claim to bring.

To succeed in digital marketing, you must have precise, organized information to aid in the development of an approach that will help you achieve your company’s goals.

Expectation: It’s Best to Let Your Agency “Set It and Forget It”; Let Google/Bing Do the Work

Reality: Digital Marketing Platforms Don’t Automate Your Unique Campaigns and Aren’t Inherently Built for Success

Let’s face it: digital media is extremely complex.

It’s so complicated that it’s difficult to comprehend it, nor do you have time to do it.

That’s the reason that you must employ a digital marketing firm at all you think.

They’ll be paid to take care of everything.

They even promise you that the process is simple and that you’ll see immediate results.

They just “set it and forget it.”

Then, after some time they will check how you’re progressing and recommend all “necessary changes.”

Do you recognize yourself?


Maybe you’ve worked for an agency (or you currently are)

and you’ve been promised a certain amount of money only to find out

they’re all-for-nothing and that your money did not go as far as they claimed.

This is because for you to succeed in the field of digital marketing,

one must be competent enough to continuously examine every little detail to understand exactly the effectiveness of your campaigns.

There could be hundreds of millions of data points you need to make sure that your team is working.

This is something that the digital team can’t always disclose,

which is, in turn an important moment to define expectations and the reality of things.

Expectation: Your Paid Media Will Be Profitable Almost Instantly

Reality only if You Create Your Campaigns Properly with Historical, Actionable Data

Even Google and their incredible free education for Ads discuss the importance of setting up your ads properly, and with the correct objectives in your mind.

However, everyone (including Google)

underplays the complexity and the amount of work involved in managing successful campaigns for paid media.

Of course, you must design relevant ads for your market,

but you should experiment and test again;

you should also include the possibility of re-targeting (the list is endless).

It is essential to continuously keep track of these elements of your campaign, as well as every possibility of a variable:

bid adjustments, all modifiers’ devices, audiences and many more.

All-disclosure: None of the above advice is harmful and it’s extremely accurate.

But what digital agencies don’t know and do not discuss is the necessity of having a complete funnel technology for optimization and automation.

If you let a robust A.I. platform to manage and organize all your information,

the platform can tell you precisely how to setup your paid media campaigns on any platform.

Expectation: Expanding Brand Awareness = Conversion Increase

Reality: Only If You’re Optimizing for Conversions

Since the beginning of time most digital marketers believe in the “spray-and-pray” approach to using the tactics of display marketing.

If you cast the largest web, then you’ll capture largest number of fish from anyone isn’t it? This logic may make sense initially.

However, what the latest best practices show us is that brand recognition does not really matter unless you)

identify your ideal customers and) motivate them to make a change.
Casting a broad web with a display can be costly.

And if you don’t have the right cost-of-sales, cost-per-acquisition,

or return on ad spend metrics set up, you run a major risk of not hitting your ROI.

Bottom line:

Do your homework. Use a wide-angle net towards your ideal customers.

Don’t stop until you bring them in and help them change.




Many companies are guilty of repeating the same Strategic Marketing

they used to implement last year since they had excellent results.

They follow the plan in a step-by-step manner, believing that they’ll continue to see excellent results and enjoy the same level of growth.

If they do not, they’re left overwhelmed and disoriented.

There’s a catch:

Although there are components and elements of your strategy that are effective Strategic marketing requires flexibility and creativity.

The world of digital is constantly changing,

which is why businesses need to be able to change with the changing landscape and consumer preferences every year.

Remember that your business is focused on customers and you must be aware of their evolving desires and needs, along with studying the latest trends in marketing,

can help your company reach the highest levels of success year upon year.

In fact, review your marketing plan every year, and incorporate some key elements

that you’d like to keep, modify your strategy based on previous campaigns, and then combine it to create a new strategy.

Strategic marketing can boost your advantage over your competitors

as well as streamline your operations and increase the value of your target audiences.

At Nummero, our team is engaged in delivering methods of strategic marketing that produce tangible results.

Let’s discuss about your marketing strategy goals and the ways our skilled team can turn them into become a reality.