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As Digital PRs, we would like the content we promote to urge ahead of our desired audience, whether 

that be through niche blogs, national papers, or social media shares and promotion.

We do that via link building outreach, 

but it’s much harder to urge a backlink to a page

that doesn’t meet the requirements of the audience, journalist, blogger, or everyday internet user.

Similarly, onsite content teams want their content to be useful

and purposeful for potential and existing customers as it’s more likely to realize

the last word goal of driving leads and revenue.

To help guide onsite content teams, Google uses E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust),

an idea that’s especially important to Your Money Your Life (YMYL) sites, like financial services.

These sites warrant far closer scrutiny and its crucial financial brands specialize in ensuring

their content has relevance to their audience, is genuinely useful, and of top quality, providing real value.

Relevance is an often-overlooked content for Digital PR and link building,

as are the opposite elements of E-A-T, but we believe this shouldn’t be the case. 

If it is, it’s likely the links you’re gaining have little to no impact outside of the amount you secure.

If Digital PR and content teams work better together,

from ensuring the principles of E-A-T translate through to Digital PR content to capturing

additional traffic secured by links to funneling people through to convert, 

both teams can do their objectives and therefore the rewards are often plentiful.

Here I’ve shared three big reasons why collaboration is vital.

Feature twice in relevant SERPs with onsite content that features a Digital PR twist

When it involves Digital PR, 

the subject of your content must be some things you’ve got a right to talk about as this plays

a task in providing value and authenticity to the conversation. 

to face out, you’ll also get to approach the content in a stimulating way.

From an onsite content perspective, the content must satisfy the requirements of consumers,

is obvious, and answers their common queries.

These two needs often achieved together.

Before creating your Digital PR campaign, understand what keywords

and content types are ranking and what’s engaging your audience within the SERPs. 

This keyword research lays a solid and reliable foundation for your work.

Once you’ve got this, you’ll ensure your content answers questions 

The audience is looking to possess answers and provide insights, tips, expert quotes,

and then on to offer value.

The greater the insight and expertise,

and therefore the more interesting ways you present such information, 

the more your piece can stand out from the remainder as something to be shared and promoted by others,

elevating its chances of organic success.

Digital PRs then lift the foremost pertinent points from the content and outreach it to reinforce 

the probabilities of it being picked up publications while using

the complete details on the content page itself as an incentive to link.

Using keyword research because the foundation for your campaign

will assist you to feature within the SERP twice. 

Once together with your content as it’ll be filled with relevant terms and useful information, 

and secondly in a piece of writing written

by a relevant publication that features a mention and links back to you.

This small business toolkit by the multinational enterprise software company,

Sage, maybe a great example of such content.

The benefits of Digital PR stop at link building if the content has no thought for onwards journeys

Our aim with the campaign was to succeed in and have interaction

with small businesses through content. to try to do this, 

we first conduct a content landscape analysis to arm us with the info and knowledge needed to base the campaign.

The research uncovered the optimal topics, content type, format, and distribution tactics for the campaign, 

but also highlighted additional topics for supporting content

that might provide further value and insights to people who took the quiz.

The supporting articles  written by experts and highlighted the authority

and trustworthiness of our clients within the finance and business sectors.

We gained 20 high-quality links to the page which drove

a 16% increase in organic visibility for tracked keywords. 

Meanwhile, the supporting articles produced to support

the campaign page rank in traffic-driving positions for over 250 relevant search queries. 

It’s also nominated for industry awards  both the Drum and PR moment!

While the eye, improved rankings,

and links brought the proper people to the location, 

the campaign and supporting content kept them

there – funnel them through their desired journeys to require the specified actions.

E-A-T isn’t limited to onsite, Digital PR features a place in it too

Onsite teams may create content that ticks all the boxes in demonstrating 

E-A-T, but this work might undone if the links thereto page don’t maintain similar standards.

An enormous part of E-A-T is the links secured by the page.

It’s easy to urge over-excited if you achieve

an enormous number of backlinks to your target page,

but the important value comes within

the relevancy and quality of these backlinks to your client and its content.

Creating an outreach list filled with sites that are hyper-relevant goes without saying, 

but a targeted list and a robust outreach strategy will increase

the potential of a campaign and ensure all the good work done before isn’t lost.

Equally, while you’ll have created fantastic onsite content

if you are doing nothing else with it once published it’s firstly a wasted opportunity, 

but it’s going to also struggle to rank without links.

We mostly find that our clients are sitting on a goldmine of content

that would used for link building that does nothing with it.


Whether it’s a planned, multi-faceted marketing campaign, or a fast, reactive 

Digital PR piece, it’s clear that working across teams to create content and outreach

with core principles of quality

and relevancy in mind should be at the highest of your priorities.

For financial sites with an additional responsibility to supply accurate information to readers, 

This is often even more important,

and something to think about in the least stages of a campaign,

be it onsite or offsite.

If you would like to understand more

about how teams work together consonant and for the higher of your content, 

you’ll always get in-tuned and chat things through with one among our specialists.

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